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Romance Scam
Army Leave Scammer

Morales Admas

Mantioned phone number: +1-512-561-2402

Morales A



Member Since: April 25, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, TX
Age: 54
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Orientation: Straight


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:
From: moralesadmas29 
Sent: June XX, 2017 
Subject: Hello am Morales from tagged

Good morning dear it’s me Morales that you talk to on phone now ,am so new in the dating site a friend introduce me to the site because he meet  her soulmate there but when I got to the dating site I saw they are alot of fool and players there before I meet you there and I can see you are really okay for me as my soulmate .I will just want to like something’s about you here your full name home address date of birth as well and some of your pic *(!)

here  dear Read from you soon if you really want me in your life.


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Message N 2:
From: moralesadmas29 
Sent: June XX, 2017 
Subject: Re:

Sound Good I want us to delete this account because I don’t want to be wasted time I want us to be honest and have trust in ourself dear .Honey what are the things you wanted to know about me you can ask so that your mind will be at rest my love.



Message N 3:
From: moralesadmas29 
Sent: June XX, 2017 
Subject: Re:

Hello how was your day going over there as I told you about my self here am from Texas Austin I have a son 23years old live with my brother in Florida and lost my parent 5years ago I work for army for like many couples of years before I got retired but now am into building contractor .am a man of God and read the word of God almost everyday dear I really love prayer and for my free time I love to be with family and friends .Am here for a serious relationship a woman tgat will be honest and faithful to my life .I will like to know much about you too .


Message N 4:
From: moralesadmas29 
Sent: June XX, 2017 
Subject: Re:

Sound Good i really happy to hear from you dear .what are you really looking for here and what are you love to do when you are on your free time dear.



He texted me and wants me to buy an Itunes gift card for him. “I really need it”. – he says.
SMS from Morales Admas (+1-512-561-2402):
 Honey i want you to do something for me as  a wife to be my love.
 Honey you will also have money their.
 Honey I need your detials for ssome shopping my love, I will give you also % there my love.
Name address, SSNumber, date of birth,  and email. *(!)
Why honey its secure with me my love,  just need the details before they can  do anything  bad.

honey are you really busy my love

honey i want  you to tell me your D O B, SSN, home address *(!)  my love

honey i will be happy if i can have it.
my D O B 6/29/1962
SSN 565 2529043.
Name Morales Admas
I will like to know you here my love.
I can see you are busy love, when you less busy you can update me dear.
Honey do what i ask you to do for me my love.
Honey have already give you mine.
Honey just want to have it for now my love.
What is going on since.
And i want you to be the next of kin, my lawyer have already fill the form

Honey i hope you rember thursday is my birthday
Yes honey what are you giving your husband a gift my love
Honey i really need something to download some of my work in Site my love,
Honey i need a favour from you now my love,
And i cant get it it here you can only get it their for me and I will be so happy if you can help me with this.
Honey just $100.00 I Tunes Gift Card.

Honey i got a call from my company I work for long time ago yesterday, that they want to pay the money they owe me
So they will send a card to you and you will use the card on ATM and send the money to me here for the trip I i have for a that I will finished it on time and come back to you my love.
So honey all what they needed from you is your full name and correct address. *(!)


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Message on a mail box:

Message N 5:
From: Morales Admas
Sent: July XX, 2017 
Subject: Re:

Happy to hear from you my love honey I will like to know your credit score here and which account you are using *(!) honey.

I mean your Name full home address SSN Date of birth list them for me *(!) here I need them for citi bank card to help me do some shopping there and send them here and I will give u 10pec too

*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Profile of the same scammer:

Morales Admas



Works at U.S. Army
Lives in Texas City, Texas
From Texas City, Texas


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