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Romance Scam
Army Leave Scam

Franklin Smith
Dustin Franklin



I know someone on the site and he said he is an American soldier, working in Somalia.
Hello, I am forgetting a member of the US Army and working in Somalia. How to know if it’s true
His name is Smith Franklin.
His e-mail address:


The attachemnts were sent to the Informant:

dustfranklyn1 (Smith Franklin)



7 posts
97 following
Smith Franklin
A proud single father of one
A humanitarian
Part time gym instructor
Just here for fun


Message in a mail box:


TEXT of the Letter:


Transmitted by the Information Contained and this E-MAIL is Proprietary to UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION and/or It is only Intended for Use by the Individual or entity Addressed to Which it is, and May Contain That information is privileged, confidential or Exempt from a Disclosure under applicable Law. If this is a Forwarded message, the content of this E-MAIL May not have Been sent with the Authority of UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION Shall not be LIABLE for any emalls sent without Due Authorization or through unauthorized Access. If you are not the intended recipient, an agent of the intended recipient or a person responsible for delivering the Information to the named recipient, you are notified that any use, distribution, transmission, printing, copying or dissemination of this information in any way or in any manner is strictly prohibited

“ATTENTION: Miss (name removed)
Top of the day to you from the United Nations Vacation Office, we wish to inform you that we received your email and we have decided to reply to you after the review of the said purpose of your request for the emergency vacation of your fiance and now we want to inform you of the conditions that have to be met so we can grant the emergency vacation request of your fiance (Lieutenant Colonel Franklyn Smith), who is present with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

As you know he is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and a Special Envoy to the United Nations and for that reason, there are certain things that need to be done by you urgently that will enable him to be with you as soon as possible in your country (location removed).

And because he is on a mission, there are certain things that need to be done by you, and they are:

1. There has to be a payment for his Health/Insurance fee and as soon as this is done his emergency vacation request will be granted and released as soon as possible because we have to insure his life in case of an outbreak of health challenge(s) while he is in your country.

2. Depending on the number of working days you want to have him on the vacation is also attached the required amount to be paid as the insurance fee, here it is listed below:

(A) 5,980 US Dollars for 90 working days vacation
(B) 4,680 US Dollars for 60 working days vacation
(C) 3.380 US Dollars for 30 working days vacation

and due to special request, we added options D and E below:
(D) 2,000 US Dollars for 15 working days vacation
(E) 1,000 US Dollars for 7 working days vacation

As soon as you make the choice here you get back to us quickly so we start the facilitation of his vacation leave.


Fake Profiles with photos of the same person:



willsmiller64 (Wills Miller)



Looking for my second half
Location Crockett, Houston, Texas, United States
Status Divorced
Age 41,
Male, 6’2″ (188 cm)
Seeking Female
Intentions Marriage
Personality Balanced
Star Sign Cancer
Ethnicity White (Caucasian)
Romance Valentines Everyday
Nationality United States
Marriage Views Marriage is Important
Occupation Military
Languages English / No Second Language
Education Masters Degree
Religion Christian
Honestly, I prefer to talk about it. Gives us something to talk about
Fake People & Scammers

Jesse Smith



Fluent in English
49, Male
Member since 2017
No education listed
From TX, USA
About Me: Cool, gentle, kind, easy going


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