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Matthew William



I met him on the website to learn English:, this is his profile there:
He introduced that he is a medical doctor of UN and working at Yemen now for peacekeeping mission. He said that he want to get marrige to leave there because war zone is so dangerous. he asked me to help. I trusted him and follow what him say
He use stolen photo of Dr. David Samadi

his email is:
he also asked me to write a mail to the UN, which similar with the information on your website and while I search the form attached on the mail I found your web.

1. matthew

Photo of David B. Samadi (is a doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, USA)



Gender: Male
Born on: May 13th, 1967, 51 years
Native languages: English
Learning languages: Vietnamese
Interests:making new friend


2. matthew william



Gender: Male
Born on: May 13th, 1967, 51 years
Country: Canada
Native languages: English
Learning languages:
Interests:make new friends
About: The best decision i ever made was to be a doctor so i can help people who needs my help and take care of them, give life to them and restore the hope of the hopeless.



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