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Advance Fee Fraud
Loan Scam
Lottery Scam

Kevin Shedrack
Lisa Shedrack
Mary Jone
Roger Miler

Phone Number: +12512411848

Number billable as geographic number
Country or destination : United States
City or exchange location: Brewton, AL
Original network provider*: Level 3 Communications, Llc – Al

Money  demand: $3500

Kevin Shedrack (Roger Miler)




Facebook messenger chat:

Kelvin Shedrack
the day before yesterday evening,i went to the bank to try and make a withdrawal with my master card,it didn’t work,i guess it was the network issue here and so i went back to the hotel,i was a little bit fraustrated but there was nothing to be afriad of actually,the following day which was yesterday that i needed to fly,i went to the bank again to make a withdrawal with the same master card,cause i needed to withdraw some money to pay off my hotel expenses and also pay for my flight ticket which i have only booked online,i could not make any withdrawal with the card to my greatest suprise,i visted 6 different banks but none could give me money,i was out trying to withdraw money for 5 hours,i stayed at the bank for 5 good hours,i was still unble to use the master card,i was so fraustrated,it kept telling me,no access,no access,all 6 banks i visted,it has never happened like this before,my master card didn’t work here and i know its because of the poor network problem here that couldn’t access my card and also the same reason i have been having issues with my fb account,i tried to reach my account officer yesterday but i couldn’t,he has been on leave for the past 2 weeks based on the fact that he’s wife had just delivered a baby girl and he’s out of town,i have been very confused (name removed) ,i missed my flight yesterday because i needed to pay and also pay for my hotel expenses before they allow me check out of the hotel,these is my immediate problem right now honey,i need to rebook my flight for tomorrow or saturday,please honey i really need your help at this time,please i need your assistance on this,i just need a little assistance from you to be able to pay my flight bill and also pay for my hotel expenses please,just a little assistance please,i will give it back to you immediately i arrive in the uk please,i am very sure that my card will begin to work as soon as i get out of this damn country,its so poor,everthing is so bad here,please honey help me get to you please,i am on my kness,i also need to see my daughter,she is alone at home now,the maid has gone to a village to be with her own family for Christmas,i do not want to be here for Chrstmas,i will die here if i do not get out please,help me get through to you please

i just need your little assistance please,just help me get through to you,i will give you back as soon as i arrive please,i am very sure my card will function as soon as i am out of here please honey please

how ?

Kelvin Shedrack
i just need you to loan me a little moniy to pay for my flight and also pay for this hotel expense,please i will give it back to you as soon as you meet me at the airport please honey please,you are my last hope now please,i can’t reach my account officer at this time please,i did not want to ask you but i have no other option as it stands now please

how much ?

Kelvin Shedrack
only three thousand five hundred usd will settle everything i need to pay now please

howwould I get it to you ?

Kelvin Shedrack
you will send it through money gram
just go to any money gram or any walmart, store that has money gram

yes please give me a minute to go downstairs to talk to one of the hotel attendants to help me claim it,we will go there together and will claim it for me,just a minute please
okay,i am back here honey,seems you off line?

Kelvin Shedrack
the reciever’s name is Leila Axelsson
Address; Stora Strandgatan 40 26131 Landskrona Sweden
City; Landskrona Sweden
Country; Sweden

okay honey please come and give me the details here after you have sent,i will be online,okay?

but cant do anything tonight all closed

Kelvin Shedrack
guess its 8pm there now? the walmart store should still be opened honey,you can go to a moneygram walmart store,it should still be opened

we dont have walmart in this country

Kelvin Shedrack
oh i see,well its okay then,means you can’t send it tonight?
okay then, i will give you my email now honey,you can also come here to give me details after sending

Kelvin Shedrack
okay honey,i will give it to you now
its and phone number is +12512411848



We checked the phone number and it resolves to a fake profile on Facebook.


Mary Jone



The website appears to have been shut down for fraud because we found evidence it ran a lottery scam.


10000$ Bridge Stone sweepstake
GOLD 28 $10,000 VISA PREPAID CARD $10,000 $280,000
SILVER 28 $1,000 VISA PREPAID CARD $1,000 $28,000
BRONZE 1,400 $50 VISA PREPAID CARD $50 $70,000
Prize will be fulfilled with a Bridgestone Visa® Prepaid Card to be sent by mail or traceable delivery as defined below. The Visa Prepaid Card may be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Bridgestone Visa Prepaid Card issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. If you are a Prize winner, the Card is given to you as a prize and no consideration, value or money has been paid by you for the Card. Card is not redeemable for cash, and may not be used for cash access or for recurring debit payments. Card cannot be used to pay any credit or charge card balance.
Posted Aug 02, 2016
Expires Aug 21, 2016
Restrictions UNITED STATES & D.C., 21+
Category Giveaways
Limit One Tim



In fact we found the real sweepstake from Bridgestone Tyres and it was a company promotion and marketing  campaign, nothing to do with the above and definitely not a lottery.  The text above is stolen from the promotion in bits, and you have to spend hundreds of dollars to be eligible.  We show some of the correct text below.

Get a $70 Bridgestone Visa Prepaid Card by Mail

Purchase a set of four (4) select Bridgestone tires and you may be eligible to receive a $70 Visa® Prepaid Card after mail-in rebate. Offer valid on tires purchased from Tire Rack’s in-stock inventory between 12:00 a.m. EDT July 25, 2016 and 11:59 p.m. EDT August 21, 2016.

You could also instantly win $10,000 on a Bridgestone Visa® Prepaid Card** or other great prizes given away daily with the purchase of 4 eligible Bridgestone tires. After eligible purchase and receipt of your Tire Rack shipment confirmation email, go to and upload a screen capture of your email to find out if you are a winner!




Scammer Profile, created with

Lisa Shedrack


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