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Jim Smith

Phone number: (+1) 801-871-9067



He is a scammer on asking me for money. His phone number is 801-871-9067.

Jim L


Photos of Bruno Pereira (Founder – Worldwide Head of International Business)



Member Since: December 16, 2018
Gender: Male
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Age: 55
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White INBOX:


Jim L:

Hello , your profile really interest me a lot and i would like to know more about you . what are your likes and dislikes in a relationship?
Nice to know about your kinds while i am 56 years old and i am widowed i lost my wife to cancer in 2006 ever since then i have not been happy .
But now i am willing to move on with my life trying to find joy and happiness again in my life .
Do you have google hangout or can i have your number so i can reach you easily .
Okay can i have your yahoo mail and your mobile number so we can reach each on whatsapp.
Thanks so much for sharing your email address with me .
I would be happy if you can let me have your whatsapp number so we can talk more often on chat

Okay my love can you come up with $100 google play card so i can use it to activate my account so i can take my money of the bank . I’ve to get it activated first before i can withdraw my money that is what i just confirmed from my account officer . I will be so glad if you are kind enough to help me out honestly i will really appreciate it

Honey i have money in my account but the bank want me to activate my account online so i can be able to make withdraw my money of my account easily that is why they request i have to get the account activated on time.

I’m really asking you to do this for me becuase i love you so much and i know once i am out of this place i will be coming to meet you so we can get to see each other in person i really need to express the love i have for you in person honey . I just have to get done with my contract on time so i can return back home my love try to understand me .

I feel really bad to be reading this from you . i am not happy it is ok if you putting me the place of other people so take care of yourself .


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Jim Smith
Sent: April XX, 2019
Subject: Hi Beautiful

How are you doing today ?
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend .
while in the attactment are some couples of pictures hope you like then and you will send me some of your pictures too .
Cheers .

4 Attachments:


Message N 2:

From: Jim Smith
Sent: April XX, 2019
Subject: Hi Beautiful

Good Morning,

I’m really happy that you are keeping in touch with me and you really want to know more about me also. I’m so pleased knowing you also, You seems like you are the kind of woman have been looking for so long. I really hope we get to know more and more about ourselves and become the most close friend on this earth with time and i know time is going to tell much about us.

Have a good day i will text you later .


Message N 3:

From: Jim Smith
Sent: April XX, 2019
Subject: Hi Beautiful

I hope the weather condition out there is really not to cold today . tell me what do you do all day . do you live with your kids or do you stay alone . how long where you married for you became single .

Tell me more and more about yourself i just want to know everything about you becuase i keep thinking so much about you all the time all i ask for is for you to give me a chance to come into your life to make you feel like a real woman again . Tell me are you willing to love again in your life.


Message N 4:

From: Jim Smith
Sent: April XX, 2019
Subject: Re: linda

Good morning ,

I’m just asking so i can know i have a very speical place in your heart becuase i have intentions of coming to spend the rest of my life with you cause you are the woman of my dreams everything i think about now is all about you becuase you will bring so much joy and happiness into my home again you are a very beautiful woman whom i would like to have as my own so i want you to know i am a one woman man so now i gave you my heart please handle it with so much care.

Cheers !


Message N 5:

From: Jim Smith
Sent: April XX, 2019
Subject: Re:

Happy weekend , How are you doing today ? i really want you to know you are always on my mind every moment of my life .

Honey i am getting ready to travel by Wensday will be going for very imporant buiness trip to malaysia where i will be spending 2 weeks . once i am done working on this contract i will be coming directly . I hope you would love to meet you someday my love.

2 Attachments:


Online chat:

Jim Smith:

Honey i am asking for your help
Cause im in the middle of the high seas I cannot receive money else someone , can you help me receive it but i do not trust anyone only you I trust my love. I really do wnat to get done here on time so I can return home to be with you. H oney can you help me out with some funds it is real important to me so I can getmy machine fixed on time
I want to make sure I get my machine fixed on time honey
So much troubles for me out here on the rig.


Message N 6:

From: Jim Smith
Sent: April XX, 2019
Subject: Re:

Good morning (name removed),

I would so much appreciate it a lot if you are so kind to help me out regarding the funds i request from you . I’m really stranded out here without getting my contract completed on time . I really want you to be kind hearted with me all i need is $800 so i can complete the amount then i will  purchase a brand new Engine Manchine so i can start working on time.

I would be so happy if it touches your heart to help me out of my problems you are a very lovely and adorable woman who i intend to spend the rest of my life with . we both are going to live a happy life together once i am done with this contract i will be flying down to your city so we can start our life together living happily .

I would be expecting your mail back soon


Message N 7:

From: Jim Smith
Sent: April XX, 2019
Subject: Re:

Good evening (name removed) ,

I understand how hard it is for you not to be able to raise this funds but you see right now i am seriously i need for money . the goverment are treating to freeze my account if i do not get the contract project done on time becuase i have already been paid .

I can’t take out money of my account untill i get my account activated and it is not activated until i get money through to my bank for them to be able to reliase my funds to me . INBOX:

Jim L:

Baby things are not working out for me out here .
I’m really having issues with my Machine my engineers refuse to work for days now becuase of lack of work tools . I’m seriously in need of your help my love .
Honey i would send you an email regarding how much i need for you to help me out i really need to get this equipment on time so i can be able to conclude on this project on time so i can return back home to be with you we are going to spend the rest of our life together living happy .
I hope you got my email and i would be expecting a swift responds from you .cheers sweetheart
I understand how you feel but you see my accountant asked me this money if my wife have an account with the Us bank so he can be able to transfer some of money into the account for me to use . I really want you to help me we are going to leave a happy life together .
Honey i know when i come over to meet you we both are going to get married becuase i will treat you like no man has ever done before.
I’m gentle hearted and a very loveable man with lots of love to offer to you my joy
You sound like i mean nothing to you darling why are you doing this to me?


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Jim Smith


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Fake scammer Profiles with photos of Bruno Pereira:





Age: 61
Zodiac: Aries
Location: Ghana, Accra
I’d like to meet: a girl age 51 – 80 year
Education: Higher education
Languages spoken: English
I want to find:
I wish find true love and happiness again in my life, I believe everyone deserve to be happy so I wish to find happiness one more time
I am simple and caring, if you wish to know more about me then just ask me in person thank you

CHRISTURNER (Chris Turner)



God in His infinite wisdom as seen fit to give a second chance at love, and for this I will always be eternally greatful.
The woman he has sent me is fair, lovely, and has a heart that is tender and golden.
To her I offer my heart for all the days of my life.
To her I pledge the wisdom of my inner soul.
To her I will always share all my thought.
And to her I pledge my body that I may love her as a man should love a woman and more
To him I will always do all that is within my power to bring honor, respect, and dignity to our lifes together.
Because for me she is a blessing from God that I will always cherish until the day I pass from this world to the next.
For you I pledge all my love and honor for all the days of my life..
This is my pledge of TRUE LOVE for you!! You’re my world.
Sweet kisses&hugs.
love you so much,
your other half.. TO MY MISSING RIB

Scott Phillip Blackway




Age: 54
Zodiac: Aquarius
Location: United States, New York


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