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Adam K. Sternberg
 Lagos, Nigeria
ADMIN:  Running  a site like this gives us a responsibility to our clients.  We have a Duty of Care  towards you.  One of our ladies posted information here so we redacted  what we felt was not needed.  She told us the scammer had threatened her and asked for $2500 or he would put  porn photos of her on the Internet. She said the actual pictures were not really her.  Reality is that these pathetic criminals can do nothing.  DO NOT RESPOND.  BLOCK AND LEAVE WITH  NO TRACE.    We know you may be upset and worried but what we tell you is the only way forward.  You see all the scammer wants is money, and his only reason for what he does is to get it off you.   As long as he thinks he can get it he will keep trying.  By your vanishing, and not responding, he will soon know he gets nothing and therefore any efforts and time he spends on you is wasted.  SCREENSHOT009INFORMANT: Adam K. Sternberg., is a scammer, it’s emotional blackmail, sent me many messages of love, and to put a timeline on my Facebook and on him and then asked for money. He asked me several times money, and I of course refused, and finally $ 7,000, arranged false immigration documents with my name, and finally was threatening me to send the money by  Western Union on behalf of his secretary Jennifer …. I searched on Google through photographs he sent me, and found that he is the same person facebook: REAL PERSON’S PROFILE IS REDACTED BY ADMIN.
Asking for your cooperation in this matter, and expose the criminal.

Adam K. Sternberg

Construction/Landscaper at Tuner Construction

Lives in New York, New York


I write this for my love XXXXXXX
Tomorrow’s hopes and dreams will never die as long as you believe in yourself and follow your heart. The kindnesses in your heart will guide you to accomplish many things in life and overcome all challenges and all obstacles. Never give up, always have faith in yourself, and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you rightly deserve.Whatever you may do in the future, never let anyone stand in the way of you pursuing your dreams. Know that you will always have family and friends to rely on whenever you need them. No matter what you may decide to do in life, I will be right there to help, support, and love you. I wish you only the best as you continue chasing your dreams. i love you and will always do my love.
Love always,
Good morning How was your night my love.. hope you had a great night .. i really missed you last night i must say sweetie… Baby am still unable to reach you on Facebook …am not happy about that honey i must say. But it okay honey ..XXXX my love is for you and will still forever be my love and my love for you dont Change and will never change honey Cos XXXX my love Never did I imagine that I would ever meet sweet and loving woman like you, especially in the form of a chat friend. Now I am leading my life with you as your man which I could never thought of this very time last month…God has got his own reasons for us to meet and come this far. But I hope our love will flourish beyond what it is right now. Distance maybe just be a part of the reason why sometimes we think we can’t handle this whole relationship, but I am sure our love for each other is way far stronger than any oceans can come across.I am writing you this letter to tell you that my love for you is so real that I can’t find any words to describe my feelings for you. At the same time I would like to thank you for all your patience while our relationship had to go through high waves and hard rocks. My love for you has grown so strong that I can never imagine a life without you now.I will always be yours no matter what the world turns out to be. My heart will always yearning for your love and care forever. XXXXX love you so much and am missing you here more than you can ever think about baby. Honey i want you to know this, Ever since that special day i started talking to you, we have both grown in such a special way. And although I don’t say it as often I want, I do want to say it now or else time will just pass me by again and I’ll only keep wondering when. I want to say, “I love you, I need you, and I want you.” Thank you for all the beautiful e-mails plus messages you’ve sent me, all the wonderful time you have devoted to talk to me and all the sweet words that just seem to be said at the right time and the right place.
XXXXXXX one thing about you that i cant just find in any other type person is that you have the key to my heart and one day, when we meet, we will never, ever be apart any more…To finally kiss your tender warm lips, to feel your gentle hands, to look into those soft eyes and know you are the one I’ve been waiting for! I Love you so much my baby and i will be waiting to read from you when you up cus i guess you should be sleeping by now…Also my plan is coming to see you from here and that was why i will ask for the nearest airport to you darling…well take the best care of yourself for me and i will talk more to you later
Missing you,
Much loves from me to you.
Happy Sunday!!!
Adam Sternberg


Stolen photos of businessman Eric Caprarese

ADMIN:  We searched  Google with bits of the scammer message and found many scam reports.  We also got some profile hits