Dying Widow Scam

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If you are religious then you are a great, honest, and truthful person. Right ?

Not so for these  scum on the face of the earth with their pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.  It has nothing to do with God or any form of charity and good feelings to orphans and so on.  You are not going to be given large sums of money to spread around the world at your whim.  Have you not thought about how these people who are always on their last gasp and facing imminent death and  the grim reaper- and they are as sure as hell going to hell- manage to get on line?  Somehow they always seem to have you  in their mail box when you don’t know who the hell they are.  It’s always the same with them.  On their death bed, about to breathe their last gasp, pop their clogs, and all of a sudden comes a revelation from God that they have a few million bucks to dispose of, and you are the lucky recipient.  Now if you are going to believe that you will aso believe the barristers who need fees paying, the diplomats  who will deliver the cash and the rest who need  a contribution of money  to enable you to get it.


There is no money and prayers will not make it arrive.  You need to get the hell out of it.

Mrs Ross Dorothea
Dying widow scammer
Phishing and 419 scammer
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Peaceinthe lord

52 years old
NewYork, New York
United States

I greet you in the name of the Lord, I am a sick old woman living with long time breast cancer, as I was checking through my online dairy the Lord touch my heart to contact you. I want you to help share my wealth of $2.5m USD to the less privilege,Motherless babies and the needy mothers. If this could be my last wish before the Lord calling,  and all I ask from you is your sincerity and honesty to do this mission with love and fear of God. Please do email me at my private email address so that I can reply you and explain better to you, for you to understand. 
My email address is:



I will be waiting for your email. 
Thanks and God bless.
Mrs. Ross
It also has another message to hook you
There are bible verse to fight every battle in Life, if you are fill with holy spirit. Email me so that I can reply you with bible verse to help you through this time.
my email address is: mrsrossdorothea@yahoo.com

I look forward to your email.
Mrs. Ross

It does lurk around the place.

dead widow

Don’t send it any money and do not respond

Mrs. Aisha Al Mutasim


nice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring ladynice and caring lady


Hello dear,
I am Mrs. Aisha Al Mutasim from England, I am a childless widow. I am married to the late Engr. Sahad Hassan of blessed memory who worked with British embassy in Kuwait for twelve years and retired as an oil merchant, before he died in 2006. After the death of my husband, I decided not to re-marry or get a child outside my matrimonial home.
I fought against this illness 4 years after his death, fibroid problems and hearing impairment from medic reactions. We were married for eight years without children. He died after a short illness. Recently, my medic attendant told me that I would not last long in the next 3 week because of my illness.
I have a deposit of $10.6M Usd in a financial institution which was realized after a contract with an oil firm in Middle-east.I want to invest this fund into charity organization; In short I want to use it to improve humanity. I am taking this decision because I do not have a child who will inherit this money and I can not believe my relatives, because
they were hostile to me, since I have been suffering from this illness.
As soon as I receive your reply I shall inform my lawyer to help you for the release of the fund to you. I want you to exclusively use this fund to help the less privileged and build orphanage homes and to support interlects in your country.
The grace of God encouraged me to take this bold step. Please also assured me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein.
God bless you.