Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing: AISHA HALIMA BINTI MOHD (Nigeria)

Advance Fee Fraud:


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Advance Fee Fraud
Charity Scam

Aisha Halima Binti Mohd

WhatsApp: +1 661 888 0352


ASN:   36873
ISP:    Celtel Nigeria Limited t.a ZAIN
Type:  Wireless Broadband
Assignment: Static IP
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Nigeria
State/Region: Edo
City:         Benin City
Proxy         No
Browser       Chrome 66.0
System        Windows 7
Mobile        No
Language      English (United States)


The scammer has used:

the e-mail address:

the names:
Aisha Mamohd
Aisha Mohd
Aisha Halima Mohammad
Halima Mohd




Gender: Female
Born on: May 7th, 1990, 28 years
Country: United States
Native languages:
Learning languages:
Interests: swimming, cooking , reading and traveling
About: just ask me anything you wish to ask, i am nice easy going and down to earth person, i love traveling, reading and cooking INBOX:

Message 1:


Halaisa August 11th, 2018:

Hi, I am AIsa by name, am new here, if we can be friends and we can help each other learning languages and new things, my email is, and i will send you my pictures so we can get to know each other


Message N 2:

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Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Aisha ❥
Date: 16 August 2018 

My beloved friend,   

I sent this mail praying for it to reach you in good health, since I myself are in a very critical health condition in which I sleep every night without knowing if I may be alive next day. My name is Mrs. Aisha Halima Binti Mohd, a widow suffering from long time illness. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband, which I will need the help of a person like you to assist for this desired project, as my Doctor told me recently that I would not last due to the illness. Having known my condition, I decided to donate this fund to a good person that will utilize it the way I am going to instruct herein. I need a very honest and God fearing person who can use it for Charity works, for orphanages, widows and also build schools for less privilege that will be named after my late husband if possible.

The sum is currently deposited in an existing bank. Your role will be to:

[1]. Receive the funds into a business/private bank account.

[2]. Invest/donate the funds to any orphanage home.

[3]. Value of funds: (USD) $8 Million.

I accept this decision because I do not have any child who will inherit this money after me.

Please I want your sincerely and urgent answer to know if you will be available for this project, and I will give you more information on how the fund will be transferred to you. And everything will be done legally to ensure that the funds are transferred to you, The amount is $8 Million United State Dollar.

I am waiting for your reply.

Thank you


Message N 2:

From: Aisha
Date: 16 August 2018 

Hello Sir,

I am sorry for not been in contact as quickly as you expect.

Sometimes the doctor use to deny my access to net with reason that I need to rest for the medication to be effective. Regards to your question, I decided to entrust the fund to a reliable person that will use it for the orphanage project due to my health condition, I cannot do anything by myself and I do not want my husband’s people around me to know about this project because they have plundered so much of my wealth after my Husband death and my illness got deteriorated, last time I instructed them to close one his account in our country and give part of the fund to refugee, people that lose their home for the crisis in our country, they refused and share the money among themselves, upon all the money that I have been mapping out for them. Hence I cannot trust them any more with money or with this project and I will not like them to know anything about my dealing with you and the project and I pray that you will not be moved to reject my appeal for any reason. I know the fact that I will not survive this illness, and cannot do anything from this sick bed but my quest to use the fund in such a way to advance human race prompted me to contact you in this manner.

I will only plead with you to kindly follow up with the bank to make sure that they transfer the fund to you as I have instructed them. Please always remember me in your daily prayers. Please if I need not answer your email quickly kindly bear with me it’s due to my health condition.

I just saw your message this morning, I do not have INTERNET facilities here also, How i manage to secure the Internet to use is from a good friend phone, She normally come down to hospital to visit me at time once a day or once a week , that is were i have most opportunity to use her phone since my relatives are selfish and hardened heart kind of people, I am trying to make the donation on behalf of my relatives because the families is divided and only few stood beside me and my late husband in times of difficulties

I do not know how to explain much but only if i wish you know what has been happening to me and my families all because i got married to a stranger and he converted me to Islam, My names are Aisha Halima Binti Mohammad and my late husband is Mr. Othman Al. Mohammad from Libya and left his country during the rule of President Qaddafi, It has been a tough battle since the both of us meant each other and my relatives never give us peace in our marriage, It a long story my dear Brother.

I am waiting for the good news.
Thank you,


Message N 3:

From: Aisha
Date: 17 August 2018 
Subject: Re: 

My Beloved friend, 

Thank you so much for your mail.

I decided to entrust the fund to you for the orphanage project, and I pray that you will not be moved to reject my appeal for any reason. I know the fact that I will not survive this illness, and cannot do anything from this sick bed but my quest to use the fund in such a way to advance human race prompted me to contact you in this manner.

The fund is with the bank where my husband deposited it before his death but I have the information and documents to be able to make the claim so I will provide them to the bank with a letter authorizing them to release the fund to you as the final beneficiary. This will enable the bank to approve and release the fund to you immediately and without any problem, so please do not see this as the opportunity to enrich yourself knowing that I have no way of monitoring you from this sick bed. You should always consider my faith and trust in you and do as we agreed upon. I want you to take 30% of the total fund for you while 70% is for the project to take care of the orphanages and the less privileged in your country or any part of the world.

I will leave everything to you believing that God has finally granted my wish of building a home for his children, those who does not have earthly parents just like me. Now, I need you to provide me with below information which will enable me to write the authorization letter for the bank.

1)Your full name.

2) Phone, fax and mobile.

3) Office, position and address.

4) Profession, age and marital status.


Thank you for your time and attention and do permit me to express my heartfelt good wishes for your future health and happiness as I look forward to your favorable decision which would ensure the continued welfare and happiness of these underprivileged children which today I feel so much a part of.

I am waiting for your reply.
Thank you

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Message N 4:

From: Aisha
Date: XX August 2018 

Thank you for your message and i am still waiting for your personal info which i requested , The picture you see is not my pictures, it was the person who use to come and help me in the hospital , the same person that i told you i normal use her phone and laptop to communicate with you , she was the same person who help me in joining the site just to look for a reliable person who i will donate the funds to,  I do not know if you have whatapp application on your phone, this is her number just in case you wish to see me face to face in whatapp +1 661 888 0352 , you can tell her you want to talk with Mrs. Aisha the cancer women in Ward 1 Intensive care unit in their hospital, she is a nurse, below is my real pictures with my current problems, although i hate showing it to people, Am still waiting for your data i requested



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My name*: aisha mohd
I am: Woman
Age*: 67
Looking for: Man
Address*: 12bp lome 6754
hik lome, lome lome
Description*: i am nice and caring person who like to be close to people
Web Site:
: aisha1.JPG
Dating profile tagged Togo, woman

Visitor IP:
ASN: 24691
ISP: Togo Telecom
Organization: Togo Telecom
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP 
Continent: Africa
Country: Togo
State/Region: Maritime
City: Lomé


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