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Rothrock George

George Rothrock Martinez







Studied, lives, and from San Jose California
5030 Cort Verte
Dr San Jose, CA
United States 9511
Claims his adoptive parents are from
907 Tiverton Ave,
Los Angeles,
CA 90095

The zip code is nonsense for the address which are buildings associated with The University of California (UCLA).
He is also here:

Delaram, Nimruz,
Afghanistan, 1061

Email addresses:

Phone numbers:

27 81 360 2536
27 81 421 5149
27 74 021 2529

Introduction from scammer:

Rothrock George

I had a challenging life, It’s just only me and my thoughts. I had made decision all my life by myself, No body decide for me, I have made some mistakes as well which i won’t regret but I know I always want the best in my life. I also made many achievement in my career. I was married and i had Drew, I lost my wife 2008 while having the 2nd baby, I lost both wife and child. I raised Drew from the age of 2 going to 4 till he was going to 5 before I was deployed back to my duty. The only people i can trust Drew with were his granny because his their grand child and i believe they can take care of him, Drew was always a good boy and smart and I have the full custody of him.

At this time, All communication has been shutdown in all military base in due to the recent attack, They think there’s a breech somewhere, like an inside intelligent to the new Taliban leader, even right now the internet for E-5 to E1 is shutdown. I will not hide anything my love.

Drew with drugs, This never happen while i was with him but it surprise me to get such email, the email never state he was on drugs, Its was stated that he mingle with some kids in Chicago and this kids are use to traffic drugs in the community and he might be influence . That make me worried so much about him, i don’t know what might have lead in to such and I wonder what going on with his granny at this time.

I have no secrets about my life and I am sincere with you because I know you won’t like any surprises like a drama when we finally meet.

Thank you for everything once again love.

I love you and thanks for the pictures, Did i see makeup on my lips ? I think i do see some there…lol

I love you and you’re my treasure.

I never know my real parent, Address for my adopted family, 907 Tiverton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90095,

More garbage from the scammer.  As usual he has fallen in love with someone he has never seen.  Wedding bells are sure to arrive and payment of some fees are inevitable.

Rothrock George
We will have a Proxy marriage so we can procure the marriage certificate, I need to contact my pastor back in the state and talk to him to know how to go about this, His the only person i can talk to about anything.

Rothrock George
When it get approve, Depend how many months pentagon give me but I won’t be going back to the marines. I will report to Pentagon and start my retirement processing
No, we are not divorcing, Why this out of box thinking

Rothrock George
That a big step for us, because you will be recognize as Military personnel wife
This should be my last year but i already extend 1more years, I felt I will never find love and i will remain single with Drew.

We don’t post all text, so sometimes it may seem disjointed

Rothrock George

I was just about to ask you this question but you answered it yourself, What do you want from me NAME REMOVED?

I don’t want to love you and i don’t just want to be once upon a time in your life, I want to be there forever and grow old with you

Rothrock George

Well i have no choice my love, i told you, I was adopted and it’s get to the point that my adopted family maltreat me, I have so many challenges growing up. I think going to the marine was their plain to get raid of me but it’s was a breakthrough for me all my life, Marine made me who i am, I am a Master Staff Sergeant. I am so proud of myself for what and who i have become.

Rothrock George

Hello my adorable NAME REMOVED the adorable and blessed.

How are you?

My beautiful and adorable jewel you are like fine wine to me and you get better with time daily.

Thank you so much for your later my love, I love you accent my love, wow i as so happy to read from you.

Please pardon me for not coming to check on you today, We had some attacked at the sub-based and we must go help, 4 men was down today and they will be return to back to their family in the morning, I feel said because whenever a member die, It’s not a good omen for the rest troops member.

How are my kids, REMOVED NAME OF VICTIMS CHILDREN i hope they are doing good and you had dinner with them already, I love you all and I can’t wait to meet you my love.

I couldn’t get the information you send to me about the Proxy marriage you talked about, the format of the document couldn’t open, I don’t know why but i guess if you can change the format and send to my email, I will be able to access it better.

I am save my love always put my mind a rest at anytime that will be back for you and I will never stop loving you, We are mean for each other and I will grow old with you for ever.

Thank you for the picture, You’re the best i ever had. I love you for the woman you have been in my life and i know i am blessed with you for who i am.

I love you always and forever.

Rothrock George

won’t break your heart, i wish i had a phone, I would have text to let you know that i am okay love

Reporter   what about the number u have on ur profile

Rothrock George

that my house number and it’s won’t work here love. I can’t find where i place the sim

Reporter   the sim or the phone …

In the meantime Admin remove some unnecessary  text to get down to business.

Rothrock George
No, I was asking you for the information, such as date of birth certificate and photo identification, also my pastor said he will fine people who will represent us, also as witness.
Reporter  okay that is no problem … dont be sad … i make a pic of my passport
u needed now
Rothrock George
Okay my love, Also he said It’s will require payment and and i can’t have my hands on money here my love, you know the military salaries are fixed and control. All i have down here is up keeping fee which is nothing my love. How could we handle that aspect my love
You can send that to my email my love
Reporter   send what in the e-mail
u cant send money in the email … who is ur pastor

Rothrock George
I mean the passport page you’re sending to me my love
Reporter    anything is possible
okay than i will send the info in the email tomorrow morning … okay
r u there … who is ur pastor does he has to talk to me
Rothrock George
Yes my love, His name is Rev. Peter Crawford my love, Yes, He will talk to you my love, He will contact you as soon as we proceed my love.
Reporter   forward me his email to me …
xxx@ removed

Rothrock George
Okay my love.
What you doing now my love
I miss you love
Reporter  I am waiting for ur reply … u r slow my George very slow … if u will be this slow in all I will go to heaven many times before u

Rothrock George
What reply you talking about my love?
Reporter  I am here … and I love u to more than u will ever know
All that I asked

Rothrock George
Slow and steady last longer
Reporter  Yeah but u might kill me … u killing me George
Rothrock George
I won’t kill you, I will take you to heaven
Rothrock George
I can trust her with Drew, I heard she was on DRUG
The granny are the only people i can trust my Drew with my love.

Ah! Money is a subject.
Rothrock George
Hello Love of my life
How are you doing love? Thank you for the time you take to write me each letters, I want you to know that’s message count and I keep dates and number and each one.
You said everything about our love my woman, Trust me i was in my corner when we both cross path, I already gave up on my life, I have push more then i can in my previous duty, I gave up on my self and my son Drew, I was holding on and fighting for so strong but i am weak and i gave up, When i crossed path with you, You change every prospectus about my life, You gave me strength when i can’t find them in myself, with your encouragement and motivation you gave was inspired, i can’t even ask for any better woman then you in my life.
Baby, I feel ashamed to have push you to my responsibility, I was surprise to take charge of my own bill of our marriage, What kind of job have i get myself into, God, I understand you can’t get such money for us, I feel sorry for myself and my son now because now I want to be that father for him and fight for what’s mine.
I have talked to my Rev. Crawford about my Salaries and how it’s been control and he understand everything i said my love, He was willing to help me with the money my love but He told me the church are on new church project which every member of the church is contributing so hard for the project to be finish before the church anniversary, He gave out all the church purse and his own savings for the and the church also on loans for this project, he was so sorry to see what he can do but the church project, He also told me you wrote him but he didn’t disclose your message to me.
My love for you have come to stay, I can never denied that i met this phenomenal woman in my life, even if i don’t have a chance to hold you in my arms right now or soon, maybe if my name enlist for Syria and something bad happen to me, I won’t regret you that i meet you and you always after my heart and my son, possibilities of me coming another life, I will want to spend the rest of my life with you over and over.
I know God have a plan for our live and i know right now He won’t give up on us. I love you so much and please don’t give up on me.
Honey do you think you can come up with some money, I will see what i can tell Rev. Crawford maybe he will run around for me.
I love you
You’re my one and only Jewel.
Your Handsome George.
Rothrock George
We won’t go through such my love. I never sold my house in California and when did you decide to move to california ?
Rothrock George
I understand, Now i am begging you to help me to unite with my son, I’ll come see you once i leave here and we can talk about what you want, I won’t mind waiting on you 1 more years to decide if you want me to marry you love.
Rothrock George
5030 Cort Verte Dr San Jose, CA, United States 95111 .. facebook address

The scammer sends a copy of a United Kingdom marriage certificate.  We didn’t know  California was now formally in the UK ,  and it and  the other forged papers are incorrect and laughable, we can see the scammer is brainless, illiterate, and stupid.  Red dots show the obvious mistakes.








Look carefully at information you are sent.  The mistakes often jump out.  Official forms  are always spelt correctly. 
Passports have the correct fonts.
Many examples of what is right are shown on the internet, and text and pictures can be found with Google searches
Remember NEVER to send money to anyone on the Internet and NEVER to give personal information.


(Apologies for our formatting problems with this post.  We are having problems.)

We acquired this email address in passing.

We do know this  email address is completely false and is not related to a domain that is in use.  post com is  an owned domain but is currently Parked, in other words  unable to be used  since no website is associated with it.

Captain Fred might be  this one.  From Nigeria, but we couldn’t be sure  and it is worth mentioning .

We do know it is this one however (DELETED PROFILE )





Kimmy Adams
Lives in Miami, Florida
From Livingstone, Texas


captain fred


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