Romance Scam: Lana John (South Africa)

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                                     419 SCAM                  

                     Romance Scam

                    Lana John
                    (South Africa)


Skype ID: johnlana55 (Lana John)


Opened with:





ASN: 16637

ISP: Business Solutions

Organization: MTN Network Solutions Pty Ltd

Type: Wireless Broadband

Assignment: Static IP

Continent:      Africa

Country:         South Africa

State/Region: Gauteng

City:                 Johannesburg

Proxy:            No

Browser         Chrome 51.0

System           Mac OS

Mobile           No

Language       English (United States)

  1. MG Money transfer to:

Receiver: Lana John


Kiev, Ukraine

  1. Money Transfer to scammer bank account:

Bank name: MAYBANK

Bank Address: No 1018 Ground Floor

Selangor Mansion

Jalan Masjid India

50100 Kuala Lumpur

Country: Malaysia

Account Holder: Sabrina Beegum Mohaamad Sahafi

Account No: 564593301780




Please check John Lana. She is saying she is living in Kiev Ukraine. Living with her daughter named Nikki. She is saying she is living in a sort of ghetto and she would escaper from her landlord. *(!)
She said she moved from Chicago when she met an Ukrainian business man. He stole her pictures and he used the pictures to make money. She would escape from Kiev. I sent her money. She cancelled her Facebook and Linkedin accounts. She is chatting now by messenger.

She received money in Kiev (Ukraine) under her name (Lana John) by Money Gram. Do you think she is really existing as Lana John? or is it possible to get money via Money Gram with a fake name? **(!)

She got money both by Money Gram and by bank transfer.
At first to John Rockwhite in Chicago (her original city). John Rockwhite should be her cousine’s husband). She asked to send money to South Africa. Now to Malaysia..

e-mail address
Her picture



*(!) It is a blatant lie and completely bullshit! There is no “ghetto” in Ukraine

**(!) If you have the MTCN number a scammer can collect your money from anywhere in the world using any name (the country and name doesn’t matter) (Russian site):


Holostyak PIC



Name:  Briaana

Age:    34

Country: United States

State:  Illinois

City:    Chicago

I am    woman

seeking a man

for marriage, love, long-term relationship

Height:          5’6″ – 5’8″

Weight:          130 – 154 lbs

Description:  You will get to know with time 🙂

Date:  Jun 15, 2016



Scammer profile Lana John on has been deleted. Here is the Profile information from cached copy:

Lana John (deleted)


CAREER: Sales Consultant at McDonald’s (since 2012)

EDUCATION: The University of Chicago

LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine


Skype: johnlana55 (Lana John)

Skype 2 (1)




Skype Name johnlana55

Full name Lana John

Birth date Feb 3, 1981

Age 35

Gender Female

Language English

Location Kyiv, Ukraine



Lana John (with

Google +

Pic 2



Attended Chicago State University

Lives in Kiev, Ukraine (Classmates):

Lana John




Age: 35 years old

Location: Chicago, USA


Message on a mailbox:

From: Lana John

I really cannot believe it, So that’s how your love for me just sink.

Do you think it is my choice not to meet you until now?

Do you think it makes me happy too?

You call me a scam all because of what you see and hear from people.

Even after I explained everything to you, I fell in love with a wrong man that starts to beat me since when I was pregnant till when our baby was 3 years….I had no choice than to leave him alone because I didn’t fell the love anymore and I didn’t want him to kill me….then he BLACKMAILED me and told me “if I do not have you, nobody will have you” this man mixed my pictures with internet pictures that looks like me and making everybody on internet to believe that I am the scam girl….oh well I guess his words is coming true now…nobody is willing to believe in me, no one cares..You said I have never show you any prove but (name removed) you forgot that you have seen me on webcam for more than 2 times before my cam got broken and you told me you like my smiles and you made me shy on cam even, I call you several time and you heard my voice But still Lana is a liar..The only regret I regret right now and for the rest of my life is that I trusted you with my life story and I asked you for help. You told me you did all the help with love and free mind but here you are today making me regret….I have only one block away to start the rest of my life with you and get free forever and dream starts to come true as planned but you gave up on me because you think I will never come to you….I have never for once in my life accuse you of said you love me but now you let bad and negative thoughts to take over your mind and you ignore and left me…I I know I have made bad choice from the beginning of my love life by coming to this city with a wrong man and I am still suffering for it until today….I understand how you feel about not meeting me yet but if you think 1 year is too long then I guess You never wish to spend the rest of your life with me..because if you want the rest of your life with me then subtract 1 year from the years we will spend together and see if it really worth it to give up….. (name removed), we will all die one day and we will leave everything behind us, money, cars, work, clothes, family and all…..If money was all I wanted, I know exactly what to do to get it here but why must I be a bad mother to my daughter all because of money, what lesson do I want to teach my daughter….I know all these I am saying sounds like nonsense to you but I am writing with so much tears and pains in my heart because I have never and will never think of hurting you even though you think all wrong about me……I really wish to prove to you but you know I have no power to do anything, You see where I live, I gave you my address, you can come to Ukraine and see me if that’s all you want……My heart feel so sore because I really see now that you can live without me and I mean nothing to you no more…you see me as a scam girl which I never was and you think all I want from you is money…..if truly the love was real, then you will never listen to any negative or bad stories and you will just do all it takes to make sure we succeed. But you gave up which shows that your heart is weak….I have been hurt before (name removed) is more worse way,,,,,,I have lost my parents, I have no family, my ex wrote a bad story about me on internet which also makes you not to believe in me now….what more pain could a woman feel….but I know one day somebody will believe in me and all this will pass…..I love you with my whole heart and I will always do and if God says we shall meet in future maybe by accident then I hope you will believe me then….I care so much about you and I have never in my life lie to you, I know everything seem to look like lies because of the distance and waiting but (name removed), what will be will definitely be,,,I believe that whatever is mine will never leave me all because of hard time and bad news. Take it or leave it, Believe it or not, I am not a scam and I am just a simple girl with a soft heart whom allowed love to ruined her life….I thought you will be the father of my daughter and my next son, I thought I would spend the rest of my life with you, I thought you will be the man to stay by me and see me through all hard time and safe me from all these bullshits but you gave up on me and you proven to me that the love doesn’t worth it. This moment will pass and I know I will get over it with time. I thank you for everything (name removed), May God bless you more and make you happy.


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