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Romance Scammer


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Moses Becker
Bek Bekwil



I was scammed by Moses Becker.
I received a friend request on Facebook from a Moses Becker. I accepted it and after talking for a few minutes, he tells me the US ARMY didn’t want them on Facebook, did I have an account on Google Hangouts. I did not, but opened one so he could talk.
The talk continued for several days. He had told me about his son, Michael and that he was in Portland with his Caretakers. He and wife had divorced. After a couple more days, he had talked to his son, and was behind on his payments to them and Michael didn’t have lunch money and he was really worried. At the same time, there were files that he needed to get from the Cyber office and needed an ITUNES card. This is where I got suspicious! I kept asking what files because ITUNES was for music, game and movies. NO ANSWER. This became a bad habit, not answering me.
Then he started asking me to send his son a little money to tide him over until he came home and at the same time, he tells me he has enough money for us to live on forever. It is in a security box at a financial institute in the UK. If I would get it, and hold it until he came home, he would give me 10% of the MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS in the box. I would just have to pay $3600.00 for the delivery fee. Of course, I told him I could not do any of that, I had no money! He persisted to keep begging me.
I told him to get the address where I needed to send the money and he came back with an email address.
Then, he went back on Facebook and had gotten some of the friends of mine from my friend list. He contacted my cousin, and started out with her the same way he did with me and then tried it on her best friend!
He sent me an email a few weeks ago on this email address:





On some anti-fraud sites the person on the photos is mentioned as “Sergeant / Chaplain David Becker U.S. Army” or “U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel James Becker”, but it is wrong. Unfortunately we couldn’t find information about the person on the photos for a while.


Profiles of the same scammer:

1. moses_bec (Moses Becker)



3 posts
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Moses Becker


2. becker1c (Moses Becker)



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Moses Becker

Moses Becker



Major-general at U.S. Army
Studies at West Point – The U.S. Military Academy
Studies at Naval War College
Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan
From Portland, Oregon



The following is the conversations after being asked to go to Hangouts to chat:


Google Hangout (



Google Hangout (



tell me more about urself!
just tell me some few things about your past life
Past relationships
What is your present relationship status
So what is your favorite color
My is army green, Because am a army
Do you like army green
What do you think is the best thing in life ??
If everyone is happy in the life is more better
Okay We are going to chat tomorrow



The following day, he starts with the love stuff and asking questions about my income


Good morning! How are you today?
I mean what are you doing???
Has anyone told you today how good looking you are?
So what and what do you like doing???
Well I like listening to blus
Tell me about you
Have you been to Portland Oregon before
U mean how long have I been i the military?
I will get out of this camp as soon. This mission is over
I have been in the military over 23 years now
Yes but not until the mission is over
And the UN decides to treat us bad that sux
[I’m ] Lieutenant Colonel
I really miss my son
But I don’t have family to missed as much
I really need a happy home
[he is ] 14 years old
I just want a woman of integrity that I can count on when am out and be happy to form a happy family with and My ex wife she cheat
is ok I trust u
I was brought up in chirch and been a christian all my life
I need someone to start a new life with dear
A woman that I can count on and trust that will never give up on me no matter the situation of things
Sure exactly my heart
I want a happy family dear
Do u believe in truth love ?
I sure do!
Do You want a happy family again ?
smile I understand
I want a happy home I want to be love and be loved
Do you want me to be ur happy man ?
And u will love and cherish me as u love ️ urself?
Yes I promise to love and cherish u as my one and only!.
And I promise to love you till death do me apart
Promise to trust and understand me And never to snitch on me
I promise never to snitch on each other to matter the conditions!.
And always remember to never give up on each other
And always respect the love we have for each other
And promise to be submissive to me as ur man
now I can count on u I have a woman I can trust on now right ?
Wow I am now a happy man now
I can’t believe I have found a love again
Am so excited baby You will make it MUCH BETTER!
I love you forever sugar

U make my day better huh Baby tell me how do settle ur bills?
Are u owing bills ?
How do you get money to settle ur bills ?
Baby will u accept my son as ur biological son ?
[His name is ] Michael
I don’t have any of his pictures with me but some in my computer at the states
Baby I just need understanding and trust in this relationship so we can growth
We should learn to tolerate ourselves
Baby if am in help can you help me ?
U know th situation with me over here
Baby I don’t have anything but I just want to know if u can’t help me in any way of I need ur help
I will be there for you always I love you huh
U are the kind of woman my hear beat for
I love you to the moon and back
I just can’t wait to be with u soo. My love
I love ️ u
Baby I just want happy family with u
Ok baby I have enough money that will take care of us when I get home baby
I want to beg and ask for Favor pls
Baby I want to be honest , submissive to you and keep this relationship as a top secret to both of us until I get home and all trust me never to listen to any person no matter the situation
And always tell me if I do anything that he u mad so we can settled it immediately
Cause I don’t want us to be mad at each other
All we want is happiness
I love you and you have qualities of a good woman I really wanted
Ok I love you huh
Talk me when u back

If I could give you one thing in life, you realize how special you are to me.
If you were a movie, I’d watch you over and over again.
You are a dream, you know it?
You make me feel happy chatting with you here
If loving you was a job, I’d be the most deserving, dedicated, and qualified candidate. In fact, I’d even be willing to work for free!
If someone asked me to describe you in just two words, I’d say “Simply Amazing.”
And you???
Thank you GOD for letting me send you a friend request!
Baby hope you will never hurt me or listen to others ??
Smile God has is way of doing things huh
Baby listens to other in ur relationship it hurt
Cause not everyone want ur happiness
Baby not everyone u see around u love and what ur happiness
Good always on count me and believe me
I love ️ u sugar girl
Kissing you is my favorite hobby. …

Breathtaking should mean YOU in the dictionary.
you DO amaze me!
Baby I don’t want disappointment I want a true love and honest relationship with u
I have been without woman for 6 years ago
I hope I don’t disppointment you either! I don’t plaan on it! Plan to love you to death!
Now that I found u am happy and glad
Baby need I help from u I don’t know if u can help me out pls huh am down down on my knees
There are some documents that was sent by my superiors officer ♀️ and I need to get them for the cyber office
I need you to get me ITunes Gifts card to enable me get it done pls my love
I know it’s very hard for u over there now and I never meant to bother u
Baby can u help me with iTunes card so I can get those documents downloaded?
Pls my love
Baby can you help me pls ?
Will you help me get card ?
You for the the grocery store and get it baby
Baby u don’t need address to get it when you get to the grocery store just get the card and snap it and send it to me
Do u copy ?
Nop just get the card and snap it on ur phone then send it to me as picture huh
Do you copy?
Just go get the card now when u get it just let me know baby
Are u going to get it now baby ?
Ok u will get it done in the morning
I love you baby
That mean I can get the documents tomorrow
U are my queen
I will love and cherish u so much
Thanks baby for the care and love you show me baby
Not so long ago I was alone and lost, and then you came along and I was home. …
Baby I will never hurt or lie to you sugar we will forever be happy
I crown you the Queen of my heart.
On this day, I vow to be completely yours forever.
Smile I love u sugar
On this day, I vow to be completely yours forever.
Huh it’s late I need to rest before I will live early for the morning training
I love you sugar girl

Before you go to sleep, I want you to know, it took me years to find my soulmate, I will never let you go. … Goodnight baby

Becker :
are u going to get the card for me
Ok, that means u can still help our son with some amount of money so he can get some food
i promised to pay back any money you spend to me on our son even urself till i come home
All i want is the happiness of the family
I love u sugar girl
Baby after ur bills how much donu think u will make up to our son ?
Hope u will make it up to him
Ok huh There are only two times that I want to be with you: Now and Forever.
My six word love story: “I can’t imagine life without you.”
huh i told our son u will send some money across to him by Wednesday
But he asked how much would mom make to him ?
baby have u add up ur bills
Don’t worry as soon am home i wil make it up to u
just stand by me huh
huh i have a lot of money in my account that will be enough for us to live forever
Huh as soon this mission is over or u cam send for me to come over
Baby i have millions of dollar in a box that is with a company that i worked for as a security
They willing to pay me off now
And am not home to received the box
Baby u i will try and contact the company to sent it over to u as my lovely wife
Huh but u have to promise me to keep it safe till i come And always be honest with me
Huh if u can get the box i promise to give u 10 percent of the money
baby but when u contact the company , before the company will ship the box to ur house u need to pay for delivery fees
I guess it will not more than $4,600
baby if u can get the box u can get some money for urself
baby pls found a way and help if u can get the box i will give u the code and open the box so u can pay back i promise
Baby now that the company want to pay the money before they sell the building out to another company just found a way and help my love
Baby when u rite to the company u can make the payment
No baby u don’t need to tell her
Just tell her u need the money
huh try found a way and help pls my love
baby how much can u raised ?
baby the company is located at UK .
baby but we really need to get the box
We are talking about my life saves and that box contain 1.5 million dollars cash and my real estates document and credit card..i promise to give you 30 percent of that money, if you help me keep it safe ..
I don’t want to lose that money because it took a several year to save that money and the company is having serious problem with their board of trustee right so they want all customer to come and claim their saves ..
you are the only one , i can trust right now and i want to build a future with you as my lovely wife .
So , are you going to allow me lose everything that took me so much year to achieve?
Oh honey you make me feel bad
Have been thinking about you to make me feel happy
No you are here
just can not talk right now.
I love you my sugar girl
I will die you don’t
Tell me your sweet words
I love you
To honor your beauty, I present you with a dozen red roses
i just don’t understand Tell me what is aponing??
Okay I don’t understand
I love you honey
Good morning my queen
You don’t no how I feel when I don’t chat with you
I love you you and never to lose you in my life
Baby as long am here in the camp the government will not attend to them that was what I think when my only son was starving himself at school Baby trust and believe me I promise never to lied to u
No baby I only drop some money with them why I was in UK ????, I never knew I will stay so long
Beside this mission is emergency ??
I never asked u to send him big amount of money and u promise
But if u don’t trust in me or believe
It’s cool I will not bother u anymore
I know something like this will happen
Am glad u tell me ur mind not until I have engraved ur name in my heart where nobody can’t touch even u
But am lonely
God forbid
Only God almighty know my heart towards u and he alone know my plans towards u
But do u know what it takes when ur only son is somewhere starving
U never love me
Cause if u do u will never hurt my feels
Yes I know but there is no way u can see me huh am sorry
I told you the ISIS terrorist break into our camp and kill many Army due to the cost of calls
You can video chat me right here on hangouts and it won’t cost a dime and why not?
There are cameras ?? all over the camp ok
If you are in your cabin, and call me on hangouts right here, your phone or computer will enable me to see you and you see me
my computer has a camera i am looking at now
That will lead to bomb ?? blast here in the camp
And I can’t do that baby till I live this camp
Baby am mad for u nor to help my only son
Am never happy
I know baby but u doing it for me sugar pls
Don’t worry I promise y as soon am home everything will change for Good
Money is never my problem immediately I get to the UN I will have access to my account and my son will be fine then
But I told u already
Huh this is our relationship let be honest and be truthful, and always listen to ourselves not others so we can last forever pls
Am in love with u
I swear I have engraved ur name in my hearts ?? where nobody can ever touch

Are you busy doing something
I just thought I would check and see if you were on.
You make me feel like a man
I love you
Ok baby I will give you the company Email address and the necessary information on how to send our son the money
Ok huh
That means you can also get the box from the company before Friday?
but I mean you can make the payment before Friday so the can start with the shipping
Ok huh
Ok my love ??
Am grateful
U are my love ??
But u want to get the box for me right huh
Ok huh
I love u
You are my world best sugar
Huh I have to do some research and get back to u the company email address and the letter to write to them
Here is the Company email address send this message that I will forward to you to them immediately
I am Moses Becker wife ,and Moses have a box with you ,that I want to receive. Please let me know when you can deliver his package and all required information.
Here is the message you will send to the company huh
Just write to the company direct and they know exactly what to do
Ok that means next week it will be possible
For u to make the payment
Just send the message to the above email
So they can start the process immediately
Ok huh
If u have the money then I can write to his caregiver for the details on how to send them some money
What do u think ?
Just send to the two email for quick respond
Oh my God
Why are u coming up with issues
It’s because I asked u for help ?
I have told everything but u still don’t feel better how would I do just tell me
And tell me what u want
Or u think am lying to u
I thought u will understand and trust in me but u don’t care ?????
Or I know is doubting me
Gosh baby I told you I was need to face here in the ham due to the terrorist hardly talk in Facebook
U don’t trust me cause if u do u win not doubt my word
What are u insinuating
Baby trust me
U will never know what exactly am facing here
But cool if u don’t trust me
But Only God knows am telling u the truth
And it hurt me when u don’t believe me
But I will be fine without u cause I guess u stress me a lot
Cause u have no trust for me
U always see the wrong in me
That is no love
Is cool then
U just spoiled my night
I need to sleep now
Good night
But always remember I love u and u wang a happy family with u
Okay baby
I have to go to bed now
I love you
God knows am not lying to u
I know yuh will bring up issues someday
Why would u feel am lying to u


Are you there If you there talk to me cause am in a bad mood now
If u wanna hurt me just let me know
Hello huh .
I never meant to break ur heart, I don’t really mean how I felt but u don’t want to understand me, you are the only woman for me and I have taking my time to love you no matter what baby , if only you give your heart to me you will understand me better, make that decision will never help us either caused disappointment to us, huh think twice before u make any move, I love you and I always want the best for both of us, giving up on me will never make u better . Pls huh come back to me I love you ??
Hello talk to me I want to talk to you
If you want to give up me just because I tell you the truth, just let me know
But all I wanted to do is to build a happy family with u



There was a lot of chit chat about music and things like that and I just got the important things I am sending you.
This is the last email he sent me and the address was different:


Message on a mail box:

From: Moses Becker <>

Hello honey how are you doing
I want you in my life baby please go and unblock me on Hangout okay
So we can chat ,hope you are fine there


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Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Joined October 2018


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Sgt Becker james
Sgt Becker James E7 officer of the us army
Joined September 2017


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Becker Larry
I’m a good man with a good heart
Location: Boston
Born May 7
Joined March 2017


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Louis Becker
Location: North Carolina, USA
Joined March 2018

2. Becker Willams


3. Becker Willams


4. Williams Becker



Sergeant first class at U.S. Army
Lives in Irbil, Iraq
From South Houston, Texas


5. Williams Becker



Studied at Geneva Lake Sailing School
Went to Lake Geneva High School
Lives in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
From Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

3. johnbecker26 (John Becker)



3 posts
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John Becker
This Account is Private

1. Erick Becker



Age: 52
Gender: male
Ocation: Montreal

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Age: 25
Gender: male
Location: Missouri USA


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Age: 41
Gender: male
Location: New York



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33, Man, Single
Sydney, Australia
Looks for:
20 – 79 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Flirt, Friendship

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Portland, United States
Looks for:
46 – 60 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship


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51, Man, Single
Damascus, Syria
Looks for:
43 – 57 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship
am looking for women from America and other foreign countries



1. Anderson Reymond



43, Man, Single
Ohioville, United States
Looks for:
Single Woman
36 – 50 years
Long-term dating, Friendship
My self-introduction
I’m a very simple man i don’t have problem i love been nice to who come across me i cherish and been caring
Things I like about myself
I like listening to music and watching movies


2. jamesbacker (James acker)



50, Man, Single
Bonn, Germany
Looks for:
41 – 55 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship
My self-introduction
Am james searching for a soul mate i hope and pray that some day i found one who i love
What I am doing with my life
god as been good to me i believe that life is own by him alone

Mark Bauer



Location: Ghana

Maxbeckerdavid (Max Becker David)



Maxbeckerdavid, 61
From Kabul.
I want to meet: a girl, 51 – 80 years old
#Jesuslover am a cool and nice guy…i love being friends with people around me ..i am a widower, i need a serious relationship



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Hinton Charterhouse, United Kingdom
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Beifang, China
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60, Man, Complicated relationship
New Carrollton, United States
Looks for:
52 – 114 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship
My self-introduction
I’m Clitton from New Carrollton Currently working with the UN in Kabul Afghanistan for peace keeping mission.
What I am doing with my life
US Army

James Becker



Employee, us army, us government
Location: davis city, United States of America
Professional experience
Skills: smart
Language: English

Alec Owen



Birthday: November 8, 1972

Alex Becker



Age: 47 years old
Zodiac: Cancer
from Turkey, Istanbul

Roy Becker



I think of myself as a hard-working person but at the same time I like to enjoy the life for example going to the cinema, walking
Location: Iowa City, IA



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