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10 Comments on "COMMENTS PAGE"

  1. Esse Williams Brown estava conversando comigo ,mas com o nome de David Jackson, coronel e médico em Cabul.Postou essa foto com a criança dizendo ser sua filha.Eu sou brasileira.
    Também me contatou em julho um tal de Albert Harold e um Zheng King que se dizia piloto Bloqueei todos .Interessante que não entro em sites de relacionamento.Baixei um app de aprendizado de inglês, o “linguado”, pra treinar inglês com falantes nativos.Me contataram lá.

      Google translate

    This Williams Brown was talking to me, but with the name of David Jackson, colonel and doctor in Kabul. He posted this photo with the child saying she was his daughter. I’m Brazilian.
    Also in July, one Albert Harold and a Zheng King who called themselves a pilot contacted me. I blocked them all. Interesting that I don’t go on social networking sites. I downloaded an English learning app, the “Linguado”, to learn English with native speakers. They contacted me there.

    • You can see our posts actually work and you were not fooled by any of it. I note also you found your way to our comments page which is good too and shows it works as well. Thanks for your information and support.

  2. I met someone using Benetts photos on Facebook dating. He said his name was Jason and I’ve skyped with this person and it was the individual in the photos! Should I still be wary?

    • It was NOT the person in the photos on Skype. The persons whose pictures are used are decent and honest and are not scamming anyone. I don’t know what you saw but either it was a photo or a faked up video. Either way it was not the victim who was scamming but a criminal pretending to be the person, and fooling you. You did not actually MEET the person if they were not standing in front of you face to face. You encountered a dirty, nasty, filthy criminal who will stop at nothing to leave you penniless and does not care if you live or die. Indeed murder may also happen to be in the portfolio this criminal and gangster has. We always urge due care with these random people and if not aware of the truth behind it it is about time you did.

  3. A mí me contacto con el nombre de John Edwin Scott, militar y según el ya no quería ser militar y me pidió que yo hiciera una petición a su general para su remplazo el cual cobraban y quería que yo pagará, lo cual no hice y se molestó y me dijo de cosas y si me hizo videollamada y si es él

    Google translated.
    He contacted me with the name of John Edwin Scott, a military man and according to him he no longer wanted to be a military man and he asked me to make a request to his general for his replacement, which they charged and wanted me to pay, which I did not do and he bothered and told me about things and if he made a video call and if it’s him

    • Yes of course, and as you know he is a scammer. I assure you any video has been faked. I am glad you did not pay anything and that is a policy you must follow in future. If a “General” is mentioned it is always a scam and equally so are leave payments too. Generals are too important to deal with leave requests and ordinary soldiers.

  4. Er hat sich bei mir bei FB als Fredrick Lambart vorgestellt und wollte das wir nicht über den FB Chat gehen sondern über Hangouts. Jetzt will er, das ich Geld und Schmuck von einer Person annehme und dann wahrscheinlich aufbewahren oder weiterschicken soll.
    Die Fotos bei FB sind aber nicht vom ihm sondern von Jean pier-paolo scala
    Google Translate.
    He introduced himself to me at Facebook as Fredrick Lambart and wanted us not to go through the FB chat but rather over hangouts. Now he wants me to accept money and jewelry from someone and then probably keep it or send it on.
    The photos at FB are not of him but of Jean pier-paolo scala
    Fredrick Lambart

    • Ah yes of course, so you can be taken off site safety and isolated.Makes it easy to scam you. I tried to find the profile but couldn’t.Of course it is a parcel delivery scam and there is no money or jewellery.You would get a customs fee demand, or maybe a fake diplomat and false delivery company. The scam hardly changes even if names are different.I am glad you know and of course our usual reminder is to stay on site and never ever send money.
      Liibantuke Tukewaataa in rhe UR does not look like the name the profile gives as Fredrick Lambart. We suggest it is an African name and this is one of the clues scammers deliver when they alter profiles to start scamming. It is one of our hints to ID them.

  5. Hi I play scrabble and about a month ago I started getting random men wanting to chat with me and several said they are military one said he was Eric Bennett but a different photo then the Eric you have on here. He has pictures of being in the navy but said he is stationed in the middle east and he goes out on patrol. I thought navy stayed on a ship but I could be wrong but he had an elaborate story about suitcases full of money and needed me to pay to get them I wasn’t born yesterday and I keep telling him I am not working and don’t have money to help. They try to be very convincing about their love but you don’t fall in love within hours. Such scammers

    • Odd how many Scrabble players we hear from and if military claims are made they are scammers. You are right about being a sailor and they have limited land based postings. It takes the average scammer around 2 messages and 3 stolen photos (HG likes to joke) to fall in love and promise the world to his “beloved new wife”. Another scammer with the stupid boxes of gold/money story. We see them all the time—–YAWN

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