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Sinclair Jeffrey
Jeffrey Sinclay


Image of Jeffrey Sinclair (is a character in the fictional universe of the science fiction television series Babylon 5, played by actor Michael O’Hare)



Man Seeking a: Woman
Age: 18 *8-> day dreaming
Country: United States
State: Alabama
City: alasaka*:-? thinking
Zip Code: 10001
Religion: Christian
Ethnicity: Other
iam well being matured man, acting as mission peaceful makers here to settle down with well being truthful women, more explaining will be held only when we have a private charts, for marriage
Headline: good women
Looking for: Marriage
Languages: English
Marital Status: Single / Never married
Have Kids: Yes – but not at home
Education: High School Grad
Occupation: Politics / Government / Military
Attend Services: Rarely
Political Views: Conservative
Interests: Family INBOX:

Sender: jeffrey3:

greetings dear friend.

is a pleasure to meet you here, you look absolutely wonderful i want us to be good friend i will be hopping to know you more better and i will equally tell you who iam in details if you wish add me on google charts through my google account usser id is ( jeffsinc64 )i waiting for your respond.

my name is jeffery.

remember that i use google account add me on gmail;;;; jeffsinc64 @


Message on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Sinclair Jef
Date: XX August 2017
Subject: Re:

Your are welcome my dear (name removed), is  great pleasure to have you as a good friend,

i believe that our relationship will be of good for both of us,

am waiting to hear you soonest.

your Jeffrey.😍


Message N 2:

From: Sinclair Jef
Date: XX August 2017 
Subject: Re: 

Hello my dearest, (name removed).

Thank you for your message and its my pleasure having you as my friend..what name should i call you often? i will like to introduce myself more for you, My Name is jeffrey sinclaye, I am the only child of my parent, My father died a year before joined the army and my mother died 9 years ago, My wife died 3years ago and since then i have been all alone,never remarried or had any relationship with any woman….

My wife died of car accident, she was hit by a drunk driver on her way to work on 16th October 2013,.I don’t have any kids but I love kinds so much………………

I am a USA Citizen, also a USA soldier,currently serving here in Afghanistan on peace keeping mission, My Home Address is: 1310 E 23rd Ave Columbus, Ohio 43211-2532 USA.

I am 57 year Old………………

I am a General in the USA Army, and I am serving here in Kabul Afghanistan, I am also a commander, I am commanding about 3000 soldier in my unite,I have been on duty here in Kabul Afghanistan for over 3 years and my assignment duty will be over in 3 months time……………

I joined face book newly to meet some one decent and unique people. I am very much happy to know you and be your friend…………….

That is all about me…………….

How old are you……………….?

Do you have kids……………..?

What do you do for living……?

Sorry if I ask many question…


Message N3:

From: Sinclair Jef
Date: XX August 2017

Am very glad to write you again this moment. Our communication has really given me joy knowing that I have gotten some one with similar interest with me which we are gradually knowing our selves and reaching an understanding. it nice to have a friend from miles away. I believe our constant conversation is really helping us in getting to know each other.

I really have a busy schedules base on the nature of my job but I have tried to adjust and adapt to time in other to have time for you in other to make things work out for us as partner….

My life has been really kind of boring since years I lost my wife in tragic truck accident. But I guess it’s really wonderful to see myself moving on and trying to be happy again, because for a long time now I kept my life very small – work, home, very little socializing and definitely no dating, I just wasn’t ready because life wasn’t fair to me. But after a while I realized that if I tried to keep my life small and safe I would get hurt, I was also cutting myself off from feeling any joy again – because joy and pain are two sides of the same coin…

But gradually I have allowed myself to emerge back into the real world again, and here I am, my first attempt at online i met you. Since our conversation you have proved to me how matured and decent you are, with good sense of humor and also a woman who is looking for a serious relationship.

I am not looking for fun or out for games but a real partner whom I would appreciate, respect, love and pamper with love…..

My dear feel free to communicate with me and ask me any thing you wish to know about me and I will be very glad to answer..

Here in Kabul is never a bed of roses and will never be but by the grace of God we are alive and given him thanks for victory always….

Please dear, always remember me in prayers okay..

Thanks and God bless you😍


Message N 4:

From: Sinclair Jef
Date: XX August 2017

Sweet your right,

it was not on face facebook that we meet it was on, but that was same day that i join facebook, yes iam newly on facebook but iam not often because of my job, if you wish you can give me your facebook name let me add you but to me is not necessary since i have meet you i believe here is more better than facebook next if you have whatsup no. you can send it accross to me let me add you it will be more easy for our freqent communication,s, i have so many pictures you can enjoy looking it just clict my profile email here you will see more of my picture okay,

you only have one picture can you send me more, please sweet click my profile gmail you will see my pictures but if you can,t i will be excite to attach it for you, am waiting to hear from you soon with kiss from little mils.


Message N 5:

From: Sinclair Jef
Date: XX August 2017

Hello my beautiful (name removed) pleasent morning to you,how are you doing and how was your night and i hope you had a wonderful night sleep and i hope you are doing good and i miss my communicqtion with you, i just woke up this morning thinking so much about you and i am here to communicate with you before going to military parade and i just read your message to me and you are demanding for my facebook id and i will send you my name facebook name to add me when i return from parade and may God protect you in infinit mercy and i wish you all the best. 😍

Sinclaye Jeffrey




Single · Male · Interested in Men and Women
Read Angels on Assignment
Likes Open water swimming


Some scammer Profiles with the name  ”Jeffrey Sinclair”:

1.Jeffrey Sinclair

(Photo of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Allen Sinclair – Army officer in Afghanistan who pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and action unbecoming of an officer in 2014)



Lives in Dallas, Texas
From Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Single · Male · Interested in Women
Listens to Don Moen (singer)

Jeffrey Sinclair:

July 6 ·2017

Five years ago: At a 100-nation conference in Paris, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton hailed an accelerating wave of defections in President Bashar Assad’s inner circle as the United States and its international allies pleaded once again for global sanctions against the Syrian regime. Former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman was released from jail in Florida for a second time while he awaited his second-degree murder trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin. (Zimmerman was acquitted.)

One year ago: President Barack Obama scrapped plans to cut American forces in Afghanistan by half before leaving office. Double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to six years in a South African prison for murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Philando Castile, a black elementary school cafeteria worker, was killed during a traffic stop in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights by Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who was charged with second-degree manslaughter (Yanez was acquitted at trial). Former Fox News Channel anchor Gretchen Carlson sued network chief executive Roger Ailes, claiming she was cut loose after she had refused his sexual advances and complained about harassment in the workplace, allegations denied by Ailes. (Carlson later settled her lawsuit for a reported $20 million.) The augmented-reality game Pokemon Go made its debut in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.


2. Jeffry Sinclair




Works at U.S. Army
Studied at U.S. Army War College
Went to Oxford university of london

Jef Sinclair




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