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Advance Fee Fraud


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Financial Scam
Advance Fee Fraud
Loan Scam

Berlin Piaget Wilson

Phone number: + 33644683774

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination France
Original network provider* Transatel

Berlin Piaget Wilson

Photo of Jean-Louis Leroy (a principal of Louis-Pasteur College, France)



General Manager at L’offre D’emploi : Alsace • Grand Est
Lives in Paris, France



Berlin Piaget Wilson:

Good evening

You needed money loans between individuals to deal with the
Financial difficulties to finally emerge from the impasse caused by the
Banks, by rejecting your credit applications? I am a
Individual financial experts able to make a loan to you
Which you need and with conditions that will make your life easier.
Here are the areas in which I can help you:

* financial

* Real Estate loan

* Investment loan


* consolidation debt

* margin of credit

* second mortgage

* credit redemption

* Personal loan

You’re on file, you’re banned from banking and you don’t have the
Banks or better you have a project and need funding
Contact me by sending me your financial need and
The repayment period of your credit. Please leave me your gmail contact where whatsapp thank you


Berlin Piaget Wilson:

Dear Sir / madam

Need funding for your home, for your business, to buy a car, to buy a motorcycle, to set up your own business, I grant personal loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000,000 and also with a long-term repayment period with A nominal interest rate of 3 % fixed irrespective of the amount. For your personal needs, there’s no more doubt.

So if you are interested, thank you for sending me an email request: thank you


Berlin Piaget Wilson:

More panic for you who are looking for work you have it in your own hands anti-unemployment cooperation offers you several opportunities to earn your life and work in several countries we are in all areas, for the investment of your projects Or the construction of your company more panic. Job offer with des. – good wages. – work under better conditions. – life insurance. – paid leave for more information please contact us on whatsapp at + 33644683774 or please leave an email on Arsè or contact me on messenger thank you for understanding. ACS



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