Romance Scam/Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing: CARLOS AREZKI / BENJAMIN ALEXANDER

Romance Scammer


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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud

Carlos Arezki
Benjamin Alexander



He deleted his Tagged account with the name of Carlos Arezki and created the new one with the name of Benjamin Alexander

Benjamin Alexander

Photo of Mokrani Arezki (France)



Member Since: March 27, 2022
Gender: Male
Location: Paris, France
Age: 57
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Other
Religion: Catholic
Orientation: Straight
About Me:
I’m an easy going person i like making people around me happy. because happiness is free



The chat was on google chat. He used this email for the chat:


Google Hangout (


Carlos Arezki:
I have been thinking so much about all we have been texting to each other. Your words and all that we have wrote to each other. I know we met few days ago, but to me it seems we have known each other for a whole lots of years,

I received a mail from Paris international Commercial Bank telling the funds I deposited the year 2013 is very due for cash out


2013 ? (*:-/ confused*:-? thinking)

Carlos Arezki:
I’m trying to tell them I can’t access anything here so the money can be sent to me, but they said they can’t wait till I’m ready to cash out the funds
I really can’t open any bank here

I have ready thought you should receive the funds till I’m done with my contract, it’s 45, thousands dollars

darling I want you to email them as my beneficiary on how the money will be transfer to you, I will send them a memo right away… affirming you as my beneficiary.

Babe I know the funds is very safe with you, and the total funds is 45 thousands dollars.
When you receive the money I want you and Jessi to take out 5k from the money and take care of yourself

I would like to know how can I receive the money?

Carlos Arezki:
I really don’t Know about that, but you don’t have to worry about anything

Darling I will give you the bank details to contact on how the funds will be wire to you.And please understand that I really love you and I trust you and I and I want us to be together forever that’s why I am doing this ok? bank email address: bank manager’s name: Dr Jofffa David

Text them now with the email I sent to you so we can know how the money will be sent to you and make sure what ever they say to you make sure you let me know
I would love you to text them now, Because I want my funds to be in our position in the next one day cutie pie

That’s the more reasons I asked you to contact the bank
Cutie pie I can’t joke or lie about stuff like this

Give me your phone number

Carlos Arezki:
I want you to receive the funds Because it’s not safe here at all
The only thing I can’t do is to make you feel bad or hurt you
We chat here cutie pie you don’t needs my phone number
Cutie pie, I want you to Clear off every doubts in you
Because anything that doubts is involve won’t work out
Just text them and tell them you are writing them on behalf of Carlos Arezki on how his funds will be sent to you
I have already sent them an memo that my fiance will text them
Please text them now and give me the feed back
I just received a mail from them as well
Please make sure you tell me what ever they say to you
What did they say to you?
They said the money will be sent to your bank account or your home address??

Hey will send the money to my home address I guess. I have forwarded the letter to yor e-mail address

Carlos Arezki:
Okay, I just saw it
The money is not supposed to be sent to your home address
It’s supposed to be sent to your bank account because it will be more safe ther
What do you think, I’m about to text them that I want the money to be sent to your Bank account not home address

I have to text them now and let them know that the money will not be sent to your home address

So you have to fill those stuff they gave to you and put your bank details and I’m texting them right Away

I have not given my information on the bank but they send this to me




Message on a mail box:

Message N 1:
From: International Commercial Bank <>
Date: XX apr. 2022 
Subject: Re: Dr Jofffa David

Thanks for your messages, he has already texted and let’s us know..

The money will be mailed to you.

Phone number:
Receiver Name:


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Message N 2:
From: International Commercial Bank <>
Date: XX apr. 2022 
Subject: Re: Dr Jofffa David

The transaction will be processed soon but the clearance fee most be paid first..

**(!) The clearance fee is $700 and I already told you why the fee can’t be taken her because it’s a deposit account..


Message N 3:
From: International Commercial Bank <>
Date: XX apr. 2022
Subject: Re: Dr Jofffa David

You are the benefiary that is why that it was sent to you.
It’s a deposit account and it’s been long the money was deposited in the account.
That is why clearance fee should be paid.


**(!) Do NOT SEND MONEY TO INTERNET STRANGERS regardless of the excuse. Money requests on the Internet are always a scam!


Fake Profiles with stolen photos of the same peson:

1. Ben Arezki

2. Ben Arezki



From London, United Kingdom


3. Ben Arezki



Lives in Roubaix, France

1. ben.arezki.79 (Ben Arezki)



Ben Arezki
Personal blog


2. ban.arezki.7908378 (ban.arezki.79)



8 posts
414 following

3. arezki_ben12 (Ben Arezki)



21 posts
834 following
Ben Arezki
Engineering Service
Oil and gas installation engineer


4. ben.arezki.73 (ben.arezki.79)



182 posts
1,100 following
Project engineer at Vinci construction company chevilly larue France .🇲🇫personal blog✈️🛬 please be where the other account has been hacked by hackers

1. arezki087 (arezki)

2. benarezki (Ben Arezki)



J’aime la vie

Ben Arezki



Lives in Mexico, United States.
Born on August 2, 1964.
Is widowed.
About Me:
I’m a widower with one daughter I work as an oil engineer ????

1. David Ben



Birthday: May 8, 1980


2. Robert-S Anorld



Birthday: October 20
Relationship: Single
Studied at: University of Houston ’18
Hometown: North Carolina
Languages: English, Deutsch, Nederlands
Company: Contract Wars Club Official
until 2015
Personal Consultant Regulator
College or university: University of Houston ’18
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Study program: Hospitality Management
Mode of study: Full-time
Status: Postgraduate Student
Military Service
UAC Second Sniper Military unit
USA, 2015–2021
Personal information
My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports, watching movies, going for walks, listening to music (almost all types of music), love on the beach, dancing in the dark etc.My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating habits: just about anything.
Favorite music:
These words come to attest the remorse I´m feeling and to show you how much I am sorry for all the embarrassing situations that I´ve been subjecting us to for the past two years. All of it was brought about by my unreasonable attitudes and I regret that. I know that I´ve pushed everything too far with my juvenile whims and caprices, and today I ask for forgiveness for the suffering my inconsequent adventures caused to you. I was far from God and my family, and ending up losing you was pretty obvious by then.
Favorite movies:
Is it wrong to already declare this the No. 1 movie list of all time? After all, there are other movie lists. Lots and lots of others. So many lists, you couldn’t list them all. But this is the first to ask the entertainment industry itself to pick its choices for the best pictures ever made. In May, THR sent an online ballot all over town — to every studio, agency, publicity firm and production house on either side of the 405. Not everybody was initially thrilled to participate.
Favorite TV shows:
America’s most-watched series of the 2020-2021 season are … … TOP 100 SHOWS OF 2020-2021, TOTAL VIEWERS. Rank Title (Network) VIEWERS (000) 1. NFL Sunday Night Football (NBC) 16, 662 2. NFL Thursday Night Football (Fox/NFL Network) 13, 418 3. NCIS (CBS) 12, 730 4. Equalizer (CBS) 12, 686
Favorite books:
“My Favourite Game” is an alternative rock song written by Peter Svensson and Nina Persson for The Cardigans’ 1998 album Gran Turismo. The song is the album’s eighth track, and was released as its first single. Lyrically, it’s about a failing relationship and the attempt made to better the significant other or save people from themselves. “My Favourite Game” found minor international success, reaching number three in Sweden and number 14 in the UK. It also charted within the top 40 in several European countries and New Zealand. While it failed to chart on the US
Favorite games:
I’m writing to tell you how happy I am to have found someone who can devote such a sweet love to me, a love, which is based on truth and is opposed to illusions and false expectations. I’m happy to have found you, my dear, because you’re not taken by frivolous things and you always seem absolutely determined to reach for happiness, despite the thorns and stones you may come across in your way.
Favorite quotes:
I’ve been trying to find the courage to write to you. For a long time now, I’ve been trying to understand the reason why we became so distant, we of all people, who always hanged out together, who were always in the same boat, both in the moments of joy and of grief…
You’ve never hurt me and I, for one, don’t think I have said anything that might have offended or hurt you.
This is a very awkward and uncomfortable situation for me because I care about you a lot. And yet, now when we bump into each other we never talk anymore… it’s so strange! What happen, do you know? I’ve tried to find out why, to analyze anything thing that might have been the motif that set us apart, but I couldn’t find any plausible reason.
I remembered your birthday, you know, and thought of giving you a call; but I was afraid that I would find a cold voice on the other side of the line and that you couldn’t even remember the friendly, happy moments we enjoyed together anymore.
What I really want to say is that I miss those times of close friendship. I would like things to go back to the way they were before and that we could restart that healthy and beautiful relationship. Why don’t you give me a call or even a hug next time we meet on the street?
About me:
I’m a nice person who always looks at the bright side. I’m an interesting, kind, communicative, cheerful and active person. I believe that sincerity is the most confident and attractive quality that someone can have.


3. James Scott



Birthday: April 21, 1971
Relationship: Single
Company: Mental Engineering
Hometown: Houston taxes
Languages: English
Company: Mental Engineering
College or university:
Universal Technical Institute – Houston Campus


4. Ben Arezki



Birthday: July 25, 1977


5. James Scott



Birthday: March 20, 1961
Relationship: Actively searching
Studied at: University of Houston
Hometown: Houston Texas
Languages: English
College or university:
University of Houston
Cullen College of Engineering
Mode of study: Full-time

1. Arezki Samuel



Age: 64
From New York
Frenchman, Contractor.. Businessman, I’m here for real and serious people only pls.. scammers and fake people keep off
Interested in: Girl
Age: 52 – 80
Goal: marriage, relationship/dating
High income
Separate apartment (rented or own)
I have kids, we live separately
Academic degree
Languages: English


2. Scott



Age: 60
From San Francisco
I’m an humble and easy going man with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, laughter, kindness, classic romance, intelligent conversation and good companionship.
Interested in: Girl
Age: 50 – 70
Goal: relationship/dating
High income
Separate apartment (rented or own)
I have kids, we live separately
Academic degree
Languages: English


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