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Brian Alejandro



I started a communication on He asked me on Tagged, for my phone number…I told him I didn’t give my phone number to anybody. I told him that we can contact on Hangout.
He contacted me on Hangout with the e-mail addresses:
Before I would take screenshot of his Tagged Profile it was deleted…



The scammer’s Profile on was canceled, but we found profile on created by the same scammer with the same e-mail address

greatgrace1112 (Brian D M)



2 posts
172 following
Brian D M [David Martins]


Google Hangout (



peace heart:
Hello dear friend how are you doing today hope all is well with? My name is Brian I am from tagged you gave me your gmail on tagged
Thanks for your prompt response
Weekend greetings to you
Hope you like my picture


peace heart:
Please kindly send me your picture
You wonderfully created by God
What about you
What is your religion

peace heart:
How are you doing today
My day was hectic
Mom really like your picture on my phone has screen saver
This is mom picture:


peace heart:
Hope you like her picture
She is 89
She said to me hope you will accept her
She will be 90 Friday
She live in my second house

What type of car you drive
You can get the License since you have money to buy car
Can I have your phone number?
peace heart:
I don’t give it now maybe later
What type of bank did you have ? And how many?
Do not ask for my personal information..
peace heart:
I understand you honey
Honey what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine
Did you know reason why I choose to talk to you on tagged
I did fasting and prayer for three days at the last day of my prayer I dream in my dream angel appear to me and said to me that any profile I klick on and my heart beats increase is the right woman for me,to god be the glory when I klick on your profile my heart beats increase and I know you are the one heaven want for me.
I am here for serious relationship not for fun or games
I am a good Christian I don’t lie or cheat
I hate liars and cheaters
I don’t lie or cheat
Ever since death of my late wife have never involved myself in any relationship

I have one daughter she is 20yr old
She is studying petrol chemical engineering in university
Her name is Alison


peace heart:
I just sent it to you
Hope you like it
She saw your picture on my phone has screen saver

Okay honey
I am wishing you a wonderful peaceful night rest

peace heart:
Sweetie I am mature man,who have the fear of God and i will never hurt any good woman that I meet,you are beautiful woman that i can proud of among my family and friend.i also wish to marry a woman that will be faithful,Honest to me,so i want you to believe in me that whenever i meet you in person,i will never turn you down because i know what i want out of life and i do value my worth.Forget about disappointment,i will never break someone heart in my life. Forgiveness is the principle of moving forward in life,men are many in the world just like a stone around the city but there is always a man for a specific woman and such a man will be like a diamond that very scarce to find and he always come in the time a woman will not believe.Its a time for you to be happy and have fulness of joy. I want to come into your life now to make you happy and not to cause sorrow into your life.Even though man may look all the same,I want to understand that the inside of individual are very different and we can never be the same in altitude. i cant wait to read from you soon Best regards

peace heart:
Good morning sweetie
Am writing to you the way I am wishing and thinking about you.,Two are better than one,because they have a good return for their work:If one falls down,his wife can help him up.But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also,if two lay down together,they will keep warm.But how can one keep warm alone?Though one may be over powered,two can defend themselves.A cord of three strands is not quickly broken..Now,through some great fortune,I have found that love and along with it,the one person who can make life truly complete.You are that person,and my feeling for you is increasing somehow now.To be honest,I never thought I would ever utter those words,but now,they come forth effortlessly and with great sincerity.I’ll be forever be grateful to you,I will never let you down,i will never cheat on you,i will take good care of you,your family will be mine.if you show me how much you will love me at the end because Love is not how much you love at the beginning but how much love you build at the end. This is plan and my thinking that i have put to word,which i want to do with you for the rest of my life.i want you for what you are. MY LOVE CONFESSION ………………………………………… I pledge to you to be loving friends and partners in marriage:;:To talk and to listen,to trust and appreciate one another;to respect and cherish each other’s uniqueness;and to support,comfort and strengthen each other through life’s joys and sorrows.We promise to share hopes,thoughts and dreams as we build our lives together.May our lives be ever intertwined,our love will keeping us together.We will build a home that is compassionate to all,full of respect and honor for others and each other.May our home be forever filled with peace,happiness and love.Today,I am confirm my commitment to you as beloveds and partners in marriage.We continue to strive to be sensitive to each other’s needs,to be open and. understanding with each other,and to share our thoughts,our feelings andour experiences with each other.We confirm our promise to try always to bring out the qualities of forgiveness,compassion,and integrity in our selves and in each other.We continue to cherish each other’s uniqueness.We continue to share in life’s joys and remain steadfast and comfort each other’s sorrows.💋 GOD PURPOSE FOR US …………………………………………. Its God purpose for us to have love and to live life to point of fulfilment,its God plan fo us to love each other without any regret,i want you to know that i am not and i can do anything that wrong in anytime…I really need you and i want us to based our love on what bible said in the book of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7:Love is patient,love is kind.It does not envy, it does not boast,it is not proud.It is not rude,it is not self-seeking,it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.It always protects,always trusts,always hopes,always perseveres.i want a woman that will take God first. Love,Joy,Understanding,And Courage …………………………………………… In joining our lives may God grant us both..Love…to afford each other a special quality of time the accomplishments of one another.Understanding…that our interests and desires will not always be the same. Dating…based on mutual trust. Courage…to speak of a misunderstanding and to work on a solution before the setting of the sun. Compassion…to comfort each other in pain and sorrow. Foresight…to realize rainbows follow rainy days. Mirth…from your sense of humor. Awareness…to live each day with expectation that satan will like to break an happy home,if care is not taking.May God bless you

Kindly read the long message I text you I wake up midnight to compose that message to you

peace heart:

How had been your day
Hope all is well with you
What did you had for dinner
I am wishing you a wonderful peaceful night rest

How is you son?
Can he also relocate to USA 🇺🇸 with us?
I promised to be a good dad to him and always look out for him
I will always treat him like my son
Hope he is not the type that will discourage you not to have relationship with me
I will be a good friend to him

peace heart:
Honey I did something this morning
I plant a flower 🌺 and I name it after you I will always water 💦 it and take good care of it
All for you honey
Do you work?
peace heart:
Have been working and supervising my workers working
I can still chat with you because I am the boss
I am sorry for keeping you up late
Did you want to sleep now

peace heart:
My mother is fine
She asked about you every morning
She promised to always do anything to support our relationship
Mom have a great 👍 heart ❤️
Tomorrow morning before going to work I will first print your picture into three frame first frame will be in my bedroom beside me when I sleep and second frame will be in my car and third frame will be in my office
All for you honey
Just heart ❤️ of appreciating you
Honey one of this days I will call you and sing for you but I don’t have good voice but i will try [*8-> day dreaming*8-} silly]
Honey I will do a kind of voice training for you
Me and you will always sing together
Have not eat anything yet
I am okay 👌
Talking to make me feel so much comfortable
I have heard a lot of american people eating junk-food. Is that right what I have heard?
peace heart:
I don’t eat junk food my mom always gave me the best before I get married
But you absolutely right most of them eat junk food
Hope you will teach me how to cook whenever we are together
We will have better place honey
What I have is yours
My house have swimming pool
I have the ability to build something like that there in your location
It will have swimming pool and nice garage
Do you think your mother will be happy if you decide to come and live in in my country with me and leave her alone?
peace heart:
Have already told her
She said to me you have to go and be with her
She told me never to live far from you
I will set up another outlet of my company in your place
She is living now in my first house
It belong to her
But can she live near us when I build another house therefor her
Yes honey
I will definitely do that honey

peace heart:
Sweetheart how are you doing today hope all is well with you I am here seriously thinking about you because you so much precious to me,what have you eating today?kindly send me picture of how you look today. Honey life is all about going through upward and all in to pursue our dreams. Don’t let any kind of obstacle and failure pin you down or push you against your success of life. Fight hard the battle of life and take the challenges with courage, determination, and perseverance. Just keep moving forward with hope and this day is not so far when life will put the crown on your head as a successful human being. Life will become much easier when we will finally understand which hands to shake and which ones to Hold.Be thankful and proud of the struggles you had in your life.They shaped you in the person you are today.They’ll light your life in the darkness. You’re happy in your life as long as you’re content.Just believe in yourself and dream big. Do not give up on your hopes.
good morning to you thank you for your sweet message I’m okay send me some pictures of you

peace heart:


peace heart:
Thanks for writing me I really appreciate
Hope you like the picture I sent you
My daughter called me this morning asking about you saying how is mom doing and your and my son..
wow she have never met me and called me MOM?
peace heart:
Her upbringing makes her to act that way
She is calm understanding girl
She is respectful

peace heart:
My last relationship was peaceful
Have never for once shout not talk quarrel with my late wife
Yes if there is problem we will talk it and get solution to it
I hate quarrel shouting on my woman
I am happy I am able to meet a reasonable understanding woman
You have such a wonderful heart ❤️
I will always take care of your heart and never let you down
You are simply the best
My mom said again you are beautiful
She asked about your son
She is just sending her regards to him
Mom said to me: my son I can see smile on your face this days

peace heart:
What have you eating today
Tears of happiness is rolling down my face
Because you put smile on my face
I feel pleased talking to you
Only with you I feel pleased
I can’t wait to come to you
When will you come to me
peace heart:
I am coming December
ok we spent christmas together
I will love to have a cup of coffee with you

peace heart:
What are you doing now?
Please can you help me to get steam gift card?
My graphic designer ask for it
Why can’t YOU do it?
peace heart:
Not available at store my love
Did you know how it look like
Let me show you:



peace heart:
That is how it looks like
They sold it in site store
What supermarket did you have close to you
Okay honey kindly save the picture of that gift card on your phone so that you can go and look for it tomorrow morning
I don’t understand why you are asking me and can’t go by yourself to a supermarket and buy it?
peace heart:
My love I am sorry for inconvenience
Is not available at store they run out of it
You want to say, that you have only ONE supermarket? Go to another one.
peace heart:
My love please
What part of (location removed) are you?
what part of U.S are you?
peace heart:
North Carolina Charlotte
Let me send you my address
Yes it is

304 Rutledge Rd Mount Holly North Carolina 28120 [The address was taken from website. The house is for sale]

That is my home address
Can I have yours
Here is mine: [INFORMANT gave to the scammer an address of the local Police Station*;) winking *:D big grin]
peace heart:
I trust you with my life
I will always be honest and faithful to you
Those are the store you can get the steam gift card overthere in your city
It’s not close to me
peace heart:
They have it plenty
Okay let check the one close to you
I’m not going to do this..
peace heart:
Okay my my love
I am grateful
God bless you
Just show them the picture at store that you want that type of gift card
They will give you receipt for it also
You didn’t bother to listen to me!
peace heart:
Are you now on bed
I don’t want any bad thing to happen to you my love
Your well being is my happiness
You can go to store in the morning when there is no hot weather
OMG! I have said that I’m NOT GOING to buy a CARD for you!
peace heart:
But you can manage to go out in the morning before it getting hot
Once again: I will NOT buy a Card for you!!!!
peace heart:
Okay honey
My love I will never make you to suffer because you want to help me
Your well being is my happiness
Your health come first before anything
True love will never be after one deficiency
No one is perfect
I mean everything I am telling you
You such a wonderful woman 👩 I really appreciate you
Because you have good heart ❤️ that is why I was sent to your life
True love must be unconditional
My mom said to me she will always do anything to support our relationship
But what I have is yours
My Mom uses your picture on her phone and laptop has screen saver
Can you understand how she feel
She lost her only daughter during the covid19 pandemic that is my sister
She love female daughter
She told me seeing you is making her to forget the lost of her late daughter
Mom is realistic
She is open up and never lie
She tells what she have in her heart out
How many years ago your wife died?
peace heart:
That was 10 yrs ago
Ever since death of my late wife have never involved myself in any relationship
Having been praying and asking God to sent the right woman to my life
I guess have not tell you reason why I choose to talk to you on tagged
I did fasting and prayer for three days at the last day of my prayer I dream in my dream angel appear to me and said to me that any profile I klick on and my heart beats increase is the right woman for me,to god be the glory when I klick on your profile my heart beats increase and I know you are the one heaven want for me.
Are you still on tagged?
I am no more there
Have deleted my profile there
Evere since have been talking to you have deleted it
There is no need for me to keep it because all I want in woman i find it in you
I am pleased talking to you
Please kindly delete your profile there
Please honey
Please kindly delete the application from your phone
My love
I trust you with my life
Thank you honey for been faithful to me
I understand you
I hate liars and cheaters
I don’t lie or cheat
No matter how bitter it is I always say truth

peace heart:

No my love
There is a great joy in my heart ❤️ because I am talking to you
Are you doubting me
I rushed everything
I don’t want to keep my love waiting
You simply the best
My love
I am sorry for keeping you up late
Please kindly forgive me
I appreciate your time spent with me
You have to sleep now because you going to store tomorrow morning
But I have said to you I’m not going to buy the Card for you!
peace heart:
I am wishing you a wonderful peaceful night rest
Thank you honey for bringing more happiness to my life
I will be praying for you asking God to take control
I will start fasting and prayer for you today asking God to heal you
Your well being is my happiness
It is my responsibility to always look out for you
I will always stand by you no matter what comes across your way
Mom send her warmest regards to you
She called me
She did not ask about anything but only you
I will be supervising my workers working and praying for you
Honestly I am grateful to God for bringing you to my life
You are the only reason of my happiness
You know I would like to see you face to face to prove you are real
i hope can see you very soon
peace heart:
Surely my love you will see me very soon
I can’t wait to be with you
You are my passion and inspiration
I swear to you in mom name I love you ❤️ so much and accept you
Whats your family name
peace heart:

peace heart:
Please don’t forget to help me to get the steam gift card tomorrow morning when you wake up
NOT the same subject again!!
peace heart:
Please don’t forget to help me to get the steam gift card tomorrow morning when you wake up
Save the picture of the card so that you can show them at store tomorrow morning
My love I really understand you your well being is my happiness
Let your son go and get it for you tomorrow morning
Ask your friends to help you!
peace heart:
Honey I asked my pastor to help me but he did not get it
I don’t have anyone
I had friends but they all fail me all they do is backbiting
I helped them so much but all they do is hurting me
Really terrible
I just leave them for God to judge them
I don’t want to have anything with them
I only trust you and our son and daughter Alison and our mom
Three of you are the only one I have
My love please kindly called those number to the picture I sent you tomorrow morning to please kindly order it
They will bring it to your door step without going out
My love it different store
I am sorry for the inconvenience
The address are from three different store
You will call them tomorrow and order for it they will bring it to your door step without going out
I am grateful
Come on I hate when people play a game with me!
peace heart:
Listen to me
Why will I play game
Oh my God
My heart is burning now
Are you saying I am lying to you
Other card are available but my. Graphics design asked for only steam
My heart is burning
You don’t trust me
I will never lie to anyone for any reason
You think I am lying to you
They don’t have it they run out of steam card
Mom caregiver also look around before mom slumped
Honey I will return it back to you
Oh my God
My heart is burning now
You thinking bad about me
It okay 👌 if you think I am not honest with you
Today was another sadness of my life
I swear to you in mom name
Did you get the picture I sent you:


peace heart:
Have spent a lot on that project
Have not get paid from it the project is still going on
Construction of bridge 🌉 and it extension
Have always helped and support others have never and I will never take advantage of others I am hardworking man
You said to me I want to take advantage of you
I am sorry for the inconvenience
I promised to pay it back
I don’t want the ongoing project to stop so that I can get my payment soon
My love it will not be too long to send you money
I am not wicked
It will never be long to send you money
I am sorry for inconvenience


He has more email addresses:
Fast Run
Great Grace



The chat below shows that the scammer has changed the script of the scam annoyingly asking for money for his mom’s urgent treatment now:


Google Hangout (


Great Grace:
I am having a sleepless night nothing is working for me I feel like committing sucide
Mom health and the on going project
My wife please kindly help me today regarding mom health
My heart ❤️is heavy because I don’t want her to die
Please help

Great Grace:
Honey please don’t forget to also help me regarding mom kidney
I don’t want to lost her
Please kindly help me to ask people
To loan you
you know the woman who wants to give a kidney is asking $100,000
the pastor raised $40,000
Why I must help you?
I have never met you in person you don’t want come on cam or give me your Phone number..
Great Grace:
Please honey
Mom health come first before the ongoing project Please kindly try more today
Did you know how to use bitcoin wallet?
No I have never used bitcoin. I can use MoneyGramm… *;) winking
Great Grace:
Okay honey
I will give you my accountant information
Should I drop it now
I will return it back to you with interest
God bless you
Here is my accountant information:

first Name:ELSA
Second name:Pepito l
Address:304 Rutledge Rd Mount Holly North Carolina 28120


Did you get it?
You can save it on your phone
Immediately the money is sent you will only send me the picture of the receipt given to you
You gave me this information but really I’m not going to send you anything…*[-( not talking*L-) loser
Great Grace:
Okay honey I go now
Please do your best today for me
God bless you


*(!) The name of the money launderer: Elsa Pepito Laffitte, location: Mount Holly North Carolina.
We found a few Profiles created by the same money launderer on

1. Elsa Laffitte [elsa.laffitte.792]





Works at Campbell’s
Went to Manila, Philippines
Studied Pasay City, Manila Philippines at lacson college
Lives in Mount Holly, North Carolina
From Albuera, Leyte


2. Elsa Laffitte [elsa.laffitte.545]





Goes to Philippine Law School Lacson College Pasay City Philippines
Goes to Philippine Women’s University-CDCEC Sta. Cruz
Lives in Charlotte, North Carolina


3. Elsa Laffitte 



Fake Profiles with stolen Photos of the same person:

1. Collins Edward


Birthday: October 19, 1965

1. Philip



From Kootenai
Age: 58
Interested in: Girl
Age: 53 – 57
Languages: English




Age: 56 y.o, man, Widowed
Location: United States, North Carolina, Mt Holly
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
I am seeking a Woman
For Marriage (Lifelong relationship, family, children)
About myself:

I’m a widow have 2 children – romantic, love to walk arm in arm, kind, direct, warm, physical, passionate, impulsive, like to surprise, and to treat others well, try to ’look at the bright side of life’ . I hate injustice. I’m a good and loyal friend that doesn’t disappear just because things get a bit rough in life. And I have a good sense of humor, selfirony, and love to laugh.Every time you make a decision, the best thing you can do is to do something right.i have a wonderful life. I have a good job, a nice house, and wonderful family. The only thing I lack is someone to share it with. Every moments in life need to shared with the people you love. The time when you go on a quite walk holding the hand of the woman you love, or sharing old stories with friends and laughing so much you cry. I am a very sincere person and I really hope to meet a great sincere lady. I also really love to learn about different cultures and people. I love to travel, I love good food and it doesn’t matter what culture it is from, I love the beach, and it is my dream someday to have a beach house where I can wake up and walk right out of my house and smell the fresh crisp ocean breeze.

I am very down to earth, caring, loving, compassionate, romantic, genuine and an active man who has a great of humor and adventure, and also honors my salvation with christ. I desire to have a happy home and family. I realize that the only way to accomplish this is for a husband and a wife to be unified in striving to live the Gospel everyday. In order to achieve this I will: fulfill my roles as husband and provider, treat my soulmate respectfully (open doors for her, offer to carry her books, offer my jacket if its cold), make time for her, strive to be sensitive to her needs, never go to bed without inviting her to pray with me as a couple, be patient, loving and forgiving as she strives to progress (and need the same in return). If there are any differences that need to be discussed, i will do so patiently and if necessary, pray with her to seek the Lord’s will. I
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Marital status: Widowed
Children: Yes, living separately
Profession: Very descent profession

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