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Steven Roy Moore
Fake soldier. Romance scammer.  419 scammer.


Steven Roy Moore

Roy Moore

Date of Birth.   17 05 1975  Santa Ana, California

 Lives.  Orlando, Florida.

Currently in Afghanistan

Father of two children: Brenda of 3 years and Edward of 9 years.

Phone Number.   0014782984467


ADMIN We were contacted by  very suspicious lady who wanted reassurance about “her” soldier.  In about the middle of August she suddenly became married to someone she had never met, and whose Facebook profiles  were deleted.  We were unable to give any such reassurance.  Particularly sad is that the scam also involved her young daughter.  Both were hurt by our information.  We Admins are not immune from being hurt by such stories too and we try to give comfort and advice. Fortunately  the scammer failed and she did not send money, but she has to carry the hurt.  We detest scammers  because of this.

I’m in a relationship with a US military widower Steven Roy Moore, born in 17 05 1975, in Santa Ana California, with two children, who is actually in Afghanistan. He sent me many photos of him when he was child, with his father, with children, with him in the army. Match. He give me his phone and I call him and he call me too. What makes me to doubt is that military package. He gave me the address of his commander, but it is not a military mail is one of mail address and is valid. I checked. I wanted to send a package from home, but commander told me I could not sent because they do not receive packets from the base and gave me some custom military packs. I will enclose the mail that I received from commander to tell me if it’s real or not, because I do not know what to do. 

Message from scammer.

Dear Madam,
You can only send packages via MPSA , USPS, FedEx or any other courier service available in your country, but due to the level of things here in the military(protocol) we have only one selected courier service here which is the Priority Mail Postal Service and we are no more receiving packs directly outside the base from loved ones because of some security reason but unfortunately there is no more delivery made for now because of the site is still under maintenance due to Migration, please bare with us. Reason best know to the military.
Due to the level of Sergeant Steven Roy Moore in the U.S. Army Unit 58th Parade rescue  (What the Fuck is this supposed to be?  Poncers parading around rescuing girls with mascara difficulties?), the UN would ensure that delivery of the package security services for him. If you wish him to receieve the items you mentioned above like personalized pocket watch with your family picture, a music CD, two books, one or two shirts that can be provided for him but that wil attract an extra payment to that but except the family picture you can send it through his email and he can print it out for himself So I the commander has decided to help you by a form called package liquidation, No prepaid cards needed. why it is done these way is because due to the secured website where you can buy the items is down (Migration) ( It is still under maintenance So every payment to be made automated way will not be processed so to avoid loosing your money you don’t have to use your credit card for the mean time;so everything is done manually Please bare with us.
We guess the scammer is setting up for a Western Union Transfer! He wants her clothes off?  Like we said, literacy is a problem!
One of our most popular support efforts here at U.S. Army Care center is sending care packages to our deployed troops. We send a touch of home to those who are deployed and serving in harm’s way on our behalf. We send out thousands of packages each year to various war zones through the different welfare countries.
We have different care packages that are in stock now:
1. Troops pass time package —–$1550.56 Includes: Sweaters, Health supplements, DVD/MP3 Gadgets, Board games, customized T-shirts and pants, mugs, Under Amour socks, Phone card, lotions, toiletries, shorts and tank tops to wear while sleeping. Mothers day cards and gifts/Flowers (Optional).
2. Troops combo package ———$1750.99 Includes: Sweaters, Health supplements, DVD/MP3 Gadgets, Board games, customized T-shirts and pants, mugs, wristwatch, battery operated fan, Under Amour socks (or something similar), Shorts and tank tops to wear while sleeping, Baby powder – belts and hot weather can causes rashes at the waistline, Blister pack gum – gum can stick to the foil wrappers in hot weather, Phone card, lotions, toiletries, Mothers day cards and gifts/Flowers (Optional).
3. Troops home size package —–$1850.00 (Out of stock for now)
4. Troops all in one package —-$2490.45 Includes: Sweaters, Health supplements, DVD/MP3 Gadgets, Board games, customized T-shirts and pants, mugs, wristwatch, battery operated fan, Under Amour socks, Shorts and tank tops to wear while sleeping, Phone cards, digital camera, Blister pack gum – gum can stick to the foil wrappers in hot weather, Water balloons to use for fun and as a stress reliever, Dr. Scholls foot powder, Blister pack gum – gum can stick to the foil wrappers in hot weather, Phone card, lotions, toiletries, Soldiers Health and Power pack Mothers day cards and gifts/Flowers (Optional)..
5. Soldiers Health and Power pack ——- $2950.00
This package is filled with all kinds of healthy power packed snacks to keep your soldier fit and alert. Today almost everyone enjoys protein and power bars from time to time no matter what they do for a living. This is sure to be a big hit for our soldiers who truly need to keep their energy levels high and great for those who might not be getting enough protein in their diet.
Soldier Health and Power Pack includes 3 Cliff Bars 2.4 oz ea, 2 Greek Yogurt Bars 1.41 oz ea, 2 Pure Protein Bars 1.5 oz ea, 3 Nutri Grain Bars 1.3 oz ea, 3 Chewy Granola Bars .84 oz ea, 1 NV Fruit and Nut Bar 1.2 oz, 2 NV Oat and Honey Bars 1.5 oz ea, 1 Fiber One Bar 1.4 oz, 2 Special K Meal Bars 1.59 oz ea, 1 Premier Protein Bar 2.5 oz ea, 3 Kashi Go Lean Bars 1.2 oz ea, 2 Bags Breakfast On The Go 1.5 oz ea, 1 Fig Newton Bar 2.1 oz, 2 Bags of Craisins 1. oz ea, 1 Protein Plus Bar 2.75 oz, 1 Bag of Blue Diamond Almonds .625 oz, 1 Bag of Seet N Salty mix 2. oz, 1 Bag of Gatorade Dry Drink Mix Makes 1 quart, 4 Packs of Zipp Fizz Energy Drink Mix makes 16 -20 oz ea, 4 Packs of Propel Dry Drink Mix makes 16 oz ea.
You are advice to provide us with the Info below:
Once you provide us with the above information you are anonymous to us. We protect your privacy and interest. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary. All information collected will not be used for any illegal activity and will not be disclosed any third party. The information is what we use to register you with our service. These will help us to be able to do as you just wish it to be done. As the Commander of the troops my duty is to ensure everything is in place here so I will ensure everything is done accordingly to your wishes and make sure it gets to your recipient.
N/B: The reason for these is for security reasons , which I hope Best should have explained to you. The High Ranked military have decided the prohibition of any transfer of property to the base directly from civilians, because there have been series of attacks here in our NATO base, causing some soldiers lives, were reported 2 dead , some still injured, it became clear that the goods should first get to the selected courier service above so that it gets to your friend soon in the respective military station, the real basis for SGT Steven Roy Moore……… personally assure you it will be delivered to your recipient OK thank you.
You will also provide us with the items you have choose in the above detailed chart to buy for the military personnel respectively. And there is any extra item you wish your boyfriend to have also indicate as well.
Note to the military personnel (included in the Package) optional,
I agree with the terms and conditions; Yes/No :
I’D like to receive your newsletters; Yes/No :
Lieutenant ……. JAMES GARRY
Executive coordinator
U.S. MIL0999CV12

Admin Note.   You should note that our fake soldier is a “Sergeant“.  He will run into some trouble  with us later on over this .  But then if you use photos of several different people and know nothing about the military you need hardly be surprised at that, and the letter above is written by someone who is semi- literate. Care packages cost about $60 at but you can look at that and see the problems yourself and go here if you have dilemmas Anyway you can see a liar at work
.**@rescueteam is very popular with Nigerian scammers and is a free email that anyone can use. Certainly not Government officials. We are sure to go fast downhill.
We happen to know that the big bases where troops are, are shut down and all that remain are some instructors.  They are not fighting  Taliban in isolated bases,  getting care packages, sending emails and getting phone calls while being shot at, attacked night and day.  We can safely look at this with complete disbelief. We like to laugh at  scammer stupidity.





We thought he was a Sergeant!

“steven moore <> Baby how are you doing ? I told you we were been called by our commander, our camp was located by the bad guys and they plan on attack, we don’t know how they were able to locate us and the commander said we should be on radio silence now cos he guess they tracing our cells. We got our internet locked up that’s why my page is down, baby we all scared, he said we should be moving our camp to another region. Baby yes that’s what I want you beleive in me cos I love you

and I will forever be truthful to you all my life. ”

He is the only one who can send an email about his dire situation

“seven moore <> Now we can’t sleep, been up all night, been on alert incase they decide to attack at night. It’s really horrible baby. You pray for us okay please pray so hard. And be strong for me. I will beep when we off radio silence. ”

He can’t phone but he CAN send emails.
Oops! He dreams cut and paste stuff. And he can sleep again.  Where is the Taliban?

Good morning my love,How was your night, hope you slept well ? I went to bed last night with a vision of you next to me. I slept like a baby all night, because I was not feeling alone. When I awoke this morning to see if it was real or if it was a dream, realty hit me that it was only a dream. Very soon, I know that you will be right next me, and that I will not have to dream of it again because you will be right there so we can hold, hug and squeeze each other tight. Baby, I long to be with you so I can help build you and support you, so that we can accomplish a whole lot together as husband and wife. You’re always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy knowing I have you and our kids baby. You’re my heartbeat, and will forever be my on the right side of my heart. You will always be the love of my life. I miss you my wife xxxxxx.

Shall  we try again at finding Taliban?

My Angel, I always thought love was only in movies and songs till I met you, my love. To my surprise, what you make me feel every day is the same inspiration that inspired all those beautiful songs, warm poems, and amazing movies. You became my reason for existing, my dreams, and my future just by being yourself, and I thank you, I thank you with all my heart for being the most important part of my life, for being my wife, for with you my soul is everlasting and my love is eternal. You are the reason I smile each morning, last night talking to you and we never felt like sleeping that is a magical world baby. I’m yours forever, not just for this lifetime but for whatever else follows. For you I can move mountains, I will never leave your side, I can’t wait for little roy to come and he is gonna have your eyes, cos it sparkles of love. When am gonna be at the yard with you my wife and have our kids running all around us. Like I told you Angel, this is gonna be my last tour cos I want this amazing life with my wife and kids and I don’t wanna miss out a bit of it. Together we gonna build this family with love, care, attention, happiness and everything. I wake each morning look at all of you, my family and that gives me strength for a new day, reason to be alive and strong. Thank you baby for making me complete. Good morning my angel.

Or have another try?

Such a balm on my parched soul do I feel when I imagine as we lie together in front of the fire! Such peace! Such joy! You satiate me as the waters of your love fill me up to overflowing. My heart aches to be in your presence. As I cup your cheek in my hand and look into your beautiful eyes I always tell you am gonna look inside of it, I know that I am home. My heart leaps at the mere sound of your voice. When we hold hands across the table at a restaurant maybe our first dinner together baby and I gaze into your eyes, I have a certain undeniable conviction that we are the only two people that exist in the world! I want to possess your heart and your love. . I want to devour you and keep you inside me always. I want you all. I love to see the sparkle in your eyes as you listen to my words. I love to see your sweet smile as I caress you and tell you my dreams. I love to feel your tender kisses and hear your loving words. I love you, I love you and I love you! Your smile fills my heart with joy whenever you send me a picture of you. Waves of love flow from me to you as I gaze into your eyes. Can you feel it too? As I gently kiss your hands, my heart takes flight. I long for the warmth of you, held close in my embrace. I love to snuggle and cuddle with you, to spoon with you, to hear the beating of your tender heart! I feel such passion as I caress your face and gaze into your eyes. I love the intoxicating connection I feel with you as we share our innermost secrets. I long to feel the love and desire of your gentle touch. I adore you with all my heart. I want to be with you always and forever. I cannot even begin to imagine the bleak and barren life I would have if it were not for you, my eternal sunshine! In my dream, we are holding each other so close, your dear head held tightly to my chest as we drift away to sleep. I want you to know how fine you are to me. Do you know how much I cherish you? I cherish you like the ripening plum must cherish the sun; or the dry fields must cherish the rain. You are everything to me. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I give you my whole heart. Take it, it is yours. Without you, I have no use for it! My soul is overflowing with my love for you. I can feel myself expanding into a bigger and better person when I am with you. I feel like I am my best self when I am with you. Thank you for being you and including me in your life! I dream of the moments when I tenderly kiss you. I am constantly amazed by the delight I feel when we are together. We have such a magical connection. I feel like I have known you forever, like you have always been part of me. I long to drown in the warm, gentle seas of your love. To be overcome by your fragrant waters and cast adrift on gentle waves of passion. Ah, let them carry me away. Good morning baby.

Or shall we just enter bits of above stuff to a Google search and discover more of the liar?