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Photos of Gustavo Lazo Oval (Cuban poet and writer, currently living in Canary Islands)



62 year old man
from Warsaw, Mazowieckie
Looking for woman for relationship
Height 1.88m
Body type Athletic
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Marital Status Widowed
Have Children? No
Religion Christian – Other


Don’t like talking about myself so I’ll make it short.   

My one time best friend will describe me as confident, caring, good hearted, funny, out going, friendly and fun to be around. I’m silly at time but serious when need be. I’m very family oriented a hard worker and very passionate in what I do. I have all those great qualities that everyone has in here. LOL One thing you should know is what when I believe in something I don’t believe in giving up. Realistic things that is. I’m not about excuses, I’m about results.


Mingle2.com. INBOX:


– [ ] Hi, I find your profile interesting and would like to know more about you. Just being curious, how long have you been on the online dating that you haven’t been stolen off here yet? All the same, Please do go through mine and get back to me. Nice to meet someone like you here!

– [ ] Kelvin.

Okay are you on hangout

We can be chatting on hangout

Okay send me your email


Okay I will be very happy if you can download hangout it very nice

Messages in a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: engineer Kelvin engineerkelvin56@gmail.com
Date: XX September 2018 

Hello (name removed)!

 How was your night?? It’s been nice always having you to talk with and I must confess that I really enjoy talking with you as everything is going naturally and I guess that’s cos we are being opened and we both on the same wavelength. Anyway, Had to get on my mailbox to send you a mail. Yes! I am actually up quite early as I have to draft a presentation cos I would be having a maintenance job and also a meeting around 2p.m today.

(name removed), I must confess that it’s been good getting to know you and I believe there is more to this and if we really do want this then it can happen as I am a man whom believes in positive vibes. It definitely would be all nice if we get honest with each other and become best friends whom wouldn’t keep secrets from each other as I believe the basis of every form of relationship is honesty, openness, commitment and understanding. I am willing to do just anything no matter how busy I am to see where this leads because I really like the person I see and the little you have told me about you.. You seem to be a very interesting lady and I will like to tell you more about me..

 Well, I happen to be a man that have gotten too use to his work. As you already know I still work though I intend retiring and can retire anytime cos I am self employed but scared of the loneliness after that cos I don’t have family or children to fall back to and that’s one of the reasons I got online. Okay! Let me continue.. Lol.

 When it comes to things I like, I Actually love going to the cinemas, traveling ( though have been on business purposes lately) playing golf and lawn tennis, cooking and Yes! I would include getting to know you better😍😍

 I dislike cheats and don’t like people being dishonest with me because I am an open minded person so I expect the person I am dealing with to be opened to.

 Unfortunately, I happen to be the only child of my parent whom have both passed away. My mum died of cancer of the lungs 9 years back and my dad a long time ago when I was still much younger.. Life has been good alone but most times lonely cos we all need one.. Don’t really keep friends because my one time bestie made me know friends are not to be trusted . It all happened that I tried getting into a relationship middle last year but got to know that my best friend was having an affair with this very lady. It was all not right but it just made me to be more careful and I just took it that we were never meant to be. The only person I used to have as a family is my uncle whom Lived in Washington but now relocated to Australia as he was married to an Australian and for a while I haven’t heard from him.. I sometimes feel like am all alone in this world cos I don’t have anyone that close to me but just try to get busy with work and have this believe that there is this special one still out there for me and all I have to do is to open up my heart and let that one in.. I have been single this long cos I have really been scared of being hurt emotionally.. Its all so sad when people you love turn out not to be what they say they are.. I am actually a social drinker. Don’t really do much of gin. Wines are good for me and of course you know its healthier.. Then NO! I do not smoke and have never done drugs. I am a Christian born of the spirit as I am baptized and I do believe in GOD strongly as he remains the author and finisher of our fate.

 Now that’s a whole load me (name removed), Just so I know, whom is your ideal man? I mean what kinda man would you love to spend the rest of your life with??

  So far I want to say “You are a true definition of a perfect and strong lady though I know you would definitely have your imperfections cos it’s believed that no one is perfect but what matters is how understanding humans can be with each other and also dedicated. Yes! We both have lost someone special in our lives but I guess they would be happy to still know we are happy by moving on with the right person. (name removed), I want you to know that there are lots of men out there praying to have a special lady like you and YES! I am one of them but it all comes down to if we really want this but no matter what, I want you to stay strong with the Lord as you have been though I believe GOD brought us to that site and made us write each other for a good reason and so it’s all left for us to make it work. Would stop now and get done with my presentation so I can get a little more rest before the start of my day. Once again, it’s nice meeting you!

Best Regards,




Message N 2:

From: engineer Kelvin engineerkelvin56@gmail.com
Date: XX September 2018 

Wow! You are so interesting, and I’m really interested in you anyway I’m a widow with no kids I lost my wife and my two kids 5yrs ago in a fire accident which I told you about.

I’m self employed Into telecommunications mass installment

As a telecommunications engineer I design and construct telecommunications mast… I solely designe huge antennas and receivers of which most times I am in charge of the repairs and maintenance. I have a house on my own and I’m tired to be alone all day and night.

I need a good woman in my life a woman that’s understanding, caring, loving a woman that will love me for who I’m.

I was born and brought up in the Asian country my mom is an Asian woman.

After the lost of my family I decided to relocate to my fathers land.

My name is Kevin Wayne


Message N 3:

From: engineer Kelvin engineerkelvin56@gmail.com
Date: XX September 2018 

I was born and brought up in the Asian country my mom is an Asian woman.

After the lost of my family I decided to relocate to my fathers land.

My name is Kevlin Wayne


Message N 4:

From: engineer Kelvin engineerkelvin56@gmail.com
Date: XX September 2018 

It will be more better if we chat on hangout, and I will love if you can download hangout so that we can always communicate to each other easily


Message N 5:

From: engineer Kelvin engineerkelvin56@gmail.com
Date: XX September 2018 

How was work today, hope you have eaten

Google Hangout (with engineerkelvin56@gmail.com):


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