Romance Scam/ Sick Child Scam: RANDY WILLIAM RUMFELT

Romance Scammer
Sick Child Scammer


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Romance Scammer
Sick Child Scammer

Randy William Rumfelt



Email address:

Phone number: +353874451193 (Ireland, Mobile Number)
                             +14092103898 (United States, Texas)

WU Money transfer to:

Receiver: Hoffmann Dawn Michelle
Address: California, USA
Amount: 1,800 USD

1. Randy William Rumfelt DELETED



Lives in Pheonix Arizona
It’s Complicated
From San Jose, California INBOX:

Randy William Rumfelt:

Okay thank God
Please can I ask for a favour from you
I know we just met
I know you dont trust me yet
I know you still have children
But please do this to save your daughters life
Please she is all I av got
Her health Insurance did not cover Her surgery please anything is not too small to save my daughters life
Some churches have donated for her surgery it still not enough
Please the surgery is on Friday and i have still not come up with a reasonable amount
Please help me with anything you have
What ever sum you can donate towards my child’s surgery
anything you are willing to give to help my dieing child
Am not demanding anything from you
I just want you to help us with whatever you are willing to give
The surgery is scheduled for Friday
All I need now is about $1,800
Send to United state of america
I will send the surgeon’s details
Me and my daughters will forever remain grateful to you and your family
You are my daughters guardian angel
Let me contact the surgeon
The details just arrived my mail he said the money should be sent through western union to america
Is it Okay By you?
who will receive the money?
Randy William Rumfelt:
My mother or the surgeon
They are the only people who can do that now
The surgeon goes to the same church with my mother
Can I send the details now
May God richly bless you and your family

Receiver’s Name: Hoffmann Dawn Michelle
Country : California Usa
Thank you very much for your care and concern
My address
Tel +14092103898
Thanks alot
You can call the surgeon if you need any information
I promise she will come to you to thank you in person when she gets better
That’s my daughter’s surgeon phone number



The scammer sent a photo, supposedly of his sick daughter


Scam Profile with same name, reversed, as in Nigerian style:

 1. Randy William Rumfelt



2. Randy William Rumfelt


3. Rumfelt Randy William



Manager at Goldfieds Ghana Limited Tarkwa. Mine
Studied Accounting & Finance at University of Oxford
Went to Oxford Academy High School

Randy William Rumfelt



 I’m insistent on personal/mutual respect, kindness and honor. I am affectionate by nature, but believe that trying to sense the boundaries of others shows caring, sensitivity and a willingness to look beyond yourself to see that I am truthful. person instead of only being concerned with your own desires and needs. I’m 175cm ,  i weigh 75kg, with an athletic physique, and I have always been a very sports-oriented / active person. I have brown light hair and blue eyes. I enjoy movies, music, fine dining, traveling. A quiet walk or just talking over some wine and soft music with someone special is always a great ideal to pass out  time too.

Work history
marine engineer at Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering NV
University of LiverpoolGender


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