It seems as if our friend “Yuri the Vlad” is busy at work in his office in Yoshkar Ola, Russia.  He likes making profiles of attractive women and contacting men.  In this case he is Yulika, which I am told is an odd name and isn’t used in Russia.
Very typically after a single letter back “she” is in love, albeit our informant is 30 years older than her. Our informant refuses to be fooled.

From: yuliusfutch@gmail.com
Date: 1 February 2015
Subject: Hello my man…
Hello my man, XXXX.
I am again glad to read your letter and look at your pictures.
what are you doing in the pictures, you put fireplaces, stoves?
Xxxxx, I never make plans for the weekend, but sometimes on weekends I go shopping.
I look at the goods, I don’t make large purchases, you may not have enough money.
I hope you understand all what I write to you letters.
we must understand each other, because the understanding is the best tool for successful Dating*.
I feel like my feelings are approaching you.
to me, you are not just a man, I think you’re more than just a man “you are a man whom I love.
now I often think about how to shape our future.
I think we need to see in reality in order to learn, we should meet.
but how do we make an appointment?
to this question I now can’t find the answer.
I want to contact the travel Agency to learn about the cost of tickets.
during our correspondence I began to realize, you’re just necessary for me in the future.
with you I want to spend the rest of his life.
you believe me or not, but I always tell only the truth.
I think we need to talk about our meeting.
you agree with me, my man Xxxxx?
as you look at my proposal to meet in reality?
today I will finish the letter and I will wait for your answer.
a big hug. yours Yuliya.


From: yuliusfutch@gmail.com
Date: 4 February 2015
Subject: Hello my love…
Hello Xxxxx!
forgive me my love… I did not write to you the answer because I was so upset.
after visiting the travel Agency I had bad thoughts.
I never thought that a trip to your country will be so expensive.
I found out the price for a trip to you. The price is 770 euros.
For that I could fly to you, in accordance with Russian legislation, it is necessary to issue the list of documents:
I will need:
– visa ( 90 Euro )
– tickets to the two ends ( 490 euros )
– medical life insurance ( 90 Euro )
– visa fee ( 40 Euro )
– travel Agency ( 60 Euro )
I was shocked by these prices.
I’m just in shock, I ran away in tears from this Agency.
Then I immediately called the help Desk, learned the address and went back to the other two agencies.
I thought that the other agencies will be cheaper prices on the trip.
Unfortunately prices are only 10 and 20 euros.
at heart, I’m choking from emotional pain, it’s really hard to write this letter.
Then I went back to the first Agency that was contacted.
I spoke with the Manager, and consulted that they have issued me a credit or installments.
The Manager said that if I will be payable
lending, you wouldn’t let me go out of the country and will not open my visa.
He said that the trip must be paid in cash.
I all in tears went home.
I have about 300 euros. I didn’t think the trip will cost so dearly.
I did not expect such a turn of events. Because we were all so well.
For a trip is not enough for 500 euros.
I don’t know how to handle this situation because I can’t quickly earn the same amount.
My soul just tears from the pain.
I really don’t know what I now do. Everything was gone in an instant.
It’s just terrible. Yuliya.


ADMIN:  Already we can see the usual “financial difficulty” is mentioned. The lure will be fake messages from a fake agency, perhaps even fake copies of tickets sent to the victim. Naturally money will be expected and of course it will be a Western Union transfer.   If the scammer doesn’t immediately vanish over the hills, there may be some other difficulties that need just a little bit more money to fix.

*   Sitting in front of a computer screen is not “dating“, so don’t be lulled into thinking it is.  Scammers will brainwash  you into the idea.