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Romance Scammer


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Romance Scam
Army Leave scammer

Collins Akdeniz

Phone number: +1 (773) 830-2653



Collins Akdeniz, claims he is a military doctor in Yemen, widower with a child
Facebook profiles:
Phone number: +1 (773) 830-2653

1. Collins Akdeniz

Photo of Dr. Önder Akdeniz (plastic surgeon, Turkey)



Works at U.S Military Surgeon Doctor
From Istanbul, Turkey
Moved to Sanaa, Yemen
August 6, 2018


2. Collins Akdeniz


WhatsApp chat:

+1 (773) 830-2653


Collins Akdeniz:

Well I lost my wife four years ago while she was coming back from work
She had an accident
Well yes it of the past so we have to move on with life
So tell me what is time over there now??
We have the same time
Well yes and I really hope to see you someday
Well am 53 years old
What about you??
So tell me what your favorite meal??
I we love to when I come over to you in (location removed)
Hope you love to??
Yes when am done with my mission here I we come over
Well very soon I we come okay
I got little work to do here in camp
Okay but you did tell me your favorite meal?
Okay what is your favorite color??
I guess that the color of your car??
Oh great what is the product??
Well mine is red and it Benz
Oh yes I love it very much and also with Toyota
Well yes am a surgeon doctor
I mean when do you always have time so we can talk
I mean what time do you love coming online
What time are you going to be free later so we can talk??
Well okay hope we can talk later at night??
What are you doing now?
Well am just lying down
Are you talking on instagram at the same time?
Collins Akdeniz:
Well know am not online there
Well that is because am always busy with my work
Well yes and that was when I was in America
But now in Yemen we are not allowed to leave the camp due to security reason
Well my home is in North Carolina
Well very soon I we leave here okay
I have little time left here
Know we have know one here because know one in the are allowed to go out and know one are allowed to come in as well
Well my son is 15 years old and his name is James
Yes he is in a boarding school in north Carolina
Yes and my wife’s parents never wanted me to marry her at the first time
So after her death I was arrested but thank God for everything that my lawyer was able to stand for me till the end
Well the name was giving to me by my late dad
And I school in America also
Okay and we you love to visit America??
Okay well when I come over I we take you there okay
Really I really love you and I want you in my life as a wife
You hardly know me… we don’t know each other at all…
You haven’t met me yet and it’s too soon to say something like that…
Collins Akdeniz:
Well yes I know but you have seen my photo do you know to know if am the best for you or not
Okay how long we it take??
I ask how long we it take for you to have me as your husband?
Are you crazy! I don’t know you at all!!! Is it a marriage from a photo!!!
Collins Akdeniz:
Well yes that I really hope to see you someday
Have a wonderful day at work hope to hear from you when your less busy?
Kisses honey
Really but I told you yesterday that I love you and I we be very happy having you in my life
Well yes I know but seeing my photo we make you feel if you we love me or not
Well am at work now
Your internet connection is not so good at the camp, by the way…
Collins Akdeniz:
Well yes that why we are not allowed to go out due to security reason
Is just that there are some group of tourist out here trying to steal from the government and kill people
So we are always working out to give them a safe life
I mean some group of bed guys
that why we are always in to keep safe from them
You give medical care and protection!!! Could I come and help, if I wanted? As a volunteer?
As a civilian who wants to help?
Put me on a volunteer program of the UN to come and help civilians and children of the war!!! Could you?
Collins Akdeniz:
Really well it not that easy to get
You really want to help ??
Please, do it!!! I would love to come and help…
Collins Akdeniz:
Okay do you have gmail??
You use hangout??
And I we talk to my general about it okay
I we talk to him later today and whatever he say I we get back to you
But you know that we don’t have children here in the camp
Well if you we love to work with the red cross
Yes, I would love to!!! As long as they can pay for the tickets and my nutrition there! I don’t need any salary or something like that! You think, you can manage? That would be wonderful
Collins Akdeniz:
Well I don’t think if they we pay for the ticket
I need to get back to work now
Hope you love it ??
Well I try talk to my general but he was very busy so I we talk to him tomorrow about it okay
Yes I we be very happy to meet with you
Okay but working here we take some couple of years
I don’t mean a proper job, just volunteering job
Collins Akdeniz:
Well that why I was thinking if you can just stay there and work
Because if I talk to him and they allowed you it going to take some couple of years to work
Because me I have been working for up to 10 years now before moving to Yemen
I we talk to my general about it tomorrow okay and get back to you
Well I just hope there is tomorrow okay
Well I had some of our soldiers to attend to today they went to training so they had some injuring I was treating them today
Well I want to have you in my life as my wife
Well that is why I have always tell you that am coming to meet you when am done from here
I saw your photo I love it your very beautiful so I want to have you in my life as a wife
Well know very soon my love I we come over okay
Well I got up to few months here to stay
Well like I told you am planning of coming to you with my son
So we can live there together as one good family
Really you don’t believe that I we come over to you ??
Okay can I ask you question
What is your experience on social media??
Really that is you don’t have America friend ??
I mean if you have America friend on social media
Well I was just trying to ask if you had any friend out of the country
Well it okay I see you don’t love making friends
Okay I say am the first ??
And I know we going to be today as one because I love you very much my love
I know before I say that I have already know that I love you and we always stand by you all the days of your life
Well with love I can stand by you
So it dossing matter how long but how strong is the love
And I we be with you forever
And I know loving you we make my night wonderful
Well I do and I have never fail in love here but seeing you make me fail in love and I know it going to lead to a better way
Well not that okay as long as you love me then it going to work for good
That why I have to wait all this while without having anyone else
Well know am a Christian
Well I love been a Christian
But my dad is a Muslim

How are you doing my love
Hope toy had a wonderful night??
I got some little problem with it I can’t login now but I need to wait for 24 hours they working on it
Okay well we can only do that on hangout
I we add you up on hangout so we can talk there okay
Why not on WhatsApp?
Collins Akdeniz:
Because we are not allow to do video call here due to security reason
That why I want yours to talk there because they can’t find out there
I have add you up
You add me too
Collins, don’t forget to ask your general if I could come for one month or so, for volunteering job this summer!!!
Hi Collins! Can you talk???
What’s this?
A new account?
Who is the real one?
Collins Akdeniz:
Well honey I have come across this all time a lot of people are using my photo
I have come across this and I report them but still the same thing
Well yes I am and that why I don’t love posting my photo
We got some little problem with our network here that why am not online
They working on it
Well yes I have day off
And am just lying down
So hope you had a wonderful day??
I really miss you my love and am so happy to meet you now
Are you? You are far away and I haven’t seen you yet or met you in person…
And I really don’t know if you mean all what you are saying!
Connection is bad, video calls are forbidden and I don’t know how long I must wait till I see you…
Collins Akdeniz:
I see that is the reason why you don’t love me
Well we are not allowed to do video call here due to security reason
Yes honey I really want yours to be together as one because I really love you very much
Really well like I told you yesterday that very soon I we come over to you
Am here with you honey and I told you am coming very soon
Just believe that okay I love you very much my love
Okay well if you keep waiting then you must have been able to believe that you love me and that I love you too
So tell me how big is your house ??
Well I have a house abs my car are there also
But I we sell them because not going back there anymore
Well that is because I got you and my son have always tell me that he don’t want to stay America anymore
Well at first I we give you a kiss to prove to you that I love you very much
And we be very happy because your my dream come through
To have you as a wife
Yes dear I have always know ever since we met
Really well like I must say if you love me then you must have it in mind that we can meet someday
Because I know that I love you and I we meet you someday but I know you don’t love me and don’t want to see me
Yes honey I have always told you that am coming some day my love
And you just have to believe me that I we come
Well that is because my heart chosen you and I feel you we be a better woman
We had little conversation and have believe that you we be a better wife to me
Well my birthday is January 25
And my son birthday is July 29

Hello honey how are you doing
Okay take good care of yourself my love
Hope to hear from you later okay
Your very beautiful my love I must say
Let me ask you this
How big is your house ??
It’s big enough! Why?
Are you planning to move in?
Collins Akdeniz:
Well yes but very soon
You have always ask about that but I keep saying very soon I we be with you
Well I keep saying very soon okay just believe me
Well you can’t come here am going to come myself okay
Just believe me honey
Well I told you we are not allowed to do call or photo here but I did that all because of the love to have for you
Are you in Yemen or not???
Collins Akdeniz:
Am in Yemen now
I told you about this few days back
Yes, but you have the Turkish private hospital in Bursa upon your pillow on your bed… Am just wondering! Sorry to ask, but it’s a simple question…
Collins Akdeniz:
Well I don’t have a private hospital in Turkey and I have told you that I left turkey while I was 20
But you have to understand that I can’t lie to you
Shall I trust you?? You could lie, why couldn’t you? I know people that they talk to women over a year, and they never show up at the end…
Some of them make fake profiles…
Others say lies or make promises that they never fulfill.. I don’t imply that you are one of them, I must in a way protect myself or be prepared for everything in the future…
Collins Akdeniz:
Okay that is your saying am one of them that what you mean
Because I see know reason why your saying all this now
Well you have my son so is our son
The night may be dark and spooky, but my life’s view will always be – beautiful, hot and pretty as long as u are with me. Goodnight my lovely wife
Why must you keep saying all this to me honey

Collins Akdeniz:
Why do you have to call me scam do you really think am a scammer ??
Because I have talk about this to you and I see know reason why your keep saying that am a scammer
I told you lot of people are using my photo and now this is what your saying to me calling me fake
After all the love I have show you I told my son about you and now this is how your going to pay me by calling me a scammer ??
I don’t know have report that account so many time but I don’t know that honey
I told you I left turkey while I was 20
Well honey you just have to understand me or do you think am lying to you ??
And what prove do you want from me??
Can you video call me?
That you are in Yemen
Collins Akdeniz:
Well like I told you we are not allowed to do video call here due to security reason I only call you because of the love I have toward you
Oh you really think am a lair well it okay if you say so
I know but it really not allow but we talk on voice call the other day
You really want to call me ??
Okay what your trying to say is that am lying right??
I can’t give that
What is the reason for that??
To know that you tell me the truth! What is the name of the chief of the mission???
Collins Akdeniz:
Well I can’t tell you that because I see you don’t trust me anymore well it okay
I we not talk about this anymore I see know reason talking with you when you don’t trust me
That is there is know trust that why your asking about all this
Okay then I we say of your wrong then I we block you and never talk to you anymore
Okay you think am fake right??
Is your name Collins or Önder?
Collins Akdeniz:
Collins is my mame and that the name of my late dad
How many times do you want me to tell you
Well I told you I can’t be on a relationship where is there is know trust
So I think all you care about is what you saw about me and not what am saying to you
Then it okay if you which to block me but I know and I stand for what am saying
Well I live in north Carolina in United State
Well my number is united state number
Well don’t have different number okay
I see you really don’t trust the man your talking to anymore
Where is the love when there is know trust
I told you am sending you my photo and there is know way I can send you some else photo
And I told you that the name of my dad
Your fathers name was Önder???
Collins Akdeniz:
Yes dear
Don’t believe you! This name belongs to a doctor in Bursa…
Collins Akdeniz:
Okay well it been days since we started this conversation
And I know no matter what happened you don’t trust so what is the reason for the conversion
Why are you silent
Or you don’t want yo talk to me anymore??
Okay you don’t want yours to be friends anymore
Well if you don’t trust me anymore please there is know more reason for the conversation anymore okay
Then it better you block me
I see know reason why your here and we can’t talk why don’t you block me that we be very nice


Photo of Dr. Önder Akdeniz (plastic surgeon, Turkey)



Google Hangouts (


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Photo of Maj. Gen. Clarence K.K. Chinn (U.S. Army)



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Collins Akdeniz
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Fake Profile with the stolen photos of Dr. Önder Akdeniz:



This man is now going by the name of Derrick Willard on Instagram with @will.ard18 (derrick). He made contact and asked to talk on hangouts. He gave a sob story of a dead wife and son in boarding school in Italy. He is now saying he is from Ontario and is an orthopedist. I blocked him. I did think he was a bit full on saying he loved me after 4 days of chatting..


The Instagram Profile @will.ard18 (derrick) has beed deleted. Here is another one, crerated by the same scammer:

willard.derrick (Derrick Willard)

Photo of Dr. Önder Akdeniz (plastic surgeon, Turkey)



3 posts
125 following
Derrick Willard
Doctor 🌹
Father 💖
Philanthropist 💟
Humanitarian 💗
& Lover of nature💞


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Always be yourself no matter what
Works at Doctors Clinic & Nurses Care.
Went to Association of Resident Doctors, University College Hospital, Ibadan
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Works at G.Worker Tree Surgery
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Donald Reagan



Life’s short, live and enjoy it to the fullest .🙂
Relationship: Single
Company: United*Nations!
Hometown: North Carolina
Languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français
Career Company: United*Nations!



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