Romance Scam/Fake military: SGT JACK LUCAS / SGT JACK WILLIAM (Burkina Faso)

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Romance Scam

Fake military

Sgt Jack Lucas / Sgt Jack William

(Burkina Faso)



The scammer with the name of STANLEY on used profile picture of 13-15 years old guy, but claiming to be a 35 years old businessman.. He changed the picture and name three times: Stanley > Sgt Jack William > Sgt Jack Lucas.  Now he is a Sgt Jack Lucas..

 SGT jack Luc!SGTjackLucas01


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SGT jack Lucas
35, Male, fada, Burkina Faso
Looking for a womam to date or marry or date
I’m Military INBOX: 


Message N 1:

SGT jack Luc (former STANLEY):

Hello good to meet you here, I am Stanley by name looking for a good and strong relationship with you, so what the you think ?


Message N 2:

SGT jack Luc (Former STANLEY):

greetings my dear honey.

I based in Tunisian and I hold store where I seal cloths and shoes am also a star I mean musical, am really interested in you I might not have what it takes to have you as a wife but just love me for who I’m,

waiting to hear from you soon honey,


Stanley (*L-) loser)


Message N 3:

SGT jack Luc (Former Jack William):

Hello dear how are doing,

My first pix was my son who yes am Google mail here is my name and address, SGT Jack William,



… Please explain: you told me that you are a Tunisian and your name is STANLEY and you hold a cloths store .. Now you are transformed to Military with the name of SGT JACK WILLIAM, but your Profile name is SGT JACK LUCAS… What is the mess? *:-? thinking*:-O surprise


Message N 4:

SGT jack Luc:

Yes dear you are very correct am a sgt jack Lucas William and Stanley jack is my only son in Tunisia I am a military, ever since Stanley lost his mother I find it hard to remarry that is why anything I do I like put my son first because is the only one I have now and he based in Tunisia, you see dear am really so sorry because I was only trying I find my true life partner and my colic told me that there is a lot of scammer that I should not take the decision by fining my life partner here, so I said to myself let me give a try by first posting my son picture and name to see how it work before I showed out my real identity because I have a lot to discuss with her for a better future of both of us, I am so sorry for trying to put your legs for the first time, am sorry ok,
Hello my dear honey I am sgt jack Lucas from America but presently in camp here Burkina Faso I have only one son which named Stanley, ever since my wife pass away I lust courage of remarry another woman but what motivate me is your pix and my heart with my only son, dear I wish if I could spend the rest of my life with you as a happy man, I no my job as a united state military is stressful be with you and your cheerful heart I believe things will be smoothly for us, but first I need your trust and your sincerity love,
Waiting to hear from soon my heart,
Best regard 
Sgt jack



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