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419 Scam
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Mohammed Kazim



Phone number: +16105695734



Mohammed 45



Seeks marriage, 37-70
FAMILY ORIGIN: Saudi Arabian
RELIGION: Muslim (sunni)

Mohammed 45:

Let’s be awesome together

Am a simple man with a good sense of humor, i can be caring, loving, understanding and i respect other people’s opinion . life can only get better if you keep thinking in a positive direction.


LoveHabibi.com. INBOX:

Message N 1:


my dear i must confess that you are so pretty and you have a nice smile. can we get to know each other better?


Message N 2:


Thanks for your reply. my dear can i kindly have your email address so that we can communicate better? this is mine . mohammedkazimlight@gmail.com


Message N 3:


Thanks for your email address . my dear i just sent you an email . please always check your private email.


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: mohammed kazim mohammedkazimlight@gmail.com
Date: XXX November 2017
Subject: hi

Salam.. my name is mohammed   i am originally from   Saudi  but i have been living in the states since 1990 , i was once married but i got divorced two years ago   , i  work for myself because i studied Architecture   in my first degree   and my second degree i studied  business Administration. my dear can you kindly tell me a bit about yourself


Message N 2:

From: mohammed kazim mohammedkazimlight@gmail.com
Date: XX November 2017 
Subject: Re: hi

Thanks for telling me  more about yourself , am really pleased to meet you . I will definitely enjoy telling you about myself. I was raised in a family of a  single child, I was the baby. My parents were married for over 48+ years until the day my dad died. As I look at my childhood I think of it as a very happy time. I felt loved, nurtured, and always remember being happy. I have always been pretty goal oriented as well as very active. My mind and body like to be busy as much as possible. Not that I can‘t relax, I certainly cherish this time. But I guess what I am saying is that I am a person who participates in life and does not observe it.

I didn’t understand until after I was married, how wonderful a role model my parents were regarding friendship, love, and commitment. They loved each other more than I can describe. And until the day my dad died my dad was often seen patting mom‘s behind… and mom was forever baking dads favourite  day in and day out.. Hence, I have a great sense of what a relationship is. I have been alone since 2015, and in these 2 years I have had no relationships .. I thank life‘s experiences and my parents for the fact I truly love myself. . And, I do feel lonely sometimes so i know i need a companion . You could describe me as a type a personality  that is loving , caring  and enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, and doing new things. …I think if I were to die today I would feel my life is complete because in my short years I have experienced the most wonderful successes. I held a very rewarding career as an Architect , One after I graduated from College. I have the Fear of Allah and believe in him.

Now I have the time to spend on “me” and the things that interest me. I am self employed. I consult to my self been a self Employed on profitability and productivity, etc… It all started as at the request of a friend, and just took off by word of mouth after that. I enjoy it a lot. I am an athletic man by nature. I think I have done most sports except for sky dive… My favourite to participate in are tennis, golf, swim, water activities. I prefer to watch football and basket ball over baseball, but enjoy both. I like to read good books, and enjoy a variety of music. I love to garden, travel, movies, shopping of course, and my newest thrill is riding on the back of a motorcycle.

I had faith that I will meet my soul mate someday. And when I do, I will know for sure that this is the real thing. I have only experienced that kind of Love once in my life, but because of that I know the power and intensity of a very deep love. I have a mental vision that when I am 80, my love and I will be sitting in a white rocker on a porch somewhere out in nature. I am sitting on her lap and we are rocking, laughing, and enjoying God’s nature around us. I could never enjoy a one  way relationship… I love to give… but I also love to receive… I am not talking material things; I am talking about support, listening, honesty, friendship, companionship, and all the other little things to our personalities. I don’t think a good relationship has a right or wrong… I feel a good relationship is simply a compliment of the other person. I am without a doubt NOT a fighter or arguer. I am a peaceful soul and always look at the good in people and most situations. I am positive, not negative, I am optimistic, not pessimistic, I smile a lot and don’t frown always, I prefer to laugh then cry, but when I do cry. If I have to get married again, I have vowed to try with my whole heart and soul to have a successful marriage.

Wow……. I am worn out. As I read over this I could keep on writing forever but I do think I am a man who participates in life   and not observe. I think sometimes I feel deeper than some, hurt more than others, loves deeper than a few, and give of self as much as possible. From here you can try and figure it out. Ha… and if I confused you… don’t worry, my mind has the capacity to multi task and now I just put it on paper, My dear can i kindly have your phone number so that we can communicate better ? please add me on whatsapp with this number . +16105695734

Hope I will be reading from you soon


Fake scammer Profile with parts of the same text:



Matthias Herbert Anthes  

Photo of Dave L. Spurrier (Senior Vice President – Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, USA)


Photo of Matthias Anthes (Web Designer, photographer, Managing Director & Company Owner, Germany)



Take notice: the scammer used photos of two different persons..*;) winking



Lives in Austin, Texas


Fake Scammer Profiles with the name “Mohammed Kazim”:



 1. kazim mohammed



2. Mohammed Kazim



 1. Mohammed Kazim

Photo of  Khalid Al-Dhahnani (a journalist and media writer, UAE)



Works at ADNOC
Lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


2. Mohammed Kazim


Photo of Russian businessman Ivan Alekhin


Fake scammer Profiles using picture of Ivan Alekhin:



1. Ivan Alekhin






2. Ivan Alekhin



Randy Smith (Randy_Smith11)



Petrochemical Engineer
Shell Hamburg, Germany
Harvard University
Petrochemical Enginner, BSC, MSC
XING member since: 26 September, 2017





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