Romance Scam/Loan Scam/Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing: MARK CORRADO/NAZ NATHAN (African scammer in Malaysia)

Romance Scammer

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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud
Loan Scam

Mark Corrado
Naz Nathan
(African scammer in Malaysia)

Phone number: +12028164303

Money demand: 1800 USD

Mark C



Member Since: November 3, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: New Waterford, OH (*L-) loser)
Age: 53
Relationship Status: Divorced
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight INBOX:

Mark C:

hello  how are you doing?

i’m from the United states Chicago (*:-? thinking*:D big grin Profile location: OH *;) winking)

it was a postal code indicated to me it shows waterford OH

i have whatsapp and hangout can we talk there (name removed) , +12028164303

we can talk on hanghout


Google Hangout chat:

mark corrado:

Good morning

How was ur night

I’m a project engineer that’s my field of profession

Mostly I get mast fixed

I have one son alex 2 yrs old

Okay darling I will go now to tidy my self and visit my friend

Take care I will talk to u later love you


mark corrado:

you my lovely queen  i will be happy having u as my wife in my arm

i will come over to your country to meet u and be with u for ever

darling it is a gradual process when i am ready to come i know what to do  darling when i come over first we will both visit chicago okay i love u and you are mine forever

GOD has ordain u and i

destiny has brought us together no one can put asunder between us

kiss kiss to my Lady queen (name removed)

bye love

love u kisses



Google Hangout chat:

mark corrado:

hon Is there any means how u get the ITunes card at any apple shop I need to make use of it

go to an apple store they have it

hon understand that perfectly

but I am I need of this card

any amount u can afford

I have to make some money I will apply for a contract honey

Then I will play with u and show u some love

Yes hon thats what i mean we will share bed with you

Do you know how much I love you and miss you


mark corrado:

how are u doing today i was very busy with my co-worker

we hangout to catch some trips

trips another state new jersy today

will be back tomorrow

soon they will award a contract to us

to spain i will be very happy maybe i will come and meet u during the contract period but now i guess i will leave u we are to have a meeting now

I’m not sleeping anymore,i was thinking of u

today we go back home

i will go back to my boss

my boss called that they are two contracts we having,Russia n Spain,so i am praying so i will be placed on the trip of spain,so that i can come and see u

my flight is going to take off

and  my flight if 1hrs 33mins

yes it just 1hrs 33mins


mark corrado:

hello honey how are u doing

sorry i have been very busy am planning to go to russia,my boss fixed on the trip of russia,i am very angry for that

honey were are u right now

i know that honey i have been very busy and i am angry becos my boss shifted me to russian trip

he is crazy man

it is good contract honey

but u know i was hoping for spain trip

so i was disappointed at this  going to russia

yes there no choice for me but to go for the contract

we will get married when i come


mark corrado:

Hello honey good morning

How are you doing and how was your night

I was tired when I arrived Moscow

Very cold here

We are on the site of were our contract is taking place

sorry i haven’t text you,i have been on remote site for four days now were i have no internet to text you,but i am back from the site now.

am off for church later we talk when am back

yes sure ,wea re on the site now working,but am o leisure period now

i love you  honey

honey i want write my bank that they send money to you for buy a houses so when i come visit you we have us own houses

i have messaged my bank and they send you should write to them on their mail

KLN Bank Malaysia


Contact: Naz Nathan


mark corrado:

tell them your husband mark sent you write them tell that we want buy a house in the (location of the Informant removed),i already told them but you still need to explain yourself okay. am off to work now,I LOVE YOU HONEY

Malaysian bank is because I worked in Malaysia some years ago on a construction work and the payment was not made to me when the work was done..

I was only informed last year that the payment has been made to the Malaysia account which i was suppose to receive payment.

sometimes some fails with the date and not able to make it


mark corrado:

Honey this is my money that I worked for I worked for the money,I am going to consult my lawyer about this

Honey don’t worry I will consult my lawyer

That was the bank I opened for the business transaction and they are here saying nonsense to you

That is what they saying

They must by making me angry now

Honey do not worry about that okay I will contact the manager of the bank and as well consult my lawyer

Sorry I text late work was very hectic and I was very tired when I came back home

i contacted my lawyer and he said it was,and i contacted the bank manager

and they said i violated their rules n regulation,and that was why my account was inactive so i have to pay a fin for breaking the rules

and now ii have to pay the money so they can deposit the money too you and you can buy the house then keep the remaining one after buying the house

i tried to get the money all by myself,with my own login and they have to change everything in my account and that was why it was inactive i was to forward the money to my own account my my own personal login of the account without their permission

i have too pay that money the $1800 then they will credit you to you account so you can buy the house  this’s so urgent

and right now i have no money with me in Russia

honey you are going to pay $1800 to the bank tomorrow so that everything will be fast

then you get the money from the bank you can collect back the money you paid

Honey i trust in you and im doing this because i want a bright future for us

when you pay the bank then you will get your money back

If you say like this then you break my heart because i love you so much and i wanted us to be happy by next month

We have a bigger reward coming to us and you were supposed to be happy

Honey if you really love me then do this

How much do you have to pay the bank so that i can see if i can borrow


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: KLN Bank
Date: XX January 2018
Subject: Re: Contact: Naz Nathan

KLN Bank
27th Floor, Menara Boustead
Jalan Raja Chulan 69
50200 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Thank you for contact KLN Bank, We have also received email and authorization from  Mark Corrado in respect to your email.

To enable us proceed with you, please provide details below:

Full Name:
Contact Address:
Date of Birth:
Contact Telephone No:


Kindly also provide any valid attached copy of Identification card for easy and proper identification.

We await your response to give every assistance you need.

Thank you for contacting us.

Yours in Service .
Mr. Naz Nathan
{ Officer in Charge }
Account Department (Local / Foreign )
International Banking unit.

*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Message N 2:

From: KLN Bank
Date: XX January 2018
Subject: Re: Contact: Naz Nathan

KLN Bank
27th Floor, Menara Boustead
Jalan Raja Chulan 69
50200 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Dear Ms (name removed),

Thank you for your swift response. We shall get back to you shortly with further information as soon as verification of all datails provided is completed.

Thank you for contacting us.

Yours in Service .
Mr. Naz Nathan
{ Officer in Charge }
Account Department (Local / Foreign )
International Banking unit.

Message N 3:

From: KLN Bank
Date: XX January 2018
Subject: Self-online transfer

KLN Bank
27th Floor, Menara Boustead
Jalan Raja Chulan 69
50200 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

Dear (name removed),

This is to inform you that after much verification and confirmation and all details have been release to you as required.

We have concluded all verification as related to our banking policy, you can login through our online banking system which will enable transactions and also easy access to your account.

Kindly note that this account is inactive and needs to be activated before you can proceed with any transaction.

However, you can get back to us for further details and information on how the account can be activate.

Please find details below and proceed with a self online transfer to any destination bank.

Account Details:
Account Number 0899856445
Account Name: Mark Corrado
Access ID: Mark5839
Password: Corr329920
Account Status: INACTIVE

Access ID and Password should be kept confidential and for no reason it should not be disclose to any one for the secure of your funds. You can subsequently change your access password if you wish.

By using the link below, you can access your Bank accounts online and as well make transfer of funds to your designated Bank.

Please click on the link below: (anavailable)

As a leading financial institution deeply rooted in the Malaysian economy and in the community that it serves, the KLN Bank Group clearly subscribes to the fulfillment of its Corporate Responsibility (CR).

The Group also subscribes fully to the notion that in the conduct of its business and the delivery of its corporate and social responsibilities, the Group is creating value for all its stakeholders and enhancing the long-term sustainability of the Group.

In view of this, we are assuring you of our professional assistance and quality service with integrity…

Thank you for Banking with us.

Mr. Naz Nathan
{ Officer in Charge }
Account Department (Local / Foreign )
International Banking unit.

Message N 4:

From: KLN Bank
Date: XX January 2018
Subject: Re: Self-online transfer

Dear Ms (name removed),

We sincerely appologise to you not been able to have open the link. This is as a result of the on going maintaince on our internet banking system and we sincerely appologise for any inconvinence caused.

Reference to the activation of account, this is to inform you that no transaction or deduction can be made until the account fully active.

In this regard, you are expected to make a remittance payment not less than $ 1,800.00 (One Thousand and Eight Hundred United States Dollars) to be deposited in your account for activation.

Due to the inactive of the account, you can not process with any transaction.

Please note that the required $ 1,800.00 USD will be credited to the account in addition to the total sum to make the account active and an activation code will be issued for this process.

You are expected to make this payment through Money Gram. We are referring you to this means of payment, because it fast and more convenient to verify your remittance fee easily which will also be credited in the account with out any delay and your account activation code will be given to you as soon you meet up to the payment.

We hereby notify you that this procedure is given to our entire international customers for quick activation and remittance of fee to their account.

We shall await your immediate response to give further instructions and guidelines on how you can make payment for the activation of your account.

Thank you for banking with us.

Yours in Service .
Mr. Naz Nathan
{ Officer in Charge }
Account Department (Local / Foreign )
International Banking unit.


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Mark Corrado (with


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