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If you got lost in those dark, dangerous tunnels, then ahead of you is the escape to daylight.

 Everything here is about  criminals who have one purpose only….  To relieve you of your money!

You probably came here because some scamming rat wanted to steal from you.  You looked around because you became suspicious and somewhere along the line you found us.

So now you are not a Victim you are our “Informant”, and  it is you who shares your experiences and we hope it liberates you.  Sharing  with our viewers and providing 419 scam information is helping people avoid  getting into the usual traps set by criminals after money and you should be proud of your contributions. 

Any doubts and questions about someone or something?  Ask first (Link takes you to a new page).  It costs nothing.  Our advice is completely free.

Thank you so much to our Helpers and Informers for the support you give us and to you as well Dear Reader.  We  give you the power to avoid becoming a victim, to become fully aware, and so have the strength to help us too.  Remember the purpose is to deprive scammers of their income and give them insecurity and trouble.  Using your awareness and willingness to submit information you can help us fight fraud. 

We don’t use your personal information or tell anyone it is you but we hope you are part of our efforts to fight fraud and in doing, so help others.

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