Romance Scam/Loan scam/Blackmail: MARVIN WILLIAM PAUL/MARKUS SODER MULLER (Ghana)

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Romance Scam
Loan Scam

Marvin William Paul
Markus Soder Muller
Paul Marvin
Michael Hoffman Soder
William Giles


Phone numbers: +234 813 828 3144

Number billable as         mobile number
Country or destination     Nigeria          
Original network provider* MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd   

                                   +234 812 531 6507

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Nigeria
Original network provider* Bharti Airtel Ltd (Celtel)

                                    +233 23 871 6445
                                    +233 56 140 8040
                                    +233 23 876 3917

Number billable as         mobile number
Country or destination     Ghana
Original network provider* Glo Ghana

Fake website: Reported by SPG for shutting down

Domain name data:

Registrant: Paschal Agonsi
Registrant Country NG (Nigeria)
Created on 2017-08-21
Expires on 2018-08-21
Updated on 2017-10-20 
Tech Contact: Paschal Agonsi
Pocarti Business Enterprises
Gcity Studios,
Gbagada, Lagos, 100001, NG
+234 8125316507


INFORMATION from the Informant:

The scammer contacted on The e-mail addresses used:
He also has fake bank account
Fake courier company e-mail address:
Below is the phone number he used to contact me:
+234 813 828 3144
+233 23 871 6445
+233 56 140 8040
+233 23 876 3917
+091 161 3924



The mentioned by the Informant Facebook profiles of the scammer have been deleted.
The new profile of the scammer:

Michael Hoffman Soder (Markus)

Photo of Markus Söder (is a German politician)

Michael Hoffman Soder:

Celebrating a greatman that once walked the earth and lead by example



united nations
July 11, 2009 to present
Studied at Indiana University
united nations senior personnel,humanity is the only thing every race has in common. let’s explore it



Fake website used by the scammer:


 FAKE site:  FAKE!

Reported by Scampolice Group for shutting down


1. Home Page:


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This is all we had from the Informant:



ADMIN: doesn’t exist


Photo of Markus Söder (is a German politician)

The Original photo:

Photo of Markus Söder (is a German politician)






The Original picture:

Photos of Markus Söder (is a German politician)


Messenger app:

William Giles:



Blackmail from the phone number +234 813 828 3144:


Messenger app:

+234 813 828 3144:




This is the scammer just sent to me:


Messages on a mail box:

As you step into this month of (the date removed), I invite heavenly Angels and the holy spirit to intercede and intervene on your behalf to cancel any danger that is threatening your life; Any sickness that is threatening your health; Any yoke that is threatening your freedom; Any acrimony that is threatening your relationship/marriage; Any barrier that is threatening your breakthrough; Any principality downgrading you; Any power that is monitoring your progress and devaluing your finances-they are all cancelled in Jesus name. May you experience victory on every side in this month of (the date removed) in Jesus name. #Amen


Profiles of the same scammer:

Marvin Paul

Photo of Carter F. Ham (is a United States General)


Google Hangout (

Pictures also used by the scammer:

Photos of Markus Söder (is a German politician)



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