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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud

Daniel Rollins



Phone number:  5413579536



Daniel Rollins




Tagline: I need Loyalty woman to be my life partner.
Member Since: January 20, 2019
Gender: Male
Location: Eugene, OR
Age: 56
Relationship Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
About Me
Music: Cools, R&B, Country Music, Old Skull, Gospel, Hip-Hop and Reggae.
Movies: Action, Adventurous and Series.
TV: News, Sports, Love and Historic
Books: Love, Romantic , History and Legends inspirational .
Sports: Nascar,Football,Gym, Volleyball Etc
Interests: Outdoors,Cinema, Traveling Working Etc
Dreams: I dont share
Best Features: Co-Workers and my Daughter
About Me:
I’m Daniel 57yrs old, I was born and raised in Oregon US. I am single with one precious daughter , I work with United States Marine Corps


Tagged.com. INBOX:


Daniel Rollins, 56 Eugene, OR:

Nice to meet you here. how’re you?

I’ll like to know you and see if we can have something in common ?

As you can see on my profile ,I’m Daniel from Oregon single man with one daughter. can we share email address and phone # here is my email address and phone# 5413579536 danielrollins798@gmail.com ,Give me your’s .. Take good care

Let me know more about you and see what will come out

I don’t have problem with the age difference, Im just looking for someone to love me and care about me, im ready to take good care of my partner and treat her with love and care

Oh i see, But am nothing talking about marriage but i want to you be my partner or fiance if that is your wish

My position is Captain, I work with the ” First Class General” Tell me can we be good closer friends and know more about each other

Do you chat on yahoo messenger?

Do you have Gmail? I want us to chat on hangouts

Alright.. I have already sent you my pictures through your yahoo mail, I just download yahoo messenger Please try and download it so that we can have instant chat. Im willing to know you very well and everything about you

here is my email address danielrollins798@yahoo.com


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Daniel Rollins danielrollins798@yahoo.com
Sent: January XX, 2019
Subject: Hello (name removed)

(name removed) am so happy to have someone lovely and kind like you,  I’ll treat you with love and care You’ll be the first and last woman in my life. I’m simple man with brave heart, I have good heart and good humor. I like outdoors,Traveling. Camping, Walking at the beach, I’m Christian I believe in God and His Beloved Son. I dont do drugs nor smoke . I want to know you very well.


Message N 2:

From: Daniel Rollins danielrollins798@yahoo.com
Sent: January XX, 2019
Subject: Good Morning.

Hello My Dear Friend,I’m pleased with your friendship I’ll be proud to hear from you and know everything about you.



Message N 3:

From: Daniel Rollins danielrollins798@yahoo.com
Sent: XX January, 2019
Subject: Re:

Good Morning ,How was your last night?  I hope everything is fine including your family I want you to get Gmail because it give you access to chat on hangouts instant messenger I don’t have facebook am not used to those social media We’re all willing to know each other very well and see where it will lead us, I want to advice you to focus on me alone am also going to put my trust in you alone I don’t want someone else. Tell me what is your favorite food and what do you do with your leisure time?, Honey i have alot to tell you and i also want to hear alot from you Don’t be bothered about your age all we need is true love and care then be honest to each other .. I have been through pains and sorrow but am still struggle to have the best woman in the world. I don’t demand much from my woman but i want her to show me respect, Love , care and be loyalty to me I’m ready to offer you my life am ready to give you life assurance , Believe in me am gonna make you the happiest woman in the world , I’ll never hurt you ..

xoxoxoxooxo take good care, I love you so much many kisses and hugs.


Message N 4:

From: Daniel Rollins danielrollins798@yahoo.com
Sent: XX January, 2019
Subject: Re:

You’re welcome.. I really appreciate the time you have for me and the way you talk to me  You made me feel like my life is fully completed, I’m so happy to have wonderful woman like you in my life. I can you that you’re the right choice to me and my daughter I can not wait to see you and hold you then give you hot kisses you never had before I want us to be honest and loyalty to each other I want us to build strong relationship and have happy life at the same time, Honey please tell me how you feel and tell me if i may be the right man for you? I want you to know we really need each other and we have to get closer to each other every blessed day. Please try and sign up for gmail so that we can chat on instant messenger. Take good care of yourself and live happy life . I love you so much Muaaaah

Many kisses and hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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