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Army Leave scammer


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Army Leave Scammer
Advance Fee Fraud
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Anna Young
Anna Jeolmeun



I got a message on Google Hangout from somebody I don’t know. Here is our chat:


Google Hangout (



Anna Young:
Hello friend
OMG! WHO are you? *:-? thinking*:-/ confused
Anna Young:
I am your friend
Why do you say OMG
Are you are you surprised or what?
Calm down
Have you forgotten me so soon
I don’t know you. Remind me who you are.
Anna Young:
We met in (location removed)
You gave me your email to add you on hangout
I told you i was traveling to Afghanistan…i told you i will be coming back to settle down in your country
What is your name?
Anna Young:
My name is Anna, When we met you said you were about 42 years old
send me your picture please
I really don’t remember you *O:-) angel
Anna Young:
I really don’t recall your age
I hope i am correct with what i am saying?

Do you remember now?😄
My name is Anna
My full name is Anna Jeolmeun
I am from South Korea
I know it not a Korean name…i love the name…my Korea name is jeolmeun
I prefer you call me Anna
Well, so where did we meet in (location removed)
WHAT the PLACE in (location removed) and under what circumstances did we meet? *:-/ confused
Anna Young:
It’s been a while now…we really cant recall so well…but i remember i walk to you when i was lost and asking for direction
From where we became friends
It’s so sad you can’t remember me that well
I gave you my e-mail address..then?
So you gave me your e-mail address too, right?
What is your e-mail address?
Anna Young:
Yes you gave me your exchange email and promised to contacted each other
So what is YOUR e-mail address for this Hangout?
Anna Young:
This is my email
please send me your Hangout Picture, because you send me a different picture and I can’t recognize you
Anna Young:
Don’t you even remember meeting any Korea person in (location removed)?
You want me to send my hangout profile picture?

Here you go
Please remember me😂
Anna Young:
Last time we met i told i was going to come back to (location removed) to settle down because i lost my both parents and my only sister…they all died in a car accident
I connected you because soon i will be leaving here and be coming back to (location removed) to settle down i want you to be my friend because i don’t really have a friend or family over there at all
It is going to be hard to Start a new life in your country without knowing anyone there
What is the reason to come just to my country if you don’t know anyone here?
What’s wrong with South Korea?
Anna Young:
Good question 😂
My Reason of coming back to settle down is to invest on a business because (location removed) has an upper-middle income mixed and transition economy with state ownership in strategic areas of the economy.
The reason why i am don’t want to go back to Korean is because of the memory of my late parents and my sister
If can stand it if i stay in korea
Oops…i can’t stand it if i stay in Korea
Because even know that i talk about them…the pain still hurt me so much
They left a house for me there in Korean…i don’t want to live there….my plan is to put the house in rent after i have settle down in your country

My dear (name removed), i have already gotten you mail and reply you around 1:40pm by your time
I was asking you if you got my other mail i sent to you this afternoon around 1:40pm by your time
I am sending you another mail this evening my dear (name removed)
The shades of the evening sun
Reminds that life is merry
After the scorching heat
There is cold wind blowing to beat
The time you had Good evening my dear (name removed)

(name removed)🤗🤗I really want us to be best friends by the time i get to your country, i really liked the way you talked to me and showed care when we first met in (location removed)
That is why it is good to always good to be a good person all the time
because nobody knows tomorrow
I am very happy to be ale to communicate with you again
😁😅😉😊I am so lucky, because i have been thinking how i am going to start a new life in Russia without having any friend or love one there that i can trust
check you email, i replied you, Okay?


🤗😉😁😁😁Here is a rose for you, i like sending you rose



Message on a mail box:

From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Hey (name removed) May your heart be filled with gratitude, peace and love today and always. Good evening, my good friend. Here’s wishing you have a wonderful time with friends and loved ones this evening and always

How was your day?



Message N 2:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Hey beautiful (name removed)
I want to let you that this  afternoon can be one of the best for you if you enjoy what you are doing. I wish you to spend a nice evening dear friend (name removed)  
How is your day going over there in (location removed)?
How is the weather over there? i am very sorry i did not reply you instantly when you replied my mail yesterday..i got your mail, but i was very very busy, my job takes more of my time everyday and i do not even have time for myself, time in (location removed) should be about  XX:XXpm 

Message N 3:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Current time here in Kabul Afghanistan is XX:XX pm,i believe you can still always reply me through mail like this as you are sitting in your office 
because we both are going to need a constant communication 

Message N 4:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Good evening once again my dear friend (name removed)
i hope you are doing fine over there? i am thinking about you 
are you still at work or you have round up, i am wondering why you have not gotten my mail yet 
current time here in Afghanistan is XX:XX pm in the evening, it is time for me to go to bed now
please let me know when you get my message dear (name removed) 
good night to you, i wish you sweet dreams 


Message N 5:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Yes i am a  bit okay i am just worried about how my starting a new life in (location removed) is going to be Let me start by saying that I thank God who has brought you my way. Firstly, I want to thank you for the precious time expended in replying my mails. On a day like this, I want to let you know now that my heart is growing fonder of you with every seconds… of this great distance that separates us. This is why I took time off again to write you. First of all, I would like to make sure you know that I love and cherished our friendship and love and that you are the most wanted and the most desired person that anyone could possibly be, and that I miss you so much… inspite of the seemingly fresh nature of our relationship.


Message N 6:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Hello (name removed), How are you doing today I am very happy to hear from you again 
I know you have all your activities scheduled to your own comfort
I want you to add me to your schedule because what i want to shear with you  is very important for the both of us 

You are the only person i barely know in (location removed) now due to the way we first met in (location removed)..
I want to relocate to your country and start a new life  after i have retire from the army soon 

I am a Captain in the Korean Army, currently working here in Afghanistan Kabul with United Nation and the Korean Military Service for a peacekeeping mission 
due to the war going on here Kabul 
I have been here for about 2 years going to 3 years now..when we met in your country you said you were 39 years old 
i calculated the date today…now you are 41 years old if i am not mistaking….you did not send me any of you 

The main truth is that we can become business partners if you are straight forward with me because i want to go into investment in your country after my contract with the United Nation end here in Afghanistan Kabul
The reason is because in (location removed)‘s Economic System (location removed) is a centrally planned economy undergoing transformation to a free market economy. (location removed)‘s gross demostic product(GDP) lies roughly between those of Canada and the United Kingdom.
(location removed) GDP (PPP): $XX.XX trillion. (location removed), is one of the largest country in the world in terms of landmass is the XXth-largest economy in the world with a nominal GDP of $XX.XX trillion.

i have only 2 weeks left before my contract here in Afghanistan Kabul end and i will retire and relocate to your country.
so many companies,market,banks and houses etc have been destroyed here in Kabul due to the war going on
we are not allowed to go out of the camp due to security reasons.  

So you are the only one i have i am communicating with now…

I want us to become best friends so that my plan can work out simple when i arrive 



Message N 7:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Hello (name removed)

I am here now
I am back from the meeting, I hope everything is fine with you ?
here are what you need to know about the meeting.
at the meeting, I want you to know that the Korean Military Retirement Service and the United Nation have accepted my retirement and i will be leaving here as soon as possible to come (location removed) to meet with you as china is where I want to start my new life.

You need to know that I trust and believe in you so much and I wish for forever happiness between us when i arrive in your country. I have never doubted you and I have all my believe in you, this is the reason why I can disclose anything about me to you. You are the only one i am able to contact, I believe we are going to friends forever

There is something you need to know also, ever since i met with you, i have trusted you so much and I believe in you as a woman, friend, best friend and i have you as my dearest. for this, i believe I can do anything and everything for you because I know you can never hurt me and my feelings

But there is problem that will delay my coming, I am presently assigned on a rescue mission and i need to urgently organised rescue unit. for The rescue mission is a dangerous mission and i must be among the rescue team that will be going for the dangerous rescue mission.

Dear (name removed), i was told that the mission will be in less than 5 weeks. I am presently making preparation for the mission and also making recruitment for the soldiers that need to go for the dangerous rescue mission

I tried my best not go for the dangerous rescue mission but I was told that it is the only option for my total retirement from the Korean Military Service. So (name removed) I had no option than to go for the rescue mission so that I will have my total freedom from the Korean military service

I promise that i will do my best to keep safe in the mission and come back safely to meet with you. (name removed), I do really need you now to pray for me for my safety. this is very much important now as I need your encouragement and support in my life.

Also (name removed), Immediately after the meeting, The Korean Army Retirement Service and the United Nation pay $250,000USD Cash as compensation for my service in the military and the money is with me here in the military base. This is the major problem I have now.
A Briefcase of 25 Bundles of $100s (That’s $250,000.00!)
Each Bundle has a Realistic Looking 100 Dollar bill on each side. These are Prop Bills and Clearly say so on the front. They are wrapped in original Currency Bands and have plain paper as filler.
Briefcase is new, Nice Leather and the locks haven’t been set with instructions on setting the locks.

my dear (name removed), the money is not safe with me here in the military base as i will be going for the rescue mission and I can not leave the money in the base while on rescue mission. I want to send the money to you as package so that you will keep it safe till I return from the rescue mission.

I asked on how to send package from here and i was told that I can use the service of the United Nation Delivery to send the package to you. So (name removed), you need to send to me your address so that I can go and register the money as package to you. Note that nobody will know about the money in the package and you have to keep safe.
below are the details that you need to send to me *(!) so that i can go to the United Nation deliver service to register the package to you.

Full name:
Email Address:
Mobile Number:
Nearest Airport:
firstly, you need to keep praying for me my safety


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet! 




Message N 8:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Dear (name removed)
How are you doing today
I hope everything is well with you as always

My Dear (name removed), i am the one you will send your private details to because i am the one that will take your details to the United Nation Delivery Service and you do not have to worry about anything
I am going to take your details to the United Nation Delivery Service so that they can register your information
With the Packaged Briefcase for the Delivery to get to you in (location removed)
Dear (name removed), you know i am currently here in Afghanistan Kabul for a secret peacekeeping mission due to the war going on here and we have so many rules here due to our type of mission we are here for, we are not allowed to review our ID to anyone not even our family member’s if i had one because of security reasons. please try to understand me dear (name removed)



Message N 9:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Hello my dear (name removed)
How are you doing (name removed)?
it is not that i did not understand your request at first
i understood your reasonable request very well and perfectly
But, you should know that i trust you about this and that is why i am sending you the package to keep it safe for me before i get back from the mission
i also expect you to trust me too me too my dear (name removed) you should not worry about anything at all because everything is under control
I am sending you this ID because i trust you so much
Note: i will get get into big trouble if i am caught sending out my ID because it is against the Rules here
Please i want you to keep everything as a secret until i get to your country
Here is a scanned Copy of my ID

please send me the details so that i can go and register the details with United Nation Delivery Service, i will send you the receipt after i have registered your details with the Company

Yours sincerely


“ID Card”


Message N 10:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Hello my dear (name removed)
I have been so worried about you
I also knew you would not understand that ID
I am worried about your trust dear (name removed)
The ID was made here at the signal Room
With the Original scan copy at the back of the Made one to make it secured
You know we are not allowed to send out our identity because of security reason
Here is a the Original Scan copy of my ID that was at the back of the first one
Please try to understand me that i am real and we have met before that is why i am doing this with you
Please keep this last Id safe and let me know what you see about it please


“ID Card”


Message N 11:
From: 젊은안나 <>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: Anna jeolmeun From South Korea

Here is a photo of me and some of my people i am working with here in afghanistan
Please i look forward to hearing from you





The original photo see HERE:


Fake scammer Profiles associated with this scam:

1. 안나젊은 (Anna Young)



Works at 대한민국 육군 (Republic of Korea Army)
From Seoul, Korea

2. 안나젊은 (Anna Young)




Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan
From Seoul, Korea
Joined July 2017


3.안나젊은 (Anna Young)



Works at 대한민국 육군 (Republic of Korea Army)
From Seoul, Korea


4. 안나젊은 (Anna Young)



Works at 대한민국 육군 (Republic of Korea Army)
Lives in Seoul, Korea

1. anna_young003 (Anna Young)



11 posts
132 following
안나 젊은
자연 탐험가
Anna young
Iron gate
Nature explorer


2. anna_young001 (Anna Young)



48 posts
64 following
안나 젊은
Let love lead peace ✌️ ( honest trust and respect each other’s decision)
This Account is Private

1. Anna Young




Anna Young
Joined May 2019

ValerieLuo03 (Anna Young)



Pay attention: the scammer has used pictures of two different girls



Profile: ValerieLuo03
I Am Anna Young, looking for a friend
Name: Anna Young
I am: Female
Age: 40 years old
Country: South Korea, Cheju-do
Looking for: Male 42-55 years old
for: Marriage, Romance, Relationship
Nationality: Chinese
Languages: English, Chinese
Religion: Christian
Academic degree: Bachelor Degree
Profession: Military
Income: From 10,000 – 20,000 $/year
Style: Business
Marital Status: Single
Children: No children


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