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Here is a page where you can add your comments all in one place and not have to click and click everywhere or struggle down long lists.

This is where you can expose more scammers.  Your own words are acceptable but we will improve them if it is needed.



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10 Comments on "COMMENTS PAGE"

  1. I was using and was matched with a guy calling himself Brendan John. He claims to be a army lieutenant colonel and is currently stationed in Syria. He says he has a 12-year-old son named Michael and his wife and parents have passed away. He is an only child from Topeka Kansas. I did a Google search of the photo he sent me and it led me here. He uses email of
    Loving the sight so far.
    Good job!

    • Thank you. Now you know he is a scammer not that he has a story that is original in the slightest way. They are painful lies but we like it when they just carry on doing that. We added the email address to our lists

  2. This is totally out of control these guys are giving real military guys a bad rap bc the real guys get screwed. I was part of 3 scammers all military I did not send shit to any of them. I caught the assholes before they got me. 1 guy was tempting but if a guy tells you that he loves u and tells u a bunch of shit then asks for money I play into at first then turn them in for fraud bc they are using someone else’s identity that is illegal and how do these idiots get this info on the real guys identity 1 even sent copy of his driver’s license still wasn’t buying it little did he know I had connections to verify the dl. I blocked him told him he was a sick basterd n karma will bite come around and bite him in the ass. Then turned him in along with the other 2 guys. Ladies please don’t let them take advantage of you they’ll tell u what tell they will give you the world and it’s sick when they involve children. That’s a sick son of bitch.

    • They steal pictures and forge documents and send nothing real in anyway. If people do what we say and never send money, scammers will be out of work. Sadly however any idea of “turning them in” will do nothing because the scammers are in Africa(even if some cam be anywhere). Explain it is illegal to a teenager in Lagos. We don’t tell scammers what we know because it only makes them better at scamming.They look to see where mistakes are, they are not stupid, The best thing to do is vanish. We get our information off victims who make it available to help educate others.

  3. I was contacted by a “General David Nicholson ” stationed in Damascus Syria via Facebook under the name Nantoume. We then moved to Hangouts. Very smooth talker. What sent up the red flags was how fast he moved saying i was the one for him. So i googled his name and all kinds of info came up about a John Nicholson a retired general for the past 4 years. This guy claims he’s retiring on April 20 of this year. Supposedly has a 13 year old daughter named Irene. The real kicker was when he said he pays 100K for a nanny to care for his daughter while deployed. I dont know of any military officer that makes that kind of money to pay for a full time nanny. Says he’s from Dallas Texas and his wife died 6years ago during childbirth. Uses email

  4. I can’t believe this has happened to me!

  5. this one dude said he was tyler thomas and he’s gotten nasty wanting me to download whatsapp. I called the feds and the military to report . not sure if things will get done .

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