Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing: GRACE BENJAMIN & Rev EMMANUEL ANOTHNY (Senegal)

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Advance Fee Fraud


Grace Benjamin

  Rev Emmanuel Anothny



Phone number: +221 702073489

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination: Senegal
Original network provider* Expresso Sénégal (Sudatel) (CDMA)


ASN:   8346
ISP:     Autonomous System
Organization: SONATEL
Type:  Broadband
Assignment: Static IP
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Senegal
State/Region: Dakar
City:    Dakar
Proxy No
HTTP Referer
Browser       Firefox 55.0
System        Windows 7
Mobile        No
Language      French


ASN:   8346
ISP:   Autonomous System
Organization:  SONATEL Societe Nationale 
               Des Telecommunications D
Type:   Broadband
Assignment:    Static IP         
Continent:     Africa
Country:       Senegal
State/Region:  Dakar
City:          Dakar
Proxy          No
Browser        Chrome 59.0
System         Windows 7
Mobile         No
Language       English (United States)


I received the letter from a person I have ever met..



Actually, the Informant communicated with this scammer on April 2016
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Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing: Grace Benjamin:



The scammer used the images:


Message on a

From: gracebenjamin
Date: August XX, 2017 
Subject: (compensation) from Grace

Hello Dear,
How are you doing today? I’m happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred. I will never forget to say thanks to your concern towards me no matter the will of God did not permit us to join together but I know our relationship will still remains with honest and with hope to see you face to face one day. Dearest, am happy to inform you about my succeeded position under the power of God with my beloved Husband Mr.Ken Pedro from London who stand as i needed and now we are succeeded in a happy position because the transfer has successful pass through in his account in London. So with this happiness i did not forget you as the first person whom i searched and developed my natural likeness but only God knows why he didn’t want us together, but in all I didn’t forget all your past time to me despite to the will of God we later dropped. I will be traveling with him next week to London for my new life etc. So with this happiness i really explained my husband about people who cares for me since i was here suffering and i included your name on the lists,so we have decided to move a part of Amount to compensate you all. And i kept the checks under the care of our Rev.father because since I was there in Senegal he was the one whom i found Honest and i really took him as my father with his advise till my husband arrived. Now i want you to contact Rev father Emmanuel Anthony who is like my father during the time i was in the refugee camp. His contact e-mail address is ( ) ask him to send you the total amount of $300,000 USD which i maintained for compensate you for all your attempts and efforts you made in the past to help me in this matter. I appreciated your commitment in the past a lot. So do not hesitate to get in touch with Rev Emmanuel Anthony and educate him where to send the amount to you. Dearest after you cash this check please try to arrange your self because i will like to invite you face to face in London. I have forward this instruction to Rev father Emmanuel Anthony on your behalf, therefore be in contacts with him so he will deliver the bank draft to you which contain ($300,000 USD). I will be busy soon because of the investments Projects i will be having at hand with my Husband in London. So do not hesitate to contact with him and he will send The amount to you without any delay. ( ).
Good bye.
Best regards,




“Rev Emmanuel Anthony” was sent a bait letter. Here is his reply:


Message N 2:

From: Rev Emmanuel Anothny 
To: (a BAITER)
Date: XX August 2017 

Calvary Greetings to you in the name of our Lord.
I write to inform you that i have receive your mail concerning the cheque which your friend kept for you. The amount is ($300,000.00 US Dollars).
Your cheque is an international Bank Draft which can be cashed in any international bank around you.
Provide me the following requirement because i can’t send it without your information through DHL office or any other delivery company.
Your name—————————-
Surname (last name) —————————–
Your house or office address.———————-
Your Direct telephone
contact where the international post office can contact you there in your Country.


Yours in the Lord
Reverend Emmanuel Anthony
00221 702073489


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Message N 3:

From: Rev Emmanuel Anothny
To: (a BAITER)
Date: XX Aug 2017
Subject: Let the peace of the Lord be with you.

Let the peace of the Lord be with you, she is a lady at the Refuge camp in Senegal here before, she said that she requested your help before to assist her and transfer her late father money into your account, but now she got anew person that assisted her in the transaction, she is happily married to the person, and she decided to Compensate you with the check, that she keep for you, your address needed is to post the check to you through DHL express service, that all, be blessed and have a blessed day in the Lord.


The Data used by the scammer in his previous Scams:


Joy Andrew

Joy Dunga

Victoria Andrews


E-mail addresses:


Phone number: +221-77015-7179

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Senegal
Original network provider* Orange Sénégal S.A. (Sonatel)



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