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Welcome to Scampolice Group’s Database of Scammer e-mail addresses

All these email addresses are confirmed scammers we have caught  carrying out 419 Advance Fee Fraud or Romance Scams. Do not contact these people any more.  Block and delete them. They come from Africa, usually from Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal. 
They are almost always a man pretending to be a US soldier, a handsome man, or a beautiful woman. They will steal your money.
Never send money using Western Union or MoneyGram to someone you have not met in person. Accept no Checks (because they are forged) or parcels (they do not exist)

Here is a list of confirmed scammer e-mail addresses:

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  1. Donald Markson 65, widower from New York. James Dodd from Texas, Antonio Roberto. These are just three of the names that I can connect to multiple photos of the same man that I received over the course of three months. He asked me for money in amounts ranging from 25.00 to 12,000.00. I didn’t send him anything in spite of him promising to give 500,000.00 in exchange for my giving him the 12K so that he could claim his 37 million dollar inheritance. I still have photos of this guy and these photos still pop up on various dating sites, Facebook mainly. If you are chatting with anyone going by any of these names..
    BLOCK HIM NOW! If you want to see his picture let me know.

  2. There is another one which is
    Been using photos of Russian entrepreneur Ivan Alekhin since 2015.
    Be careful with him, very crafty one .

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