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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud
Parcel Delivery Scam

Ben M Williams
Davis Mark

Phone number: +1 (318) 938-2047



I communicated with the scammer using the name Ben M Williams on Facebook and Hangouts.
His profile link  is:
His e-mail address :
A phone number was used by a fake agent named Davis Mark called : +1 318-938-2047 Greenwood LA
Agent’s e-mail address :
Ben M Williams is supposed to be an engineer under contract in Syria who decided from day one that I’m going to be his wife. He’s supposed to have sent me a box with his life savings. The box was held in the airport and the “agent” (a fake diplomat ), bringing it, needed money in advance to deliver some documents in  the box.

Ben M Williams



Ben M Williams
Feeling goo🌹🌹🌹🌹
Lives in Charlotte, North Carolina
From Charlotte, North Carolina
Single INBOX:

Ben M Williams:

You put smile on my face today 😍 thank you so much for your attention, sometimes money does not matter and material things does matter and sometimes what matters the most is happiness because I have all the money and other things but the happiness is not there. During this our conversation I tested a little smile from heart 💓 it’s wonderful feeling
You might not understand what I mean

Ben M Williams:

Good morning to you beautiful Queen
How are you doing today is an honor to have such a wonderful lady like you here ❤️ i hope we can be best friends or more because I like making new friends
❤️Nothing warms my heart more than seeing your message in the morning. Good morning, I hope my words brighten your day? Is an honor to me to have such a beautiful woman like as a friend

Ben M Williams:

How have you been ??
I have been to your country many times but the language was hard for me to learn
Yes but am planning on relocating to your country soon but haven’t known the city that will suit my investment so am still researching
In private schools and Hospitals
But am still making a research because I don’t want to spend money for nothing
Yes that is why I told you that am making a research
Those things are not my field am a professional Engineer, I studied Engineering in school since I was little
What about you ? What do you do for living ?
Am from North Carolina in USA
Am a single father, I lost my wife 3 years ago but I have a son
It’s was hard when you lose someone but my work never gives me that time to have such feelings
My son is just 7 years and he will be 8 soon he is my everything
He is the one who gave me life when I thought there is no life
You really look so young and beautiful and to be honest you are the type of woman every man will dream to have as a wife
I just feel happy talking with you like we have known each other for long
Have you been in online relationship before or have you dated any American and how did it work?

You put smile on my face today 😍 thank you so much for your attention, sometimes money does not matter and material things does matter and sometimes what matters the most is happiness because I have all the money and other things but the happiness is not there. During this our conversation I tested a little smile from heart 💓 it’s wonderful feeling


Google Hangout (


Parts of Chat:


Message on a mailbox:

Message N 1:
From: Ben willilams <> 
Date: XX Μay 2021 
Subject: read carefully 

Thank you for your willingness and readiness to get the money and keep it safe until I come to your country so that together we will decide on how to invest with the money. I appreciate you more than anything else in this world because you are my heart desire. I want you to know that the diplomat would deliver the box safely to you. I would also use this medium to assure you that once the box is delivered to you, I will immediately join you in (location removed).

I assure you that there is nothing dangerous or risky about this money and you stand no risk at all. I love you and I give you my word that everything is in order and perfectly okay, and for the sake of our love and the charity whom i promise my God to help as soon as the money gets to you, just try your best to keep the money safe once it is delivered to you by the agent.

Meanwhile, I have a diplomats that will bring the money to you *(!), he works with the United Nations International World Diplomats Agents Service and he is a very good friend of mine for a long time now, and I told him that you are my wife and that you will be in contact with him, so write to him your address and phone number and full name, to enable him deliver the box safely to you in your country.

I told him that the box contained your bags, shoes, scarves and other important items we will use for our wedding. For security reasons, I did not tell him that the box contained money, so that he will be good. Contact the diplomat now with his e-mail address.

Name: Dip. Davis mark

contact him immediately because he is waiting for your message.

Please do not turn down the confidence, love and trust I feel for you because I have come into your life for good, I came to stay with you till the end, to love and adore you every minute of my life. God is with us and everything will be just perfect.

please get well and be strong for me.
the email again is


*(!) Diplomats only work for Governments. They do not work as handy couriers for any private individual on the face of the planet!


Message N 2:
From: HighSpeed DeliveryService <>
Date: XX Μay 2021 

Madam now everything is alright and i have obtained the 2 needed documents. it was a stressful day and a heavy battle with the authorities here at the airport.

but Glory be to God that we have the documents now.
am going to deliver the box safely to you in your home, but the airport security agency and the Government delegate for Quarantine and fight against covid 19. insist that we must pay for insurance and yellow tag before the box will be delivered to you.

this is because of the government instruction on 2 weeks quarantine for anyone that comes into (location removed).

to avoid this quarantine for me and the box and to ensure that the box is not searched or seized, we have to pay for insurance and yellow tag which cost only 1000 euros.

the agency has given us till tomorrow morning to pay this last 1000 euros insurance fee, or i and the box will be arrested and put on 2 weeks quarantine section and if the action is taken it will affect my work because i have many places i have to go and deliver their own Goods.

But if you look for this 2000 euros and send, i will deliver the box to you safely in your home and return back to my family tomorrow morning.

so kindly do your best and everything possible to get this last 1000 and i swear to you with all my heart and give you 100% guarantee, that everything will be alright and you will get the box safely in your home.


Fake Profile created by the same scammer:

M1 benwilliams4256 (Ben M Williams)



2 posts
33 following
Ben M Williams
A loving father

Fake Profiles with stolen photos of the same person:

2. Timothy Rottmiller



Lives in Tampa, Florida

3. Timothy Rottmiller

4. Timothy Rott Miller

5. Timothy Rottmiller

@johncalton44 (John Calton)



John Calton
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Timothy Rottmiller

2. andrewcardosa6 (Andrew Cardosa)



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Andrew Cardosa
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3. andrewcardosa00 (Andrew Cardosa)



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Andrew Cardosa


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1. Richard



Age: 46
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1. Filip William



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Current 4 years and 6 months, since Feb 2017
United Estates, Bahamas


2. Donald Whiteman



Private Banker, Smith




Eric5mk: Oh God i hope i will find a good one…
Genger: Male
Age: 50
Location: new york, New York, United States
Looking for a Woman (Relationship)
About me
am easy going man, simply by nurture, i care a lot for someone i love, i respect etc. and i hope you find other things good about me when we meet. thanks.
Interests: I Like Watching Football, Swimming, Reading, Music. Etc
Profession: civil engineer
Marital status: Widowed
Children: Yes, they live away from home
Eric5mk’s perfect match
i like honest woman, caring the way i do, respect, some who knows the value of a man. etc..

1. Ryan Holt



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2. Jeff Marcus



Birthday: March 8
Current city: Manchester
Studied at: Manchester Metropolitan University ’04
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Manchester Metropolitan University ’04
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Study program:
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