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Romance scammer:


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Romance scam
Advance Fee Fraud
Fake Military

Md Sayful

Md Sayful



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Photo of Dragan Šutanovac (is a Serbian politician)



Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan
From American Canyon, California
Widowed INBOX:

Md Sayful:

My love and trust is all i have to give to you, sealed with honesty throughout and as time goes by, may it grow stronger to fulfill our heart’s desire and i pray that this great feeling between us must come through i have trusted you and i believe you so i must tell you everything now, concerning our relationship i took this relation very serious because before i met your profile and started communicating with you i have prayed and fasted for months and luckily we met and i strongly believed that you are God sent to me cos by your words and care of love to me even in my dreams i know that you and i we are meant to be and i don’t want to waste any time or delays on this nice chance between us.

My dearest love, i really love you with all my heart so please do not disappoint me. Regards to what i want to tell you, actually i have about ($4,000,000)$4 million Us dollars here with me in a security company and this big amount of money was given to me as compensation by United Nation here in Afghanistan as a Sergeant Major of the Army because i lead several operations to eradicate terrorists and illegal drugs transactions sponsored by Al-Qaeda and the Jama’at al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad Group in Afghanistan and during this operation we managed to send the groups off the city and a lot of money was recovered from the assignment
The United Nations and Afghan Government called my team and show appreciation for our job well done by giving us some money to share within ourselves which i got $4 Million Dollars and now that you are very close to me and we have agreed to be faithful towards each other, so i want to move this money by diplomatic immunity courier service to you so that you can save and keep the money for me until i come to meet you soon for our marriage and future plans.
Honey,Since i am working for the government i cannot keep these money and cannot send it to US for now so i just want you to act as my wife and next of kin to receive it and if i fail to move this money out before i leave this country i will lose it and it might also expose me to the Government. When you receive the money you can take $500,000 Us dollars for your personal use and job well done and keep the remaining $3.5 million US dollar for me until i come to see you and put it in your account, save box in the bank or secretly keep it in your private room that nobody should be aware of it i assure you that this transaction is risk free and its success is 100% percent guaranteed.
As you know because of the crisis here, i cannot move such big amount of money by bank or western union so i can only move it out by diplomatic immunity delivery.*(!) Secondly i want you to assist me to make research on a good business or firm that will favor us more when i arrive so that we will invest.
To move the money all you need to do now is to send me

(1)Your full name
(2)Your full address
(3)Your private telephone number
(4)Your email address



*(!) Diplomats only work for Governments. They do not work as handy couriers for any private individual on the face of the planet!


**(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet! INBOX:

Md Sayful:

Honey because your not serious about what i asking you to send to me I’m not just happy right now

You can send it to me now honey

So that i can forwarded it to the diplomatic office for the proper documentation of the delivery.

I am waiting my queen


Will you give me the e mail to where you want me to send it ?

Md Sayful:


Md Sayful:

write me with this honey

I am waiting my love


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