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419 Scam
Romance Scam









61, Man, Single
Waterford, Ireland
Looks for:
Single Woman
50 – 87 years
Long-term dating, Friendship
My self-introduction
My name is Alex Dariuz, i’m from Lublin Poland, but lived in Aberdeen. I’m a civil Engineer, and general contractor and also a freelancer. I’m single dad. the most important thing to me its my grandchild.
What I am doing with my life
I’m currently working and making plans for my retirement.
Things I like about myself
I’m self determined and hate to quit while i can still give it a try. i hardly get upset because i believed in laughter as one of the healthiest therapy prolong lifespan . i’m open to learn and always welcome new ideals from others. and most importantly, every lives matter to me regardless of your race, religion, ethnicity, financial statue, or your health situation. i am very hopeful that together we all can change the world and make it a better place
My favourite outdoor activities are
Beach, and outdoor coffee. dancing though i have a very poor dancing step. #lol and making new friends
My favourite indoor activities are
cooking, spending time with my family, sketching. also to eat, eat and eat
These topics are interesting for me
Religion belief, Politics, Technologies, Architect, Business, Music Romance and Kids and pets
I might look for you if
you’re a good person with a clean heart, not drug/alcohol addicted . outspoken person, love to cook, gentle soul who is loving and accommodating. to be honest i don’t hang around lazy people who discriminate. and someone who is willing to move on in life in-spite of the troubles of life. and someone who know the values of families and friends.


Wonder.Dating. INBOX:


hi beautiful (name removed), do you care for Lunch on me please? i’d like to know you better
hello, good morning beautiful (name removed), if i ha wings i’d surely fly down just to have the chance of sharing some moment with an angel like you. nevertheless, where are you from and are you single, i am from Waterford Ireland and i am a single dad. i’d like to know you more please
hello beautiful i had been expecting a word from you
hello (name removed), thanks i just wrote you via Hangout, and i hope you you get it
my name is Alex Dariuz
got you (name removed), but i have my reasons for taken down my pictures. but nevertheless, have you seen my message on Hangout. be rest assured that i ain’t gonna be faceless like you said. I’ve got a face even though ain’t pretty, but its full of love
if only you can come right one hangout now, i believed we can have a better understanding of ourselves. i am only here for one reason.
why don’t we chat on a video call. i thinks its better than just photos. i want us to have a video chat. i’ll like to communicate with you over the camera . what do you think?


Google Hangout (alexservive321@gmail.com):

Alex Dariuz:

its Alex from wonder dating site
you got me
so you remembered whom you chatting with now?
can we have a video chat, if you don’t mind?
can we chat on video now
lets make a video call, so then you can see my face
that site is full of fake profile as ai noticed


Fake scammer Profiles with the same name:



1. Alex Darius




Independent contractor at Marathon Petroleum Company
Based in Gdansk, Poland
Independent contractor at Marathon Oil and Gas
From Ploiesti, Romania


2. Alex Darius



Independent contractor at Marathon Oil
Based in Gdansk, Poland
From Ploiesti, Romania


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