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Fake doctor
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Dr Douglas Dowds


We received a long comment to our pages which we post here:

Ladies I was almost scammed but wouldn’t pony up the money! My adventure started on Twitter on 3 November 2017. I was friended by a very good looking doctor, “Doctors without borders” so I accepted but had to wait to be accepted back! I noticed right way he had never tweeted anything and had 1401 following, and 160 followers but never so much as one personal tweet. But me being brand new to Twitter I didn’t see this as a red flag. So right away we began chatting and he was very kind, we clicked! After 3 days of constant chatting he wanted to move over to hangout so he could call me and hear my voice, by this time he was calling me baby, honey, darling, love, sweetheart, wait for it …… the best one “ his angel in the clouds ” on 6 November 2017 he called me and we talked for 57 minuets he has an accent maybe with French undertones. I’m not good at detecting that but I know he speaks several languages, at the end of that conversation he told me he loved me!!! I’m not falling for this crap but I play this game anyway because it’s my first time any it was fun and I knew beyond a doubt I wasn’t giving him anything except my time. He asked me to be a mom to his 13 year old son Jason, his wife had died 7 years earlier from cancer. He told me he was a humanitarian doctor in Syria and was from Galveston, Texas and that he was 57 years old, I’m 58, in his pictures he looks 45! but he was born and raised in Belgium and was an only child with no living relatives there anymore. Around this time I started to google search him could not find anything on him at all, but was directed to a 49 year old in Florida. I did not pay for the service so I questioned him. He said it is because he works in Syria and ISIS is a huge problem so their identities have to be hidden but he’s not keeping anything from me and yes he lives in Florida but he is 57 hahaha! So moving on …. claiming undying love over these few days, he has realized he cannot be without me in his life and has prayed for a beautiful wife and a happy home any a blessed family where he can be happy for the rest of his life, he wants just a modest home maybe half a million dollars and a quite life with me and Jason. Then on 14 November 2017 the bombing in Syria is heating up really bad, people are dying and he is crying day and night so bad that as a humanitarian it’s getting impossible to do his work that god sent him there to do. I must pray for him!!!! His work is his life, but…..since he has met me everything has changed and now he is not able to cope there anymore. So he went and talked to the General and asked to be released from his duties, but it was denied …… but he heard he could bribe the Syrian military for safe passage through the 3 border crossing for $5000 and if I could raise that kids of money, OMG he would be so happy and could start packing. I said NO! he begged, and begged, and begged and called me and talked for an hour! That’s when he sent me a copy of his medical license and his Syrian ID card both of which I think are fake! I still said NO! When we ended for the night, I didn’t expect to hear back from him, but the next time was on 16 November 2017. I get a text and he starts by saying he talked to the General and got the amount reduced to $2000 for today so could I go to the bank and get it right away, again I said NO! After begging he finally quit and we chatted normal for awhile, kind, joking and lovie dovIe over several hours then he said he would text me when he got up in the morning. I sat back to watch TV and no more than 3 hours later I get a text from him crying like crazy, going nuts! He said he was scared to death for his life and all he wanted in the world was to hold me and see my face one time before he died. I told him to stop talking like that, he wasn’t going to die. Then he started crying again saying he could hear gun shots and foot steps and voices and he was lying on the floor …… 6:19pm 16 November 2017. I have never heard from him again!
His name he gave me is Dr Douglas Dowds
DOB 10 September 1960
Galveston, Texas
Florida found on google
Son is Jason according to him email address son’s email given
Says he’s a humanitarian doctor working for Doctor without Borders
He is active on Twitter!!!

Where do we begin because it has all the red flags.  It can’t get more ridiculous   but we mention some of it below.
  • Falls in love at once
  • Asks a General about leave
  • Says he is a doctor in Syria
  • Wife died of cancer
  • Is from USA and can conjure up a Syrian identity


Tweets, current page. 58
Following Following 1,265
Followers Followers 66
Likes Likes 1
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) @MSF_USA -USA One to One specialist. Interested in humanitarian aid, International Relations, Advocacy, USA Opinions my own..


Tweets, current page. 26
Following 1,311
Followers 99
Likes 10
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) @MSF_USA -USA One to One specialist. Interested in humanitarian aid, International Relations, Advocacy, USA Opinions my own..

Tweets, current page. 27
Following 1,486
Followers Followers 167
Likes Likes 6
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) @MSF_USA -USA One to One specialist. Interested in humanitarian aid, International Relations, Advocacy, USA Opinions my own..

We had a further hunt and found him on Facebook.  It is not too different from the  fake profiles on Twitter.


Lives in Galveston, Texas
Read Nigeria newspaper
Studied at University of Otago

Stolen  photo of KYLE GRAY Associate Pastor of North Rock Church
in Ann Arbor,Michigan

You can see the red flags clearly so don’t fall for these ridiculous stories and never send money to strangers on the Internet who you have not met.

Remember Twitter is  infested with scammers too.

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