Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing/Money Laundering: MARIE AKPOS (Togo/Nigeria)

Advance Fee Fraud:


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Advance Fee Fraud
Money Laundering

Marie Akpos
Bilal Kanty
Isiaka Kamal


Phone number: +39 351 055 1717

Number billable as         mobile number
Country or destination     Italy
Original network provider* Lycamobile S.r.l.



Please, if you have the opportunity to authenticate these two SCAN copies. Today I have to pay a bribe, personal secretary of the High Court TOGO country, my $ 88 Dollars, intended personally to the Chief Justice. The name of the personal secretary of the Chief Justice – Mrs. MARIE AKPOS.


Below is a text from the Informant translated from Russian:


I communicated with the phone number registered in WhatsApp +39 351 055 1717
Just with the owner of this number I communicate constantly, His name is Bilal Kanty, his location Como, Italy. Before I have transferred $930 USD to Isiaka Kamal from the African country Togo.
A personal secretary of the High Court Mrs. Marie Akpos still continue to write me from her private e-mail address demanding more money –$88 for the last fourth signature of Chief Justice.



“Clearance Form”


Fake scammer Profile with the name “Kamal Isiaka”

Kamal Isiaka

Photo of David Edward Williams OBE, known professionally as David Walliams (is a British actor, comedian, author)


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