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Gordon Richard






ASN:   37136
ISP:          Etisalat Benin
Organization: Etisalat Benin
Type:         Broadband
Assignment:   Static IP
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Benin
State/Region: Littoral
City:         Cotonou
Proxy         No
Browser       Chrome 64.0
System        Windows 7
Mobile        No
Language      English (United States)


ASN:          37136
ISP:          Etisalat Benin
Organization: Etisalat Benin
Type:         Broadband
Assignment:   Static IP
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Benin
State/Region: Plateau Department
City:         Ketou
Proxy         No
Browser       Chrome 64.0
System        Windows 7
Mobile        No
Language      English (United States)

The scammer has used:

e-mail addresses:



Paul Owen Matteo
Bob Owen
Bobby G Owen
Christian Owen
George Owen
Gilbert Owen
Jack Paul Owen
James Owen
Owen CaterWood
Preston Owen
Scott Owen
Steven Owen
Williams Owen




Photo of retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael S. Linnington



Age: 52
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Zidiac: Aquarius
I am looking for: Woman.
Purpose of acquaintance: Marriage
Marital status: Divorced
Orientation: Straight
How many kids: 1
Want more kids: Yes
Live in: Own apartment
Relocate?: Yes
Religion: Christian
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Languages: English, French, Spanis
I love movies, reading books, listening to music, see God’s tears when it rains, dancing to the beat, cooking. But I can just as comfortable as at home curled up with a good book in front of the fireplace with you by my side. I’m looking for genuine and meaningful intimate relationships; there is love, passion and romance.
I am loving, honest and caring man with a good sense of humor. I enjoy meeting new people and their way of life. I enjoy that new parts of the world, the calm of the sea, the beauty of the mountains and everything that life has to offer


RBrides.com. INBOX: 

Hello (name removed), ,,,,,, ,, my name is Gordon I’m new here, I must admit I was attracted, according to your profile, and I ask for a chance to be your friend, if you so desire, I will be grateful, if you send me your email address or contact me by my email (gordonsrichard@hotmail.com), so that I can send you my photos, as well as tell you more about my self. Gordon


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Gordon Richard gordonsrichard@hotmail.com
Date: XX March 2018
Subject: Warm greetings

Hello my dear ! How are you doing, first of all, I apologize for writing you a bit late. It is because of my busy schedule in the camp. I thank you again for your interest in honor of my request. I really appreciate the fact  that you do not turn me down when I first sent a request on the dating site. There is no doubt in my mind that we take all necessary steps to strengthen a true friendship. I must warn you that I’m looking for a serious relationship and I hope I can find one through friendship with you.

Little about me… I am Gordon Richard, I am 52 years old, Divorced, from Pennsylvania. I had my high school and University Education in my Country and after my studies, I join the American  Army.  And in June  2010, i was post to work under UN Peace Keeping Mission here in South Sudan.  I am very quiet person and down to earth. I don’t drink or smoke not into the bar scene. I am a Christian,, I am the only child, my mom and dad died when I was young, so I do not know any of my  relatives, I grew up as orphan and since I am one. I have a daughter who is 16 years old and she is studying foreign languages In a boarding school in United State Hawaii Honolulu, because her mother was from Hawaii Honolulu, so she prefer to study in Hawaii Honolulu. Typically, She is a smile on my face, and I’ve been blessed.

I have a share of setbacks in life. But despite all that I never stop, being thankful to God for my life and experiences I was exposed to. My marriage to my previous wife  lasted 10 years, we didn’t date that long, i really didn’t know all i should have known about her. I divorced her due to betrayal and leaving me for another man she met at work. she refused to come back home, or go to therapy, so i had no choice but to file for divorce, and it was so hard for a teenager girl without her mom by her side which she needs time, attention and love, Right now I am tired of been lonely and Emily wants a mom you know a young girl of her age would definitely need someone to chat with  and other things running through her mind, lets say I need a happy family life again because I love and cherish family life so much. and I also love going to concerts, theater and classical music.

You know in the military base here in South Sudan . A lot of issues have been dis communicated from us here in South Sudan . l have only Walking Talking and that is only for Military Service and Communication. No Telephone to call out from here because of the nature of the Country and the War of Terrorism. We can not even send out presence from this God forsaken Country. We have Military laws that prohibits us from reaching out to our loved ones. We are being Monitored. l can not call out with the Walking Talking because it is Programmed for Military use only. Other wise, l prefer calling you every now and then to talk with you. Hear your sweet voice and kiss you on Phone but all these necessities are out of bound here. l can only  communicate you through e-mail for now. If you think that we will make a good match please try to delete your profile from the dating site because I don’t want to loose you  *(!), I don’t want any other man to steal you from me! I will not be comfortable if you remain on the dating site, I will delete my profile from the site also if you do!!!

I attached my pictures please i urge you to send me yours too, I ask you to tell me more about yourself, your work your interest and intentions.? I look forward to see how far we can go in this context. I wish you success in everything you do.

Warm greetings



Message N 2:

From: Gordon Richard gordonsrichard@hotmail.com
To: XXXX     
Date: XX March 2018
Subject: Good day my dear (name removed)

Good day my dear (name removed),

I hope you are having a pleasant day,? i am having  a good one and mostly happy to found your message waiting for me and am glad that we have made a good step in getting to know ourselves more and i thank you for the detail message you wrote about yourself , i appreciate it so much , Yes of course, i will be glad if you send to me your pictures for me to see. and is my desire, to meet you and for us to share a better life together and to enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer.

I am glad to hear from you,I must confess we have the same intentions of finding the right person for life partner, However, I want you to know, I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its’ issues. I wouldn’t like to commence much but rather, everyone has an objective of joining dating site. I don’t request for anything, rather than loving and happy committed relationship with you.  I always thank God for granting me a daughter whom I’ve love the rest of my life.  I’m not a fighter and I don’t argue, life’s too short but I do value friendship and intimacy. Respect is one of the most important requisites in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment.. I believe either of us had in mind of meeting someone special online but it has just come to pass with our personality description towards learning few things about each other. There are few qualities which talks about genuine woman in relationship, such as faithfulness, loyalty, trustworthy, Honesty, respectful, etc. I guess having those qualities in relationship can really help a lot. I am not looking to fill a void in my life; I am looking for my soul mate. I consider myself a very easy going person.

Please do not let the Language difference be a barrier between us, for me, life is a gradual process and I think by the time we both will get to understand ourselves better, and make all the changes we need, everything will be OK. And I will be glad if you give me a small opportunity to show you , love and care. I would love to share a life full of love, care and respect with you, so we could confide in each other in order to exchange ideas about life together to see what the future may offer to us. I so much believe that with determination and confidence, we can have the best of the future and a wonderful home. A man’s happiness will only complete when he has a good woman at his side, because there is a saying “behind every successful man, or great man there is always a woman at his side”

However,  I will like to know, this, (1) What is important to you in a relationship?  (2) what you do for fun and also your favorite vacation spot? (3) What does religion mean to you? Do you believe in God?

l got into search for a (location removed) Model and l Found  you as One. We have a lot of Restrictions and Prohibitions here according to Peace Keeping Force Rules and Regulations laws. l have access to My Mail Box once or twice a week do to the War Situation here in South Sudan.But because of you l will make up more time to be in the Base. l like you OK. If you think that we will make a good match please try to delete your profile from the dating site because I don’t want to loose you , I don’t want any other man to steal you from me! *(!) I will not be comfortable if you remain on the dating site, I will delete my profile from the site also if you do!!!

I wish you have a wonderful day and hope to hearing from you again soon.

Kiss from




*(!)please try to delete your profile from the dating site because I don’t want to loose you
Scammers wish to isolate you and remove you from site safety and get down to the business of removing your money with no interruption.  Never do this. You can be sure they are not leaving the site either.  They can just hide a profile or block you so it is not visible to you and use another one.


Message N 3:

From: Gordon Richard gordonsrichard@hotmail.com
Date: XX March 2018 
Subject: My pictures

Hello my dear (name removed),

I hope you enjoyed your day? Thank you very much for the great message that you sent me. I think it’s really love. I am happy and honored, you know, and I want you to know that our meeting through this medium is not by accident, but that Almighty God has brought us together, to bring to an end the loneliness that made our lives uncomfortable, and with the gap in our lives filled. It is my dream to spend my retirement life in your country, and I’ll be the happiest man if I could spend that rest of my life with you and you alone. I was as happy as a child whose mother came back from a long distance trip when I saw your response to my mail.

I love animals too, because they are good companions. I want you to know that I’m still on duty in South Sudan, but I’m on my retirement to start a new life and future with a wife and partner. And today i want to tell you the my search for a women to be with have ended now that i have meet you!!!

Though I’ve been through a lot of pain and sacrifices in loving again because of the demise of my wife, it does seem safe and pleasant to fall in love once again with a lady as elegant and graceful as you. I therefore intend to love you as much as I ought. I know it’s difficult for you to understand, but whatever the outcome of our relationship is, I will love you forever. I never knew there would be a better tomorrow, but you’ve come into my life and taken away all my sorrow. The military offered me the life that befitted my situation as years go by, my dedication to duty and less responsibility to love and relationship but it now looks like my days of sadness are a thing of the past, because I have found true love at last. My days of emptiness are gone for good, because you fill a vacuum in my heart as you should.

You’ve opened a window of joy and gladness especially now that I am about to disengage from active military service, you’ve shown me the light. My love for you will continue to burn bright. You have by your acceptance given me something new. You have given me wonderful feeling to share love and affection with you not minding the distance, political environment, sociology/ cultural and language differences.

Note that we are under monitor here and all our movement are purely in security to avoid Taliban get access to penetrate into our security database, we are not permitted to use webcam here or make use of cell phone, remember that we are in conflict zone, we are not permitted to move out of the camp without proper permission.

Please Dear (name removed), I want you to tell me more about your life and family. Tell me about your work and future expectation. What you intend to do when we finally come together as man and wife. I need to know sweet love so that we can be of assistance and give the desired support to each other.I love you and send you kiss. Thank you also for the beautiful email that you sent me. You are a very pretty woman and I am happy to come in contact with you. I love your eyes, your smile, your hair, your body. I’m really crazy about you.

It’s quite enough for you to process So far, this seems to be going well, and I really enjoying reading through your letter my dear, I want to know what you think about me, If you think that we will make a good match please let me know so that I will know that my search is over! If you think that we will make a good match please try to delete your profile from the dating site because I don’t want to loose you , I don’t want any other man to steal you from me! I will not be comfortable if you remain on the dating site, I will delete my profile from the site also if you do.

Please don’t be offended, I’m not commanding you, I’m suggesting it to hear from you about the suggestion.

I may not reply to your massage as soon as you expect because I’m a very busy person because of the nature of my job here in South Sudan!!!

Your passion around me makes me feel comfortable and want to  know you more, recently I desire to be your best friend or even more than a friend so that i can cook, laugh and talk about the future……… I want you to send your pictures to me in your next massage.

I want you to know that language will never be a barrier to our communication!!!!

I want to meet a loyal, caring and warm-hearted woman.a woman that will love me with no restraints/barriers that can make me give myself to her completely.

I wish you a wonderful Day of sweet dreams. Hope to hear from you soon.

I kiss you and more Kisses to you

I await for your message Soon

Have a nice day for God is with you always and for me.

Yours Forever Loving



Photo of retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael S. Linnington


Message N 4:

From: Gordon Richard gordonsrichard@hotmail.com
Date: XX March 2018 
Subject: Lots of love

Hello Dear (name removed),

How are you doing? hope you are doing great? I miss you and i keep thinking of you…here goes mine..  Question & Answer

Here is the first question,What are your greatest strengths & weaknesses..?

        My greatest strengths are my ability to relate to others and my down to earth friendliness. I also possess a resilient nature in that I easily forgive and overlook others’ downfalls and bounce back quickly from hurt, betrayal, or misfortune.

My greatest weakness is that I can be a perfectionist — especially when it comes to cleaning or orderliness. I am always straightening crooked pictures or organizing cupboards and things of that nature. I also am very trusting, which often leads to me being hurt or betrayed by others; but it is a trait that is rare and one that I refuse to do away with.

Here is the 2nd question,Describe your personality..?

      My personality can be best summed up by saying this: I am a gentle, kind, compassionate, romantic, well educated, sometimes opinionated but not in a necessarily negative way. I am trusting, honest and faithful. I love children and love to listen and to tell stories and have a strong drive for adventure even in the smallest things in life.

Here is the 3rd question,What is your ideal romantic getaway..?

      My ideal romantic getaway would be a weekend somewhere family oriented. Perhaps a weekend down in hershey or gettysburg or philadelphia or NYC. We could spend the days sightseeing and spend the evenings with a romantic dinner followed by a private evening with some bubbly and some cuddling and then see where we can go from there.But am here to far from you,I will like to come to you over there and have romantic dinner with you.

Here is the 4th question,What are your main goals in life?

      After  failed in marriages, My main goal is to finally find that woman that will accept me for me and to spend the rest of my life with her. I believe that there isnt really any one person for everyone, but that any two people could be right for each other, but you can’t give up when storms of life come. Both parties of a marriage need to work on things and tend to the marriage and never give up. Bad days will come, but the good days make the marriage all worth it.

Here Is the 5th question,What do you look for in the woman you hope to marry..?

      As for whom I will marry. but I am seeking a woman who is Romantic, and accepting. Faithful, honest, adventurous or atleast willing to be adventurous both in public and private life.S he ought to be someone who is driven to making a marriage work and who does not give up when things get tough.An i think you are the lady.

Here is the 6th question,What are your definitions of love and of marriage?

        Love: Love is a distinct mutual compatibility between two consenting individuals; the compatibility being physical, mentally, and emotionally. It means that the two people would do anything and everything for one another and that they hold their partner’s best interests at a higher priority than their own, in a healthy way to themselves and the other of course.

Marriage: Marriage is a sacred covenant entered into by two consenting adults. It means that the two half’s have agreed to become one; and that they agree to travel down life’s road together and to weather the storms of life no matter what. They will love and cherish and honour one another as they would their own bodies. And that they will remain faithful to their partner no matter what happens.

Here is the 7th question,How do you like to spend your free time?

      I enjoy spending much of my free time taking walks, writing, telling stories, and spending time with those who matter most to me.

Here is the 8th question,If you were a superhero, what super power(s) would you most like to posses?

      Ok. I know she isn’t a superhero, but I would probably want to be Santa Class. lol. Because I love children and I love giving. Plus toys are really cool.lol Sometimes, I can be a kid at heart. I really like christmas too and pretty christmas trees and christmas songs. And I love Cookies and milk. lol.

Here is the 9th questions,Who would you say has had the greatest influence in your life?

      The person who has had the greatest influence in my life would probably have to be Jesus. His life and testimony is the very epitome of unconditional love. So in order to know how to be a good mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, or just a friend; one needs to only look at the life and words of Jesus…I hope you love my answers..? love to hear from you soon.


Lots of love




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