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Here is a page where you can add your comments all in one place and not have to click and click everywhere or struggle down long lists.

This is where you can expose more scammers.  Your own words are acceptable but we will improve them if it is needed.



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10 Comments on "COMMENTS PAGE"

  1. Yolanda Stevenson | 19th April 2021 at 10:20 pm | Reply

    This guy going by James Steve, hit me up on Goodreads of all places. An innocent book lovers site. Anyway while looking him up, I see he is using a real hero’s pictures, the soldier Nando Melachoski. I spoke to him but never sent him anything. Claims to be deployed to Yemen, then last week stated he was going to Iraq and needed to ship a parcel to me. So I blocked him. Just thought you could add the email and the website profile-
    I do have a question, how do some of these people fake videos?

    • There is software to do it but videos are a string of photos and each can be photoshopped. I think YouTube has tools and so does VLC media player. I have the info above so we will check it out. It is a parcel delivery scam and we have plenty of those to see in our pages. Enjoy!

  2. I met this guy on Tagged a dating site. We’re now texting on skype, well, not after today when I found his pics on here. He’s going by the name Ben Davies. I became skeptical cause we tried doing a video call & his lips were not moving with his words.
    He said it was a bad connection. He was claiming to be in his office. Now here is another red flag, he’d claim that he’s a liposuction surgeon & does all his consultations on Skype even out of the country patients. Supposedly he’s in California, well I live in California too. All of a sudden, we’re having a bad connection. Hmmm, We’ve been chatting for 11 days & he hasn’t asked for $ yet. I’m glad I found out now.

  3. Пратими покана на име Alex Harrison които се представя за Алесандро Чинкуини започнахме даси пишем дълго време и изкаше да прати колет по моя адрес нещо аз се съгласих но след два дни ми пишат от пратката бела задържана и трябва да платя 1000 евро задая пуснат до адреса ми но аз не се съгласих и по това разбрах чее измамник благодаря за тази страница не ни дава съвети пазете се.
    Admin Google translate:
    We sent an invitation to Alex Harrison who introduced himself as Alessandro Cinquini, we started writing for a long time and asked him to send a parcel to my address. but I did not agree and from this I understood that the fraudster thanks for this page does not give us advice beware.

  4. The picture of him sitting in a car wearing a sweater is used on tinder under the name ‘Michael’ age 44. It doesn’t give any other information except he says he is a Navy doctor. I did not engage in conversation.

  5. Encontré a una persona que se hacia pasar por el Dr. ÖNDER AKDENIZ, incluyo fotografías y una historia de que es medico y estaba en uncontrato de trabajo por 3 meses, apenas empezaba a hablar con esa persona y no pidió ningún dinero ni entrega de paquetes, tal vez no tuvo tiempo de hacerlo porque le dije que lo había descubierto, me pidió perdón y me envió una foto de su persona real. No se como incluirla aqui para que lo conozcan y tal vez la policia lo identifica, porque contaba la misma historia que leí en otros casos.

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