We have decided to add this page in order to explain our policy and to enable us to provide more information for our customers.
We consider stolen photos that are used in fraud to be an affront to the decent people who own them.  Very often this offends families who find their children misused in this way, or even the photos of deceased relatives. Regardless of the circumstances you have our full support.
We feel that by publishing the photos we  will be doing you a favour and make it harder for scammers to misuse the pictures in the future.  We will make them available for the website bots to find on the Internet, and just because they are published by us it will warn people.
We are truly sorry for the innocent victims who are subjected to this  mistreatment.   We know there is no perfect approach to the problems you have.
What we are going to do is publish pictures we know are stolen and we will apply our usual standards of proof in regard to the misuse.  We  will do so without the benefit of email addresses and scam information, but just to get the stolen pictures of your loved ones out there and try to stop these criminals getting a free “Get out of Jail” card.

As always we recommend  reading our advice page.
We can attend to any concerns you may have via our contact form.