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admiral.william.h.mcraven22001 (William H.McRaven)









Photo of William Harry McRaven (retired United States Navy admiral)


Skype Name admiral.william.h.mcraven22001

Full name admiral.william.h.mcraven2200

Birth date Nov 6, 1955

Age 59

Gender Male

Language English

Location north carolina, United States

admiral.william.h.mcraven2200: Hello

What a nice profile you have here.Your names show the wisdom of one who knows how to balance her heart with the wisdom of insight. I see a beautiful  person who has learned to express her soul with eloquence and the innocence of a child.I see someone whom I should aspire to become myself,I see someone whom I should aspire to become myself,so how come you are on this chatting skype and i am too, good observation, I am. I am just going through this skype in search of a life time partner and I came accross your profile which seem interesting and I decided to write you to let you know that I am interested in you, only if you accept me we can know each other better

akatsuki0529 (Gen David Chandler)



    Photo of Raymond F. Chandler III (was the 14th Sergeant Major of the US Army)


Skype Name akatsuki0529

Full name Gen David Chandler

Gender Male

Language English

Location New York, US, United States


About me:  I am Gen, David from U.S am a single father , am looking for honest & trusted friend here, I believe in forgiveness as life is too short. My family and friends are most important to me.

I am Gen, David from U.S Army, am a single father, am presently here in Afg. for peace keeping mission for 1 year and 9 months now But am going back home very soon 2015, am just a simple in everyway. Trust God above all and be happy….Happy to be home soon

Gen David Chandler:   Hello how are you doing today….How is the weather over there……?I am looking for good,honest,caring and understanding person and am interest in a relationship on a long term basis with one woman. I am by nature kind, romantic, very affectionate, understanding and very passionate and in intimacy I enjoy giving and receiving affection, and am very open-minded and adventurous as well. I am a well-educated, working professional. I enjoy reading, dancing, walking on the beach, fishing, camping, going to movies, just hanging out, and other fun things. I am very sincere and would enjoy a true romantic and fulfilling relationship. I am also down to earth, honest, not judgmental in any way, and very giving in a relationship as well as in intimacy. neither do i drink. Someone who will be there for me in good times and bad times as well , someone who will give me her attention and show me her affection as well, and someone i could give passionate kisses and make sweet love to..someone who have inner beauty cause inner beauty tells the true and real character of a lady and it’s from the inner side of are you can tell if she is good or bad but it is not all about the physical appearance but the inner feelings which is the true feelings.

YM Avatar ( with


Photo of William B. “Bill” Caldwell, IV (retired Lieutenant General, U S Army)


asmakidar89 (General Anthony Cucolo)


Photo of Anthony “Tony” Cucolo (United States Army Major General)


Skype Name asmakidar89

Full name General anthony cucolo

Birth date Jan 1, 1956

Age 59

Gender Female 

Language English

Location United States

galcsaba7106 (David Viex Luong)

LUONG 1ScreenShot002



Photo of Viet Xuan Luong (Brigadier General in the US    Army)


Skype Name galcsaba7106
Full name David viex luong
Gender Male
Language English
Location United States

Skype Chat:

David viex luong: heloo

how are you?

*** Call from David viex luong. ***

*** Call from David viex luong ***

*** Call from David viex luong ***

David viex luong: hello

are you busy?

INFORMANT: Why are you so annoying?

I’m in my office and busy

what do you want?

who are you?

David viex luong: i am david luong from usa

i like your foto

you are looking cute

and i love to know more about you,please where are you from?

i wonna be your friend

and if you dont mind we can be friends

i am a united state air force LT general

now in syria with my troops of army to fight against ISIL

islamic state fighters

i am a single fighter of two kids

INFORMANT: you look like an Asian man…

David viex luong: yeah

i am from china

but i grow up in america after i lost my parents

and my uncle took me to america

i have been here for 20 years now

*** David viex luong sent luong and his wife ***

*** David viex luong sent luong in office ***


LU and Wife Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

Luong 2 (1) Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

INFORMANT: Yes I can see…

and I’m not interested in your EX…

and …… (text removed)

Frankly I prefer African guys…

David viex luong: hahaha


but what makes a man complete is his ability to take a good care of his wife and family

but i am not bad

do i?

i have a friend call fernando

he is an african

skype name is fernando201643

add my africa friend

but i like you

INFORMANT: He logged out and immediately fernando201643 logged in. It was obviously the same person with two different Skype IDs and fernando201643 is the real Profile of the scammer behind the stolen picture of General Viet Xuan Luong:

fernando201643 (Fernando Johnson)

Phone number: +2348131121480 (Mobile number, Nigeria)F 1





ScreenShot001 Photo used by SCAMMER!


Skype Name fernando201643

Full name fernando johnson

Language English

Location delta sapele, Nigeria

Skype chat:

fernando johnson: a friend recommended you to me

INFORMANT: how old are you?

fernando johnson: i am not a boy

26 years

INFORMANT: However you are a young guy….

fernando johnson: age is just a number

INFORMANT: can you send me your picture? I want to see you The picture on Skype is too small

fernando johnson: yeah

*** fernando johnson sent Johnsonpac.jpg ***

*** fernando johnson sent John face.jpg ***

F 5 Photo used by SCAMMER!

F 4 (1) Photo used by SCAMMER!

fernando johnson: call me here is my mobile number +2348131121480


isjtiba1 (Mark Philip)




 Photo of Dr. Steve G. Jones (clinical hypnotherapist, United States)


Skype Name isjtiba1

Full name Mark Philip

Birth date May 1, 1966

Age 48

Gender Male

Language English

Location brooklyn, United States

Mark Philip:  Am very happy.xxxx

Hello how’s your day and how’s the weather condition over there??

Skype Chat:

Mark Philip:   I’m Capt..Mark Philip, i am from brooklyn New York United State Military Navy Commander presently now am seashore assigned by the United Nation to Syria War now, For Peace Keeping Mission.I was here to save the life of people

I am actually new here to skype just searching for a nice and honest friend to share better ideas together and for a greater future When I came across your name on my networking desktop , So that is why I added you to know if we can be friends, I hope there’s no Problem about that?

However, I want ask you, have you came across chat communication or encounter chat with any USA Army and captain via skype here before?

So how long have you been using skype for communication with friends and family?

Wow, I heard that Your country is such a beautiful and large Place with different culture and creativity,the people over there are so nice,honest,kind and truthful,and also good in business productivity. I’m i right?

My dear, you are so nice,honest,smart, with brave heart of understanding.If i may ask, how old are you?

I am 49

I am a straight forward person, honest,and I don’t like lies as it piss me off… I am widower I have one Son.

My son is 13 years old

My wife died in heart attack last 3 years June 15th 2012

Dear,I feel so sad when ever I think about my past life event.But however,I am looking forward to a better life in future if God will give me another true heart desire that we can both love and cherish each other forever.

I am looking for a serious term relationship and nice friend who is honest, caring,loyal truthful and fun to be with,I need her to be from any part of the world,someone who is caring and sweet and who love me for who I am and now for what I have and she will love my son as her own child and we all will be happy together for a top build big family together.

dear so do you have yahoo messenger.?

Can you give me your yahoo id

My yahoo

lani.alferez (Ken Johnson)



Skype Name lani.alferez

Full name ken johnson

Birth date March 9, 1967

Age 47

Language English

Location Meguro City, United States

ken johnson:  Hi Dear,

I am ken Johnson , I was searching through Skype when i saw your profile and i find it interesting to know you more. I am sorry for stumping into you uninvited,

Tell me, how are you doing and hope we can get to know each other more better.


mimi4.15 (James Avis/James A Vaughan)



 Photo of Stuart James (US Air Force)

 This is an extremely popular picture set, one of the most used


Skype Name mimi4.15

Full name James Avis/James A Vaughan

Birth date Apr 30, 1964

Age 50

Gender Male

Language English

Location California, United States

About me I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me Phil.4:13

mukaide313 (Sherifat Hammed) (Ghana)

Skype SCR 1

Skype SCR 2

FB 2Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!


Skype Name mukaide313
Full name sherifat hammed
Birth date Apr 27 1980
Age 34
Gender Female
Language English
Location 鉾田市, United Kingdom
About me No amount of money can buy me..

Skype Chat:

sherifat hammed: am serifat
am from united kingdom
i want us to be friends
sis where are you from
am happy to hear that from you sis
am happy to meet you sis
am serifat hammed, am from united kingdom
am am working as financial consultant in uk.
my mum from malaysia
am single sis
am divorce
I have 1 kid
son sis
is 12 year old
i will like us to know each other better
nice meeting you sis
my speaker is bad..
my mic is not good.

INFORMANT: can I see you?

sherifat hammed: yes
but i don’t have cam.

INFORMANT: what is the strange moments: NO cam, NO mic….

sherifat hammed: the problem sis my mic is not good..

INFORMANT: what is your plan for the weekend?

sherifat hammed: sis i don’t have any plan..
i will be in the house.
i don’t go out..
because i don’t want any problem with.. man
you sound good and honest to me..
am muslim and i did not lie
because is Haram..
a sin
sis i will like to hear you voice on my cell phone..

INFORMANT: Ok, give me your number and I will call you

sherifat hammed: ok
+44234750453 or you can call +233231420704
ADMIN: +44234750453 doesn’t exist

+233231420704: Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Ghana
Original network provider* Glo Ghana

sherifat hammed: am sherifat
what will i call you when you call me..

INFORMANT: +233231420704 where it is?

sherifat hammed: my local number line

INFORMANT: what is the country?

sherifat hammed: ACcra Ghana number..

are you in Ghana?

sherifat hammed: i normally travel to Ghana for official assignment
or am not in ghana now..

INFORMANT: what is your job?

sherifat hammed: i told you that am working as financial consultant i uk..

INFORMANT: yes, I rememer, that you are in UK… that’s why I was wondering, that you gave me a Ghanaian phone number…

sherifat hammed: i told you sis that am in uk
but i normally travel to ghana for official assignment..
did you know Ghana.

INFORMANT: No… I haven’t been there

sherifat hammed: most white people travel there ..

INFORMANT: really…. just to Africa….?

sherifat hammed: yes sis
you can google it

INFORMANT: I know that Ghana is in Africa, but have never heard that white people prefer to travel to Ghana or other African countries…

sherifat hammed: most white people from different country
i can not lie to you
is west African country..

INFORMANT: Dear, what they are doing in AFRICA – I mean white people tending to visit Africa..?

sherifat hammed: business..
some have company there..
sis if i have good money i mean capital..
when i travel to west african country i see many white from uk..

INFORMANT: so you run some business in Ghana…?

sherifat hammed: no sis , i don’t have..
but am planning to have business there..
because i was convince when i saw many white people diffrent contrys
establishing business …
so you don’t believed what am telling you sis..
i read newspaper that BARRACK OBAMA
the United State President visis west african..

INFORMANT: What is the strange hieroglyphs in your Location on your Skype?
I mean this: 鉾田市, United Kingdom
鉾田市 – means WHAT?

sherifat hammed: japanise word

INFORMANT: and what does it mean?

( “She”/He” had been keeping silence for a long time and probably Googled the word in Japanese…)

sherifat hammed: Hokata…

INFORMANT: why this?

sherifat hammed:i just like japan word..

INFORMANT: what is the connection between you and that Hokata?

sherifat hammed: i want to learn it
i just write it there..

INFORMANT: you are are an interesting girl….
Ghana, UK, Japan…
… and MUSLIM…

sherifat hammed: is nothing

INFORMANT: OK. Dear, your dress is so beautiful on the picture
but the pic is too small, can you send me the picture. I would like to see your dress more detailed

sherifat hammed: sis this is my facebook id serifat Hammed
you can see many of me there..

INFORMANT: Thank you. I will find you on FB Serifat Hammed


Stolen Photo used by Scammer!


Works at Financial Careers

Lives in London, United Kingdom

From Kent, Kent, United Kingdom

nonta624 (Gen Bernard Champoux)



Photo of General Bernard Champoux (United States Army)



Skype Name nonta624

Full name Gen Bernard Champoux

Birth date Feb 15, 1966

Age 49 and a bit more

Gender Male

Language English

Location Washington dc, zoom16, United States

About me

Life is good when you have someone who care about you…

Bernard Champoux:

Hi how are you doing..can you will can for a while ..??

Skype Chat:

Gen Bernard Champoux:  Am general bernard champoux fromUnited State

i thnk meeting you here is very nice

Am new here on Skype

What is your name and where are you from ….??

Am 50 years old

am searching for honest partner i mean my soul mate

Am single father with one lovely daughter Vanessa

A friend of my told me i can found someone here that why am here on Skype

I’ll tell you more about the type of person I honest, direct, caring, intelligent,giving, adventurous, and considerate. I enjoy Life, sharing affection and I’m very passionate.

My daughter she 14 years old but he birthday is coming up very soon she will 15 years

oguni01000 (Jerry Wayne Oguni)

Oguni 2 (1)Oguni 2 (2)



Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

Photo of Tony Anthony Nunes (1973 – 2011)


Skype Name oguni01000

Full name Jerry Wayne Oguni

Birth date Jan 6, 1962

Age 53

Gender Male

Language English

Location England, United Kingdom

ADMIN: For full version see our Google Blog:

Jerry Wayne Oguni (Skype scammer)

steve.raymond53 (M-Raymond)

M-Raymond 1








M-Raymond 2


M-Raymond PIC Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!


Skype Name steve.raymond53

Full name M-Raymond

Birth date Apr 24, 1961

Age 53

Gender Male

Language English

Location england, Gosport, United Kingdom

About me:

i am Mark from scotland, live in Gosport.

im so happy i have a life!

yuakiki7 (Steven Morgan)

Steve (1)




Steve (2)


Steve Stolen Photo used by SCAMMER!

Photo of Royal Navy Leading Seaman (LS) Stephen Murphy (UK)


Skype Name yuakiki7

Full name Steven Morgan

Birth date Nov 24, 1964

Age 50

Gender Male

Language English

Location texas, United States