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We at Scampolice consider this scam to be  particularly disgusting and is using the texts and photos of a REAL CHARITY.  We will publish a live link to the real page and if you have money to spare then please give it to them and not to scammers using the false pages. THIS IS THE REAL SITE

This scammer circulates Facebook pages using a number of profiles, so we are unable to specify anyone in particular.We do know that  these profiles  have many Nigerian friends and other links which prove the origin of the scam. carver1043FAKE SCAMMER PROFILE Scammer profile using photo of German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.


FAKE WEBSITE WITH STOLEN TEXT AND INFORMATION.  The scammer could not even be bothered to remove the  reference to Hopes Heart, perhaps because he is incompetent and lazy, and only wants to steal money.


We are here to empower orphans sponsorship,your donations will make a lot of impacts to save and help lives…we also have healthy kids available for adoption, parents ready come for custody.our foundation gives jobs also to the society.God cares so we care.  FAKE WEBSITE
Please continue to share to help save and reach out good life to our own children. The leaders of tomorrow. We love you God loves you best!contact us for partnership and sponsorship  SCAMMER EMAIL ADDRESS
God bless you as you request for membership and partnership form, and God will bless you and take you of financial struggle.



TEXT STOLEN FROM REAL PAGE OF “Hopes Heart Orphan Foundation”

Gods care  Foundation was founded in December 2004 out of the directors’ desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of children growing up in Chinese orphanages. After becoming aware of the plight of orphans in China and throughout the world, Heather decided to pursue a degree in Social Work. Her desire was to assist in the facilitation of international adoptions, while making a difference in the lives of orphans waiting for their forever families and those who may never be adopted.
This passion to help the orphans quickly spread to her parents, Ken & Judy. For a number of years they had sponsored over a dozen orphans, and contributed to school sponsorships, medical and care giving projects. The family traveled to China in July of 2004 for the purpose of extending love and care to the babies and children in an orphanage. This unique opportunity to spend time ministering to the orphans was truly a life changing experience for them and increased their desire even more to help the children of China.
After returning from China and through prayerful direction,the Williams’ established Hope’s Heart Orphan Foundation to assist in funding projects that enhance the lives of orphans in China.
Gods care foundation yearning is to see miracles transform lack into abundance, sickness into health, tears into smiles, and emptiness into wholeness.  Our vision is of every orphaned child in China:
     ~  Residing in clean, safe physical conditions
     ~  Supplied with nutritious food for optimal growth and health
     ~  Given the medical attention they need for healthy bodies and minds
     ~  Given the tools for mental and physical development as well as an education
     ~  Knowing they are loved and valued by caring, nurturing care givers seeing to their daily needs 
Lucky Roland
Founder & Director
Jose Rodriguez
Assistant Director

STOLEN BLOG TEXT with scammer email address.  By the way they are using the names of legitimate organisations in Congo but only to help  get money.  Money goes into their pocket and nowhere near any real charity


Innate in each one of us is a desire to help others. Hope’s Heart welcomes the opportunity in assisting you in your giving through a variety of donation means. At the same time you will be contributing to the ongoing mission of Gods Care to aiding in the well being of orphans by contributing to programs that help meet their daily needs and enrich their lives.FREQUENTLY ASKED SPONSORSHIP QUESTIONS

How does $600/month make a difference?

The orphans we serve have experienced significant hardships and challenges in their young lives. Our sponsorship programs are currently set up in both D. R. Congo and Thailand where children who cannot provide for themselves do not have the support of the government or other safety nets. Armed conflict, disease, and economic turmoil threaten these children’s safety and future. Orphan sponsorship helps ensure funds are available to care for them.

For about $1500/day your sponsorship is able to provide food, clean water, medical support, and spiritual training.

Some of our sponsorship packages are $3000/month which also include support for education.

We send 100% of the orphan sponsorship program money received directly to the field for maximum impact.

Your support of orphans through orphan sponsorship is literally saving lives.

Why does the additional $1000/month educational support option exist for the Congo For Christ orphans and what does it provide?

The education system in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is not free. Typical Congolese households fund 80-90% of educational costs which means orphans with no ability to support themselves financially, in turn have no option for education.

An additional $1000/month for the Congo For Christ Orphanage sponsorship packages allows for support for an orphan to attend school with the books, supplies, and uniform they need.

The $600/month sponsorship package for the Fizi Church orphans allows for support for an orphan to attend school with the books, supplies, and uniform they need.

The educational sponsorships available for the Fizi Church supported orphans ensures that the orphan can attend school with the books, supplies, and uniform they need.

Because we feel education is such a high priority for these future leaders, we have partnered with Congo For Christ to start Mango Tree School. This school will be an onsite school for the orphans and children in the local community that will provide better educational opportunities than the Congolese public school system. Please take a minute to learn more about the importance of Mango Tree School to the Congo For Christ Orphanage and their community.

We send 100% of the orphan sponsorship program money received directly to the field for maximum impact.

Why does the Samoeng Girls Home in Thailand only have a $600/month sponsorship package option?

Currently the overall care and education of the young women living at Samoeng Girls Home are intricately linked. For adminstrative reasons and ease of monetary distribution the only package we offer at the Samoeng Girls Home is a $600/month option which provides food, clean water, medical support, spiritual training, and edcuation.

We send 100% of the orphan sponsorship program money received directly to the field for maximum impact.

Can I write to my sponsored orphan?

It depends. As a sponsor of a Congo For Christ Orphanage orphan you will be informed of scheduled times during the year when we collect messages to send to orphans. Sending messages at scheduled times allows us to reduce our overhead costs by processing all sponsor messages together. With pre-scheduled writing opportunities we can also take advantage of sending messages with missions teams already headed to Congo For Christ Orphanage to avoid the unreliable Democratic Republic of the Congo mail system. We want to do everything possible to ensure that your messages can be translated and given to your sponsored orphan in a timely manner.

At this time there is no letter writing program established for the Fizi Church orphans or the Samoeng Girls Home orphans in Thailand. We hope to establish a letter writing program for these orphans in the future.

How will I receive information about my sponsored orphan?

After you become a sponsor we will send you a picture of the orphan you support.

We will keep all sponsors informed of news about the orphans and ministries we serve through our monthly newsletters, online blog, and occasional emails.

The Congo For Christ Center Orphanage staff has committed to translate and send messages from orphans to sponsors via Global Outreach Inc once a year. When we receive the letters from Congo For Christ Center Orphanage we will forward them to sponsors.

The staff of Congo For Christ Orphanage also provides information to our Sponsorship Coordinator four times a year to provide sponsors an update on the orphans in their care.

Can I visit my sponsored orphan?

The best way to visit the orphans we serve through a group missions trip.

We are also planning a 2016 trip to Congo For Christ Center in D. R. Congo specifically designed for current sponsors. We hope in the future there will be other trips designed for Global Outreach Inc orphan sponsors.

If you would like to learn more about your church or group forming a missions trip please contact us.

Other Questions?


If you have any other questions please email us at  SCAMMER EMAIL ADDRESS

or visit our contact us page.



Knowing that someone cares enough to help feed and clothe them and to invest in their future is a powerful message of hope.


You are making a huge impact in their lives and they love you!


Location: Fizi Church, D. R. Congo


Sponsorship package available: $1000/month education


Location: Samoeng Girls Home, Thailand


Sponsorship package available: $600/month basic+education


Location: Congo For Christ Center, D. R. Congo


Sponsorship packageS available: $1000/month basic or $600/month basic+education

Email us with sponsorship questions at: SCAMMER EMAIL ADDRESS


1) Choose one or more orphans to sponsor by adding their sponsorship packages to the eCommerce shopping cart. Not every location where we have a sponsorship program will have both the basic and education packages available. DO NOT ENTER FINANCIAL DETAILS THIS IS A PHISHING SCAM

2) Check out and pay the first month’s sponsorship fees in a safe secure manner right through our website in just a couple of clicks.


3) After you submit your request our Sponsorship Coordinator will contact you soon to give you an option on how you would like to make future monthly payments and to confirm your contact details.

4) You will receive a photo of your sponsored orphan in the mail shortly after the Sponsorship Coordinator contacts you and other updates as they are available.

5) 100% of your program support that Global Outreach Inc receives goes directly to orphan programs for maximum impact to your sponsored orphan.



$1000/month basic support helps provides an orphan:

A safe environment to live & grow

Adequate food & garden sustainment

Access to healthy clean water

Medical support & supplies

Biblical teaching & spiritual guidance

Critical life skills & training

$2500/month of additional support will ensure an orphan will:

Receive safe & quality education

Have access to school books & supplies

Wear the required local school uniform



A message from our

Sponsorship Coordinator about the impact of orphan sponsorship and the important role that sponsors play in our orphans lives.


Our Kids

Hundreds of children have passed through GOD ROYAL CARE FOUNDATION House since it opened. Each story of abuse and neglect is as unique as the child.


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