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camp.hunton50020 (Camp Hunton/Camp Hunton Oliver)

(Account N 1)

live:campoliver100 (Camp Oliver)

(Account N 2)



Skype: camp.hunton50020

(Camp Hunton/Camp Hunton Oliver)

Account N 1




The Scammer used photos of German musician Uwe Hubertus.

This is an extremely popular picture set, one of the most used. Scammers also have a stolen webcam footage of this man available. If they show “themselves” on cam, beware: this is a fake stolen webcam recording. His pictures are also used in the military scams – scammers photoshop the head of this man on the body of a military general. The images of this man in a uniform are fake, the real person is not in the military.



Skype Name camp.hunton50020

Full name camp hunton

Birth date October 10, 1964

Age 52

Gender Male

Language English

Location Los Angeles, Califonia, United States

About me: Honsty and sincerity


Skype Chat (with camp.hunton50020):

camp hunton:


How are you doing?

pleasure meeting with you today hope we might chat awhile just to know more  about each other?

i’m very glad and honor meeting you here, and i will use this opportunity to introduce myself to you, i’m Camp Hunton from Los Angeles,  Califonia United State and you?

can we know more about ourselves now?

What is your profession?

Accaully I wanted to add a friend of mine so I stumbled on your profile photo and you look good and very pretty, I’m sorry I don’t mean to upset you please, if you don’t mind can we be friends?

Once again, it’s really my pleasure to meet you. Are you married with kids?

I’m a single father of a lovely son, l lost my wife and my lovely daughter 5 years ago in a gasly motor accident when my son was 9years old, since then l have being going through emotional pain.

i work as an American sailor, in United Nation Cargo Shipping Agency, and i’m also a business man, i deal with supplies of chemical to companies and factories in all kind of chemical all over the world.

in the middle of SEA in indian ocean now for my 4month contract work, i have been here for 3month, my contract we be ending by next month and i can’t wait to see my lovely son, i really miss him

So, what is your prfession?

my son is in North Carolina, he is in boarding school over there in USA, because of the nature of my job, and he have a school mum that always look after him over there in school

What is your profession?

Are you married with kids?

before you go, can i add you on my personal skype? this is my company skype and it’s not safe here due to security reasons

i would love to add you there.

For this is my company skype and it ought to confidential and for business partners only

i am really suprise and disappointed about my profile so i am trying to update it ok, very sorry

I have to add you there because, my company can suspend this one anytime and i may not be able to reach you so that my private skype is better and you will like it when next we chat ther ok.

My private Skype live:campoliver100

am sorry for the stress ok  is my email ok we can also chat on goggle hangout, what doo you think about that


Skype: live:campoliver100

Camp Oliver

Account N 2



*** live:campoliver100 would like to add you on Skype***


Skype Chat (with live:campoliver100):


Hello, i ve added you ok. sorry for the stress

Thanks for  your patience ok

sorry, i have to update my profile ok

I am even trying to upload another photo on my profile but the computer just too slow and i don’t like this

This skype is my personal skype and not for others, all my colleague have their company and private skype

I can see my photo in my profile, i am suprise for no one has ever said so. i am really worried about this

My dear, profile picture cannot make you change your mind towards me, it’s a matter of understanding that is all

Ok, i just believe i have said the truth, can we chat on goggle hangout or facebook?

My dear, this very skype was created by my retired colleague when i am here in the sea, i gave him my mail to create it, as it is now, i always log in from browser and not like other skype

Or can you create a better and more understanding skype for me so i send you the details, this one is very confusing and complicated please

I will appreciate the skype. what do you think?

have only one month left in the sea here so, i can do things right when i am out of here

Please and understand me my friend

Ok, i will send you my fb id so you add me ok. Are you ok now

Camp hunton Oliver is my Facebook id. however, it has been long i created and operated it because of time ok and i have not up-load my photo there too but this one has no problem ok.

My profile photo is just an engagement ring ok

Try and understand my plight please.

My dear, my job is taking much of my time here that i do not always have time in the internet, if you check very well you will see that it’s not quite long i created that fb and that was i uploaded that ring on my profile. i have no time for myself here not until i retire by next month and i will appreciate if you would bear all this mistake and be my friend for God knows the best in us

I am an honest and sincere american, and i really do not need to lie to anyone. of what good it is to me if i tell you lies. will i be paid for telling lies to an honest friend of your magnitude

I will have to do those things with time and you ought to understand me please, knowing someone begins from just a day

i am always busy with my job in the ship here and i quite understand your reason for getting angry and you are quite right to be

Ok, but i just hope things like this can be easily understood and settled with our maturity and you can even help me in sorting out things if you really believe my sincerity

Please, i am still here, but presence is needed in the engine room to service one of our engine valve and checking of the chimney. i will be right back please.




Message on a mail box:

From: Camp Oliver


Date: XX November 2016

Subject: Hello dear


Hi (name removed), i want to thank you for your responds during our last communication, even if conclusion was not arived at but at least i am greteful after all and i hope we will never regret knowing ourselves. A true friend encourages us, comforts us, supports us like a big easy chair, offering us a safe refuge from the world  A friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad.    

The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away and they are those who came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, no matter how contagious you are to them. once again, you are welcome and hope to talk with you again for a long time, i have not been satisfied with anyone’s chat like yours. take care of yourselve and see you later. you can reply to make me to know you saw my message. Bye


Camp Oliver




Camp Hunton Oliver




Ship Engines Operating Engineer at United Nation cargo shipping agency

Lives in Indore, India


From Los Angeles, California


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