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Advance Fee Fraud


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Advance Fee Fraud

Ayisha Yusufu


Message on a mail box:

From: Miss. Ayisha Yusufu <>
Sent: Thursday, June 4, 2020
Subject: Greetings my dear

Greetings my dear

I am Miss.Ayisha Yusufu,I am 18 yrs old girl whose parents were
assassinated in cold blood by the terrorist group Boko Haram in west
Africa Nigeria and destroyed their house,

I am temporally seeking protection in Internally Displaced Persons
camps in Borno State Nigeria, I came across this email ID and have
decided to ask you for this request, it is true that i don’t know you
and you don’t know me, but I believe if you have a kind heart you can
be off help to me.

I write to say that i want your assistance to come over to your home
country to start a new life, I am not safe and free here in the
internally Displaced Persons camps in Borno State Nigeria as the Boko
Haram terrorist group are fighting to come and bomb the Internally
Displaced Persons camps and I will loose my poor life if the succeed
bombing the the Internally Displaced Persons camps.

I inherited a legacy of $7,000.000.00(Seven Million United States
Dollars) from my late parents before the pass on, I am asking for
your trust-ship to secure this money for me in a trust account, and to
also help me come over to your home country for a new life before the
Boko Haram Terrorist group will succeed in bombing the Internally
Displaced Persons camps, please feel very free to write me back
immediately you
receive this mail.

Millions of people became homeless when the terrorist group Boko Haram
appeared in Borno, in the last seven years and below link is the
videos/pictures of the damages the caused to peoples life. Please
click on the link below for you to see what I am telling you.

Kindly contact me for my direct email ( )

I wait to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Miss. Ayisha Yusufu


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