Charity Scam: LUCY UNONG BRUNO (Malaysia)

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419 Scam

Charity Scam

Lucy Unong Bruno




Phone number: +601688 01688

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Malaysia
Original network provider* DiGi Telecom

Money Transfer to scammer bank account:

Bank name: Maybank (Malaysia)
Bank Address: Malaysia, (Kota Kinabalu) 5
Account Holder: Lucy Unong Bruno
Account No: 1601 9303 9335  (This account is reported for closing by Scampolice Group)
SWIFT Code: Mbbemykl



It would seem that this is a real profile. However it appears that it has been hijacked and is now used by a scammer.
*(!) Never make a Bank account for a third party. You are entirely responsible for any frauds, credit card debts, illegal transactions, etc. that may occur on that account. You might lose control over it, but you will still be responsible.

Lucy B 5016





Tagline: “GOD IS SO GOOD TO ME “
Member Since: January 10, 2009
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Relationship Status: Married
Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Catholic
Orientation: Straight
Music: I FEEL GOOD by James Brown
Sports: Dancing; Walking; Swimming; Bowling.
Interests: travelling…
Dreams: LIVE THE LIFE OF MY DREAM “Be happy with what I am doing, and thank my Lord for what I am today”
Best Features: I AM WHAT I AM, AND I ALLOW OTHERS TO WHAT THEY ARE… I HATE LIES (ANYTYPE). “be honest with yourself before anyone else and never borther what people say” JUST BE YOURSELF.
About Me: I LOVE THE SIMPLICITY OF MY LIFE. Life Is Short, Forgive Quickly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably & Never Ever Regret Anything That Made You Smile. INBOX:



Lucy B 5016:

hi sweetie,, how are you doing. hoping you still remember me. im from east malaysia. you are my longest friend on tag. my friend/.. i really need your help. i posted few pic on my profile. my house was hit by big floob and destroy everything my most costly and valuable. idont have anything left. please i need your help in term fo financial. god will reward you in returns of helping me. i really need money. please dont get mw wrong. im total lost now.. i have send some message to my friends but they also tell me they dont have, so i end up trying to send you.. you can seethe pic on my add pic in my profile. please help me in any amount.. my full name is.. LUCY @UNONG BRUNO from Kota Kinabalu of East Malaysia. My Tel. 006 01688 01688 . you can bank in to my acct at MAY BANK BHD MALAYSIA. hoping you will get my message at the soonest. god bless. MAYBANK BHD MALAYSIA A/C: 1601 9303 9335 (LUCY @ UNONG BRUNO)

Lucy B 5016:

Thank you so much my sister. You are the only one person respond me out of my Long Time friendship on tag. Today is Sunday and Monday is public holiday in Malaysia. I will go to the bank to find out on Tuesday. Thank you so much.. God bless you always and will reward you more for helping me . I shed tears as I read your respond to me. Once again.. thank you so much. God Bless you..AMEN.

Lucy B 5016:

hi sweetie, greeting from malaysia…. good evening . today i was at the church having prayer for our priest and i met one of theclerck working at Maybank. i ask her if she knew the bank swift code. thank God yes she knew and gave it to me.

Lucy B 5016:

Here are the things your bank requested.:- 1) BANK NAME ; MAYBANK {MALAYSIA} 2) BANK A/C HOLDER NAME : LUCY @ UNONG BRUNO 3) BANK A/C : 1601 9303 9335 4) BANK BRANCH : MALAYSIA (KOTA KINABALU) 5) BANK SWIFT CODE : MBBEMYKL. 6) A/C HOLDER TEL. NUMBER : +6 01688 01688 7) A/C HOLDER EMAIL :

Lucy B 5016:

my dearest sweetie..hoping your bank can transfer that money to my account as really i am in need. i thanked you so much in advance for your help. god bless you sweetie and always. so much love from me… amen



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