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Advance Fee Fraud


Joseb Kope





Age: 30
Location: Lome, Togo



Don’t be surprise all is well with me ,So how are you doing? Despite the communication breakdown we had along the line, i thank God everything is a past. Now I’m happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred under the cooperation of a new Indian partner. Presently I’m in for investment projects with my money. Meanwhile, I didn’t forget your past efforts to assist me in transferring this fund despite that it failed which by the grace of God is a history now Please see what you can do with this gift hope it will see you far.

Rev.Contact Email: (

Due to the urgency in my travel, I kept with Reverend kope a ATM VISA CARD of (US$540,000) in your name, for your efforts towards our unaccomplished goal. I must confess that your failing me gave rise to my success today & I appreciate every effort of yours. This idea is from my heart & i want you to learn from it, it is not good to be selfish; some people are really in need due to one circumstance or the other. I thank you so much for your concern, effort and sincerity to me & please in life never you disappoint the good people if you are in position to help them. So get in touch with the Reverend Honorable and instruct him to send the amount to you. Do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share my joy together. At the moment am very busy here with some investment projects which me and my new partner are having at hand. Dear I want you to know that you will pay the DHL fees. So that I will go and post the card to your house door.Get back to me to my Email.

Have a wonderful time.

Yours Always

Reverend Joseb kope.


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