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Romance Scam
Army Leave Scammer

Vianney Burnett
Phone number: +1 (613) 482-0677



Recently, a girl sent a message to my Instagram, and she said she had liked me for a while and she had seen all my posts and stories of mine. I was hesitant to discuss the matter, and eventually I decided to later and she sent me a message saying” I am a fan and in love ” and she started talking About life, love and loyalty.
I believed in everything she said because she claimed that she worked in the US Army. I was previously working with the US Army in my country and I was in constant contact with most of the soldiers in the base. They were all kind and ordinary people not different from the civilians, only they are in the Army that they serve their duty according to their orders. All of them had families and respect each other. When this girl spoke to me and she said that she is in the US Army, I was not entirely satisfied with her as I used to deal with soldiers before, and I told her that I work with the US Army in my country. After a month the relationship developed. She said that she liked me a lot and we started exchanging normal pictures, and then she closed the Instagram account. She said that she could not talk on Instagram because they are not allowed to open applications there. “I work in the peacekeeping in Sudan, and I am fighting ISIS. I am in a dangerous position and most of the soldiers who are there are leaking information about some of them to ISIS”. I suffer from her inability to use the Internet, but she is a little close to the commander, and he allows her to open email only. She sent her number and said we can talk on WhatsApp which we did



The scammer is an idiot. WhatsApp and Instagram are on the Internet as well as being an “application” unless they use some invisible force that we don’t know about. We like Star Trek but Mr. Spock hasn’t shown his presence on SPG yet, and told us anything different. “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.”



After a short while also she said that she cannot access WhatsApp, because Al-Qaeda does not allow the use of WhatsApp, and they blocked it. “Do you have an email we talk on gmail?” she said. She gave me her mail and we spoke through the Hangouts app and we continued talking.
Every day she sends pictures and video clips.
She said that she wants to have a family and have children, and that she loves children and began to talk about her story in life and that her mother died while she was giving birth to her. After three years her father passed away, and her aunt raised her, but she suffered with her aunt’s husband, who used to treat her cruelly and she had to go to the army to get rid of the cruelty of her aunt’s husband.
She is now thirty years old and wants to settle down and marry and she is ready to go to any place where a man of her heart has. I took the bait on the hook, I began to believe her and interacted with her, and I told her that I also love stability, marriage and children. She told me that she loved me and that she wanted to marry me and was ready to come to my country in order to get married and settle down and be a family. I liked her conversation and I told her that I agree.
She wanted me to ask for a vacation, and she told me who I should send the message to and do my request, as she put it” so that they give me a leave and deliver me to you”.
I told her “Well, write me the letter and I will send it”. She wrote me a letter and I copied and pasted it and sent it to the address she gave me *(!).
She said “Wait until the response is done.”
I waited two days and got an answer that they give leave for emergency cases, but I have to give money for the number of days that the girl will be absent from. They gave me 4 vacation options, and they are interested in delivering the recruited girl to my whereabouts.
I waited a day until I answered them. I thought well, I tried to contact my friends with whom I was working, to make sure are these procedures correct….
My friends did not answer my calls, and I could not tell whether they were real or fake procedures. She was sending me a lot of messages telling me that she was going to die and that her friends were dying every day because of ISIS and the battles in Sudan **(!). If I am really honest and love her, I must send them a letter and tell them that I agree and specify which vacation option is better, so I responded and told them I want the first choice, ready for a month, for $ 5,200. I sent the message, and I got an answer back saying that I can send the money to a bank in Turkey **(!). I checked the bank and found it was a good bank and it had no problems, then I transferred the money and took the receipt of the amount and sent it to her, and sent it by email to Al-Qaeda **(!)or the so-called welfare of those interested in the affairs of the peacekeepers’s recruits. She said that she is happy and that after 5 days she will be in my country and near me and she is working on packing her luggage. After two days I got an answer to the email **(!) and they said that the money has been received, but there is a problem in the account and they will return the money, and I am to transfer it to another account **(!) until the process is completed.
Here I started to doubt the matter. The money will not return. She continues to lie and says that the money will return after 3 days. I quote her, “Mistakes always happen and you do not care, it is a simple matter.”
I do not believe her and I told her that they are lying and I should not have sent the money, and she said that it is a small mistake and it will be fixed while she is packing up and preparing to travel until she sees me.
She continued to make excuses for 4 days, after which she said, “It seems that the bank transfer will be late. You must hurry and transfer the amount to the second account that they gave you so that the matter can be done. If you really like me you will transfer it again to the second account so that you can see me before I die because all my friends are dying here because of the war.” *(!) SEE ADMIN NOTE BELOW – No U.S. soldiers are dying there because they are not in Sudan!


I doubted her and every word she said, and I thought it through until the idea came to me to search Google in order to know whether her words are true or false. I searched “emergency leave in the US Army”, and wrote her identification number that they sent me for when I send a message to Welfare.
After searching I found your website page. I found stories using the same name and how what happened to me is a scam, and I was shocked. Nothing could be done, it was over. I had transferred $ 5,200 and the game had ended, I tried to pretend that I did not know the truth and that I would stick to all of it and my love. I said I will transfer $ 10,000 to see her, in order to gain some time so that I could reach a positive conclusion about it, but so far it has got nowhere.
She began to urge me to transfer the $10,000 and I told her I do not have it, and I will borrow and she must wait. This last matter ended in an argument and I cursed her and promised my revenge, and I will reach her and whoever works with her and punish them. But No, but she did not care. In the end she blocked me from all applications and disappeared.



*(!) DAESH (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda are two different organisations with differing modes of working which are in some ways similar. The scammer seems to know nothing or is confused in his story.
US troops are not involved in Sudan in any peacekeeping. The United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) began this year (2020) for an initial 12-month period to assist the country’s shift to democratic governance, and support the protection and promotion of human rights and sustainable peace.
UNITAMS will also support peace processes and the implementation of future peace agreements; assist peacebuilding, civil protection and the rule of law, particularly in Darfur and the Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile areas.
It comprises troops from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Pakistan, Egypt, Tanzania، Indonesia, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Gambia, Nigeria, Kenya and Senegal. Other forces are also involved in a lesser extent, aside from the provision of police forces. The United States does not provide any UN peacekeeping forces there and are most certainly not fighting anyone.



**(!) Unfortunately the Informant didn’t send us the most important information mentioned in the preamble such as all e-mail addresses used by the scammer, details of the Bank accounts for the money transfer, text of scammer letters. We’ve only got irrelevant and insufficient parts of chats which were sent in chaotic order which we publish here

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Photo of Livia Savage ( is a blogger, Fort Hood, TX, U.S.)

Photo of Livia Savage ( is a blogger, Fort Hood, TX, U.S.)



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