Financial/Bitcoin Scam: FAKE WEBSITE.

We can’t give you financial advice about however in the first instance you should go here and read our advice page. It is just our general guidance to help you. FAKE INVESTMENT COMPANY



We had reports of financial scams and financial losses as a result of, a false Bitcoin Investment Site so we investigated the website and it took us a lot further than we anticipated.  We discovered that even if the website registration is hidden, that it is actually based in Nigeria. Remember for every scam site you encounter among many genuine sites, that a little detective work can save you untold grief.  You can believe us when we tell you we used  the tools we provide you with on our website here  and this shows you how effective they are.  This could have saved  people Thousands of Dollars before they lost their money,  and of course we will give you enough forensic and other information to see what we discovered.  Be aware the is not alone in being fraudulent.  Of course their promises are too good to be true.
Email address:
Postal Address: 38 The Bramblings, London, UK
+441133205954   VoIP number  from  aql Wholesale Ltd  who are also  an online telecom company based in Leeds, UK
+449472393748   Well known  Backlisted VoIP  number formerly used by



VoIP numbers are internet numbers that can be dialled from mobile phones and the Internet and can reach anyone anywhere. 


Home page of

We checked out the  so called registration via Companies House and found it to be false. It is not registered.


Fake company registration form of



The number is not registered to

The Registration Number belongs to Serenity Ltd,  a perfectly legitimate company. is not registerd at Companies House


It is not registered at Companies House, UK.
We did a Photo Forensic analysis on the fake registration form above using the tools in our page  and while we did not see any picture alterations the EXIF data was an eye opener.

EXIF of false registration picture

We followed this up by checking out the website of and we wanted to find out who investorrblaize might be and we found him

The forger of the registration form on

forger of

Photo of a scammer involved with


We could copy and paste all the texts from the website but here is an extract. One must ask why should a British firm quote US Regulations?
As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof. We are not FDIC insured. We are not a licensed bank or a security firm.
Scampolice Group have reported the site for closing down.
It is identical to another closed down scam site called

Meet Investorrblaize

Admin of


profilke behind and others profile of scammer

They like to be friends with themselves so we find:
Samuel Osemudiameh

Udebhulu  Samuel O

“Never Discuss Winning With LOSERS it’s not their LANGUAGE”

Works at Bank of America and Hustler
Studied at Delta State University, Abraka
Lives in London, United Kingdom
From Benin, Nigeria

Sooo much joy when it’s all win win

From here on it is all lose lose.


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