Romance Scam/Loan Scam: NICHOLAS DEINNE (Nigeria)

Romance Scam/Loan Scam:


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Romance Scam
Loan Scam
Money Laundering

Nicholas Deinne

Phone numbers: +1 2856436575

                               +1 5187400484


1. Money Transfer to the scammer Bank Account:

Bank Code: 024
Bank Address: Head Office 83 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong
Account number: 348-1-013112 (This account is reported for closing by Scampolice Group)
Account Holder: Talavera Charito L (the money launderer)


2. Money Transfer to the scammer Bank Account:

Bank Name: ABN Netherlands
Bank Address: Kon.Julianalaan 33, 2273JJ Voorburg URG, Netherland
Account Holder: Regina Maria Carla Kwasiba (the money launderer)
Beneficiary Address: Isabellaland 1982 2591 EW Den Haag, Netherland
Account#: NL52 ABNA0418310378 (This account is reported for closing by Scampolice Group)


WU/MG money transfer to:

1. Emma Jane Hallam

Address: 36 Huggins Place Upper Tulse Hill, London SW2 3UQ

2. Isabelle Eberechukwu Anna Nlewedim

Address: 36 Huggins Place Upper Tulse Hill, London SW2 3UQ

Money demand: $ 4000


Please, DO NOT BAIT SCAMMERS! Leave it for experts. Scambaiters know how to hide personal information when dealing with scammers.


If you are in contact with a scammer, block him and do not contact him again and tell him nothing!



Here is scenario of the scam in short:
He сlaims to be in Malaysia on a building contract, now sick and asked for financial support via WU to ship medication to Malaysia via his doctors from USA with the names: “Pleas Andrew McGee (Corpus Christi, TX) and “Wilma Parks” (Houston, AR).
He also said that he is a widower and lost his wife and son in a car accident when he was in the Philippines last year for another building project. He was not fully paid for this contract, as he had to leave and go back home, due to his wife’s death, so still missing $85.000 from there. He could not work last year, due to mourning. Now he is on a street building contract in Malaysia, where he applied for at a mini company in Alabama. He borrowed the money to buy building material from another widower he knows and will pay it all back after the contract ends as he gets a reward, if it is done on time.
Shortly after he arrived he was involved in a car accident and had to pay the hospital bill for the little girl he hit. It was about $14,000, so he had to use all of his credit card limit, and therefore has no money left to pay for the rental car, which is damaged and his iPhone device, where all the cloud data for the building project is on….
He himself is also hurt but has no money to pay the doctor and all work is delayed now. He is in serious troubles now. His payment cheque was received, but the bank blocked his account, as he exceeded the limit and it can only be reopened in person in the US. Embassy which is not helping him either.
His new story now is he has Malaria and needs medication shipped from the US, therefore he sent me the US contact for WU. He does not trust the medication in Malaysia.
After 2 weeks he said he received a used iPhone device from a friend in the US where he could load his business data on and medication was sent to him from the US doctor and the other widower, Mr. Evans (who works on a project in Turkey), borrowed for him another $2000 so that he could go on working with now.
He did send me pictures again and told me is still sick but trying to work to complete his contract soon and promised to come to see me in my country. This morning I received a message that another accident happened where 5 of his workers are involved and he has to pay for the hospital bills again….and I should help him. It’s a huge amount he requests.
He asked me to transfer $40.000 to a person in the UK.
On my mobile device I found an unknown new contact on messenger. The name is Angela Lawson and the phone number behind it is +1-281-643-6575 .This is the number Mr. Deinne used for his gmail contact information.
He contacted me via GMAIL and VIBER too: +15187400484 is the new number.
“I have a new number because my mobile device was damaged in the first accident.”
“I am still in Malaysia and I have involved an attorney who is a relative of one of my workers. He is going to clarify my situation with the hospital bill that is to pay for the accident victims, so that I can leave Malaysia after my contract is finished. The name of the attorney is Rayyan Ahman Zikri.”
“You should urgently transfer now € 15.000 to €20.000 otherwise I have to go to jail.
I want to give you bank details of one of my worker’s sister who lives in the Netherlands.
Mr. Ruzita Binti Rasol in Malaysia is a legitimate person.”
“You yourself are allowed to pick up money anywhere in the world at WU, when you show your passport.”
“They told me it is different rules in Malaysia”

Nicholas Deinne



Lives in New City, New York


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: "Nicholas Deinne"
Date: XX.10.2017 

Hello honey
How are you doing now. Have you had lunch yet honey. How are you doing now my love. You come first in my life darling. No one  can be compares to you. Your beauty in and out of you is so amazing and beautiful I love you and I will love you all the days of my life till death do us part sweetheart. I sit here, lost in the memory of you. What is today? I don’t know. What is it I’m supposed to be doing now? I can’t remember. It couldn’t have been very important. Thoughts of last night still fill my mind and heart. Nothing else seems worth my time and effort. Where am I? Well, not here in this confined space, not really. I’m still lost in everything I felt when we were together. That was when you and I became “us” and I could no longer tell where you left off and I began. I love You. and my love is lasting and true. I’m not sure when it began but I know it will never end. Surely, life can offer no higher fulfillment than what we experienced. There can be no other woman in my life now but you. I’ve not involved in any relationship since I lost my wife , for a reality that I couldn’t even imagine until I had experienced it for myself, I couldn’t help but surrender to the feelings that had captured my soul and yet promised me freedom and joy. Today, the words of an old John Denver song come to mind, and it is only now that I understand what the “sweet surrender” he sang about really means. You must know I can’t stand being away from you much longer. I hope you feel the same way. (name removed)

 I love you (name removed)🌹🌹🌹🌹



Message N 2:

From: "Nicholas Deinne"
Date: XX.10.2017 
Subject: My Love

How are you doing today babe. Hope you’re fine and healthy.

Honey I don’t  want to rely on you of my presence situation, I think I am going down the road I see myself going to a far journey everything is going down for me please honey what can I do without you in my life darling . You are all I have at the moment babe my family is you. Please take good care of me.  I am dying here honey fire burning inside of me my love. It seems hard to believe, but we’ve been together now. That’s not very long in the grand scheme of things, but it’s long enough for me to know how much I love you. I remember (but only vaguely now!) how my life was before I met you and I never want to go back to that dreary existence again. That was when I had nothing much to look up to , nothing much to get up for in the morning except a day at work. Having had my heart broken twice already, I was becoming something of a hermit; sure I never wanted to get involved with anyone again. I was to the point where I believed that the “happily ever after” kind of love was only found in fiction and in fairy tales–but then I met you. The mutual attraction we felt for each other that day has changed my life forever. It was almost too much to hope for (because I have such strong opinions about everything), but we even have the same views on the war and the economy. We’re never at a loss for words or things to talk about–that is, when our lips are free to speak! Now I believe in love again, because I believe in you. And I function at warp speed now because–it thrills me to say it–you actually believe in me! you’ve brought me so much happiness and joy that I can scarcely contain it all. I’m sure beams of light radiate from me wherever I go. A couple of the guys who work for wanted to know what’s up with me, but they don’t understand I am filled with secrets that cannot be shared or even expressed in words. So I just told them that I’m seeing someone and it’s the real thing this time. It’s very strange because, even when we’re apart, I feel that I’m still with you. I remember what it’s like to hold you, to kiss you, to make love to you, as those delicious sensations never really leave me. We respond to each other so naturally and completely I believe the gods must have created us to complete each other’s existence. Ours is a union that reaches beyond the mere physical into mystical planes that take my breath away. You are part of my very being now and I could never be complete or whole without you.  This morning I woke at dawn, still wrapped in the memory of last night, repeating over and over that line from that old Hollies’ song: “Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you.” I know what that means now because I know how that feels now. (name removed),  tell me we can always be together! Tell me all we need is one apartment key!. I am having seriously problem with this job and my blood pressure is so high honey. I am going  to loose everything if I didn’t complete this within the month. I am sick right now in the room I can’t sleep I can’t eat anything everything .
I love you. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Kisses and cuddles



Message N 3:

From: "Nicholas Deinne"
Date: XX.10.2017 
Subject: My love

Good evening honey. Thank you so much darling for the letter from you. It was fantastic and meaningful to me.  I am not judgemental person and I don’t  share our relationship with no one except you and me.  What happened to me was an accident and all I am going through now is a signs of hope and strength. The better days ahead of me. I want to say a big thanks to you for all your support from day one till now.  Thank you once more my Beautiful princess. Wu is protecting their selfish interest I talk with the doctor about the name he give to me.  He said that the wu are very crazy to have said that the name is not is existing. Wu need to employ good workers.  The one there are very silly. Let me make this clear to you my love I will never do anything  to hurt you or put you into any problems my love. Tell western union to give you back the money that you don’t  want to send it again OK  that is how they  behave and take people money for their service and also take yours. Wu are thief. I hate what they do to you my love. Take back the money from them. The normal way if you are not sending again the maximum time you have to wait and get back the money is 72 hours wish is 3days later why are they still holding your money with them if only they don’t have interest of take your money my love.  I am the only one for you and you are the only one for me my love.  It is left to you for what you choose in life. You are the one who brought all this stuff up of you didn’t  go to them first time when you noticed something wrong. I am the one you need to confront before. now look what you started. Now we ended up getting hurting. Well my love thank so much for everything my love. I will not force you to accept me the way I am but I believe our father in heaven is with me and he will fight for me. If you love then be there for me. But if you want to leave me because of what said and materials things and problems of this world then so be it.  I will never fail my promise  and my word remains unchanged. My heart is yours I promise unconditional love together forever. Honey you can stop talking and texting or email to me if that makes you happy. Then   I wish you all the best life have to offer you as well as soon baby. No one knows tomorrow. I believe  no one can tell me what I feel in my heart and no one else can tell me what I want in life.. The Bible said give and it shall be giving unto you. Giver never lack.  In the time of trouble be there to help one and another love unconditionally love your neighbor as you loved yourself. Make them feel complete and never belittle the ones you love. I will never stop loving you because of Material things. Money is vanity….and it  is meant to be use when needed. Not everyone opportunities. But live begain at the end of every trouble and fears thank you so much I do appreciate you from the bottom of my heart darling. I am an independent person who knows that life is better when you have someone by your side. I’ve gotten to an age and point in my career where I understand the need for balancing work and home life. Family, friends, and experiences (rather than possessions) have become so important to me. I’m loving, compassionate, understanding, very trust worthy and most of all honest. I love romance and all the good things that come with it. I also can fill your heart with a lot of love and gift that you seek. You can see Where others write many people and keep there messages short because they are all about how many they can write, I am opposite and very selective in whom I choose to write and I like to give them my very best even if it is in a long letter. I know the type of person who I want to build a relationship with so I am willing to take my time and effort and write you back. we will met each other soon. I enjoy giving and receiving affection, and am very open-minded and adventurous as well. I enjoy reading, dancing, walking on the beach, fishing, camping, just hanging out, and other fun things. I am very sincere and would enjoy a true romantic and fulfilling relationship. I am by nature very affectionate, kind, understanding and very passionate and in intimacy. I am also down to earth, honest, and not judgmental in any way and very giving in a relationship as well as in intimacy. My eyes and smile are truly the windows to my soul. I’m a happy, alluring, intellectual, educated, bright, well read, joyful, curious, insightful, I’m nurturing and non-pretentious man, Energetic and sexually active. I will always protect my family I missed them all thou I am in a financial difficulties right now. I wish my wife was alive when am traveling for work we put things together no matter what the situation it brings. I missed everything in life. I think about you everyday because everyone has left me alone and even you too. I will say goodbye forever. God bless you.


Message N 4:

From: "Nicholas Deinne"
Date: XX.11.2017
Subject: My love

Honey +12816436575 is my other phone number wish I am not using again and I told you about it because of the accident… But my fb account and and email address is OK. Believe me honey. Here is the whatapps number +1518 740 0484 my love.  I told you that all my contacts all gone including yours with my other phone honey.  Text me on whatapp with his number my love. baby trust me honey I am yours and I can’t do anything  to make you feel sad my love please understand me darling. You are the only family I have in this world sweetheart. Respect is an important quality of a healthy relationship. Respect each others unique personalities and differences, and learn to embrace your differences and Be courteous when speaking to each other and never physically or verbally abuse anyone you are in a relationship with Respect goes hand-in-hand with trust, honesty and communication. I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be here for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity.

I love you, baby. Good morning to you honey baby (name removed)

I love you
Kisses Nicholas


Here are videos that have been sent to me via hangouts: 



A stolen video was sent to our Informant. This is similar to what a scammer would use for an interactive video except he sent these videos in a video format so it is not interactive.
Our note below still applies in this case.
Scammers will often use an interactive video based on webcam chats with victims or stolen off porn model websites etc. This video will be able to show the scammer doing obvious actions if they are asked.  Most often the scammer will know the video well and so at the right moment be able to tell victim something  such as “Hang on the phone rang” and  he will then be seen leaving to answer the phone.  Often the videos are fairly repetitive and loop back, and of course the scammer won’t be able to show himself doing things a victim might ask him to do (wave his hand, give a wink etc…)  Beware of webcam that does not look like the person he claims to be.


WhatsApp Chats:


Viber Chats:

The Bank Account details:


Bank Name: ABN Netherlands
Bank Address: Kon.Julianalaan 33, 2273JJ Voorburg URG, Netherland
Account Holder: Regina Maria Carla Kwasiba (the money launderer)
Beneficiary Address: Isabellaland 1982 2591 EW Den Haag, Netherland
Account#: NL52 ABNA0418310378

The Bank Account details:

Bank Code: 024
Bank Address: Head Office 83 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong
Account number: 348-1-013112
Account Holder: Talavera Charito L (the money launderer)


WhatsApp Chats:

Nicholas Deinne:

Honey the doctor said still not yet to the account

He said I should asked you how you send the money.. Maybe Euro to received Euro… Or Euro to received hong Kong dollars?

Because he is spending must time there and the workers need treatment

Honey what is your schedule tomorrow morning my love?

Because i want you to visit your bank tomorrow morning my love to confirm why it take so much time

Almost 2 weeks and some days It’s too long time

Your bank will tell you if the money has arrived into the account in Hong Kong

They are the one who sent it

Honey if the money get to Hong Kong I will inform you immediately

Darling I don’t want you to feel stressed at all honey. because the money fine but taking so long

That what pains me Darling

That is why I want you to visit your bank

I am missing you sweetest


Nicholas Deinne:

Honey please you have to go to your bank

Your bank didn’t send the money if they truly send the money it will not take too long. Meet them because it take too long my love…. Take the copy with you to them my love…. The money has not Been deposited to the Hong Kong account why your bank do this honey.

Honey you most take this to your bank tomorrow morning for verifications the money hasn’t been posted to the Hong Kong account yet. No update at the Hong Kong account yet my love.. Your bank as not done the right thing honey.. Please follow up this morning my love… I want to know what is happening..

My love please you have to do this please honey. Because I am coming to spend the Christmas in your country with you my love please help me out Darling.. Your bank as not done the right things honey.. I want to leave here honey

The doctor is complaining to me Darling.. That they always queue at the bank everyday to check if the money arrived yet.. Everyday and also talk with the customer care at the bank.. He said the customer care told him and account owner that the money is not sent at all that if the money is sent it will have show up because Hong Kong banking system is easy and it will not take much time to… Why because it take so longer honey and also said bank never use red stamp for approver of cash deposit

Please I want the truth honey if truly the money is sent them let your bank give you the prove and let’s confirmed it`

It take so long and your bank is responsible for this if you sent the money my love. Because no sign of money here in the Hong Kong account said the doctor.. I am so sick here seriously sick here omg

The doctor talk to the costumer services center for inward remittances but still the money not yet credited

The Hang Seng bank said check to her bank in where she transfer

Honey please you have to visit your bank this morning OK.. Tell them that the money you asked them to transfer deposits to to Hand Seng bank in Hong Kong account for your therapy equipment as not been credited yet since (date removed).. And it affecting your business… Asked them what is holding the Money,.. Why it take so long

Please honey please.. I want the truth honey you have to get this done for me.. I am seriously sick here honey please help me

I want everything to he perfectly OK for us Honey please help me talk to your bank this morning about this.

The doctor said the bank told her…Ask the remitter if she really sent out because still no record to this inward remittances


Nicholas Deinne:

If I can give the doctor something to make sure this workers get well soon

So that the community can grant me access to work.. This Muslim people are very dangerous

I believe you can help me with less money Darling

I believe in you because my late wife bring us together

Yes I have jewellery for sale as I told you before long ago but you said I shouldn’t sell it

It belongs to my late wife and you asked me not to sell it

Maybe you forget honey

Honey I know money is vanity but we need it to survived in life

It is a necessity

Sometimes things happened we don’t expect honey

We never except sometimes in life to happened.. But it comes and take you unaware.

I mean he don’t read your work before he respond to you

What can we do now my love

What ever could be done

We have to be strong and over come it because the best is yet to come

But the pressure is too much on me honey

I am to go to jail

And do my Christmas in jail honey

To raise money to sent the doctor my love

Because he has already place order for something’s they needed my love

For free how honey

Nothing is for free in this world honey and in this hospital too

honey and I will pay you back

I will also take good care of you too baby

We are one in heart for a reason for future honey you know

No extra money my love

Because it has been signed and the attorney is aware of it my love. I am not paying any extra money to no one signed by the attorney

I am very sure about that 100% sure Darling

 love you (name removed)


Nicholas Deinne:


Morning my beautiful princess

Dear (name removed)

Has anybody ever told you that love is a promise of happiness? .It can be, but what I feel for you, all the calmness and peace that you pass to me are much more than a simple promise.

Loving you is to have the certainty of becoming and being happy. Your sweet presence and persistency feed me. The air that sustains me comes from your peppermint breath . And if sleeping with you is the greatest of the pleasures, waking up with your radiant “good morning!” is to taste the most pure dose of cheerfulness, an ingenuous happiness that lasts until the twilight.

I like to make my chest your pillow, to nest your head in my lap and to hold your beautiful and fertile womb. I love you, my most intimate friend, my companion and my confidant. My protective mother.

I haven’t seen you for a few hours, but I miss you so much. I can’t stand to wait any longer to meet you and have you as a prisoner in my arms, in the most sweet and perfect paradox of freedom.*:x lovestruck*:-* kiss*:x lovestruck*:-* kiss*:x lovestruck

A kiss without chastity from Nicholas *:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss


Nicholas Deinne:

Sweetie (name removed)

I love you so much and miss u a lot. Hope you miss me like I miss you. I hope you care for me like I do. I really hope you love me like I do. You have been in my dreams since the first day I met you and since then there isn’t a moment I have not thought about you. I wanted you as my partner and I face all the challenges life has to offered and I know you always with me and my side, there is nothing I can do without you. Thanks to being my life partner and hope you can hold my hand for long. I want to be with you and want you to be live happily with me. We will live life in the most enjoyable ways possible and there is nothing that can hold us back from being the best couple in the world. Just wait and be patient as I bring you all the joys of world.

Yours only Nicholas *:x lovestruck*:-* kiss*:x lovestruck*:-* kiss*:x lovestruck


Nicholas Deinne:

Take good care OK baby I love you wishing you  a day as sweeter than every other day

*:x lovestruck*&gt;:D< big hug*:x lovestruck*&gt;:D< big hug*:x lovestruck*:-* kiss

God bless you

You welcome my beautiful princess

I wish to have shower with you and wash your sexy body

Take care sweetie *:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss*:-* kiss


Nicholas Deinne:

Hello my life

How are you enjoying your day my love*:-* kiss*:x lovestruck*:-* kiss*:x lovestruck*:-* kiss*:x lovestruck

D smallest word is I the sweetest word is LOVE and the dearest person in the world is U. tats y I Love You.

As days go by my feelings get stronger To be in ur arms I cant wait any longer. Look into my eyes ull see that its true Day Night my thought r of U..

if i reached for your hand will u hold it ? If i hold out my arms will u hug me ? If i go for your lips will u kiss me ? If i capture ur heart will u love me ??

Ur precious love has turned my life completely around I feel lik Im walking but my feet dont seem 2 touch d ground..!!

I missed you Darling

Hope you enjoy your day with friends Darling *:x lovestruck*:-* kiss

Sweet dreams baby *:-* kiss*&gt;:D< big hug*:x lovestruck

When you are with me, the storm doesn’t feel so fierce. You are the soft breeze that that calms my world. My days are lit because of your gentle caresses. Good morning my love.


Nicholas Deinne:

Waking every morning with you by my side is what fuels me to take on a gruelling day. I pray nothing ever comes between us.

I missed you Darling

I love you (name removed)

When I am with you, I feel alive. You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be here for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity. I love you, baby *:x lovestruck*:x lovestruck*:x lovestruck*:x lovestruck*:-* kiss


Nicholas Deinne:


Honey please I seriously need your help please Darling

you are the only one for me honey please

If you can send 2000 western Union to the this morning honey please baby you are my life

Please honey let me send you the details wish you going to sent to drop by at the western Union please

Honey I promised you baby you will not get any problem

Honey please

I am begging you my love

You are more than this please

Don’t treat me this way please honey

I will payback you know

Baby I will never get you in any problem my love

Honey please


You are the only family I have in this world Darling please don’t do this to me honey please

Baby I swear with my life

You will never enter any problem

Please my wife please

Baby please

I swear with my life

You will not have any problem

Honey I promised to be by your soon honey you will not have any problem

Honey please

Don’t treat me this way

You love me and I love you let forget about the past.. Remember all the good time we had together (name removed) please

I never meant to put you in any problem at all honey

I will take good care of you

I will pampered you (name removed). You are the only family I have honey please

You vow to be with me all the day of your life. Do try your best for me to make sure we come together please

Remember you promise

how you going to treat the man you love with all your heart because of what happened

Honey you promised to be there for me

Please Darling please

I am dying here please

I need to do and leave here please

Please (name removed)

You are so hard on me please

I am very sorry about what happened

We don’t have to fight because of what happened honey

Honey I don’t mean to sell it

I have them along with me because I want to give them to you as my wife

That is what happened honey

The workers are in  serious conditions

I don’t know what to do that is why I sell it honey to help

Because I want to be with you my wife

I have promised you and I will never fail you

Heavens know my love. I will never fail you (name removed)

You are the light of heave to my life


Please Darling

You are not like this before honey

That is why I sell it because I have study that you don’t wear that is why I sell it

You tired of me your soulmate?

Please never give up on us honey

We are the best couple in the world

I ma going to surprise you Darling please

Once I settled this problem

We are going to be together happy marry honey

I will never take you for granted

Honey you are my only hope please

I don’t want to go to jail for 10yrs

Please honey  (*:( sad*:-SS nail biting*:-w waiting)

You are my life

Don’t treat me this way

I am an orphan now honey please save me

You are my savour please

Don’t do this to me honey please

You are more than this please my love please

you please

No problems honey

I promised you

Please honey

Help me please

Just to send the 2000 to

So that he can get some of the thing in need and come back please

You are my only hope and my life

Please my wife please

Honey please

I know you can help me please honey

You are my only hope

You have upper hands there then me

I am a total stranger here and that is why I am going through all this

Honey please

Help me please Darling.. Am now a orphan now no family member except you

My night was terrible honey

All my dreams so terrible

I saw my late wife crying with blood on her eyes

Please honey please I am down on my knees begging you

Let me sent you the details

Because the problem is  almost settled when you send the money and it was returned back

That is why

Yes so that you can resend it  because it take long time

I said take it back because the transfer take a long time that is why I ask you to take it back and try other means by sending

You are my life

I can’t live without you


Hold my hands

This people is wicked honey please

I can’t put you in trouble at all honey

Honey please

I didn’t want the money you sent to lost that is why I said you should go to the bank to know what wrong

I didn’t give you wrong address

I didn’t do anything that will put you in trouble

Your bank did the mistake by transfer to another account

Because it take so long that is why I asked you to visit your bank

I am an honest person honey

Honey u did nothing wrong

Your bank give you the money because of your therapy business

You did it for a purpose Darling.. For me your husband

But the bank give you the loan when you asked them

Honey you don’t need to explain your family to the bank

The bank give you the loan before

Honey you said that the bank is not standard

I will pay

That is why your bank act this way to us honey because it a

You give me the documents of the loan the bank gave you

Once I fly down to u with the documents I can present it to the bank there and pay it off

I am your husband honey

I promised you and I will never fail you

It don’t matter honey as long as I want to clear the loan on my baby

I know

You doing it for me your husband

I love you  (name removed)

I will pay it back before a month time

Once I finished here

You don’t need to wait for years before you pay back

I know that is not a problem as long as you have the money to pay back. We meet the bank and tell them that you have it

And they will do any change and pay

Please let’s go of the past please honey

Let’s seek of a solution please

Honey you are my only hope

Without you I am dead

You are the air I breathe

Please Darling you hurting me

Please help me

Baby you are very hard on me please forgive me

What ever I have done to you please forgive me (name removed) I am down on my knees

Because we are all human and we are not perfect

Please honey

Please what I need now it 2000 please so that the doctor can returned and focused on the workers because of me please

I will pay you back

Baby I will

I will take good care of everything

I will make an amend please

(name removed) give me a chance to take good care of you

You will testify that I am the best husband in the world

I will take good care of you and treat you like the queen you are.. I am a good and Caring me. I will make you feel all the lost love and happiness my love

You know at the end we will achieved all our dreams

Nothing good comes easy honey you know this

I know that I have lost a lot but I believe life will be good again

God brought us together for a reason

Because I am the man to be there for you when ever you need anything

Please darling

Please drop by at the western Union please

Name; Talavera Charito L.

Address; Festival City. Hang Kong


Nicholas Deinne:

I swear I will not give you wrong names

The Malaysia is a terrible place

Honey asked WU their limit before you send please

Thank you so much Darling God in heaven bless you

I love you (name removed)

I am your loyal husband I will take good care of you my beautiful wife. You come first in everything in my life

My heart belongs to you (name removed).. I live for you alone

I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together

my sweetheart. My feelings for you are true and pure … like a virgin. I have tried lots of times to confess but words are not enough to express.. Remember one thing … I love you and I will always love you. Loving you is something I love to do till Jesus come

Please *:x lovestruck*:x lovestruck*:x lovestruck*:( sad*:( sad*:( sad*=(( broken heart


He is as annoying as a broken record, isn’t he? *;) winking*#-o d'oh!*:D big grin
It seems he has the one-track mind: to grab the dough and he is out of this world with this idea… *8-} silly*:D big grin


Nicholas Deinne:

Honey please did you go to wu (Western Union)

Please do this for me Honey help me out please

You are my only hope

Please I am down on my knees please

I want us try let’s be together this festival period honey. I want to celebrate the Christmas with you Darling

Please try your best for me Darling

If you can please do for me Darling

Honey you will not loose anything my love

Honey please don’t let this make you feel bad about me honey please

I believe everything will be fine soon baby

I don’t mean to put you in pressure honey you know

My situation here is killing me

I wish I know before when you took the loan I would have asked you to sent it through wu honey.. Maybe 6 times honey but I don’t want you to stress at all that is why I give you the account

Honey I promised you once I give the doctor the money nothing will happened again honey

No story honey

I would like you to asked the wu details

Baby I promised to take good care of you honey.. I will pay everything you helped me with honey

Honey if you asked them in wu they will tell you OK baby

Honey please try your best for me please

Our future together is more important Darling


Message on a mail box

Message N 5:

From: "Nicholas Deinne"
Date: XX.12.2017
Subject: Baby

    Baby how are you doing and how is your health now.  Baby if  you’re not seeing anyone else and we have other problems, maybe we should think about going to a marriage counselor. A third party might help us get everything out in the open. Counselors try to remain neutral because they know that’s the only way to help people to reach an understanding. It might be worth a try if you still love me.

    As it is, I don’t want to continue the way we are any longer. Without total commitment to each other, we really don’t have a relationship worth saving, and we would be better off separated. There’s an old saying that two’s company and three’s a crowd, so please let me know if I’m the one who’s crowding you. If not, I’m willing to work at improving our relationship, but only if you are, too. You need to decide–soon. I’m waiting for your answer.


Viber Chat:

+1 (845) 731-5067
(Nicholas Deinne):

Honey I have little problem here

Honey a little emergency  came up  that needs to be attended to just immediately, while working.  there’s a problem with the machine I’m using for work here got bad, I’m so confused and worried right now honey

I need to fixed it ASAP cus it is critical I don’t want to endanger my workers life anymore

I don’t want to have any problems again that is why am working hard and safety to protect my workers and I don’t have enough funds now to order for a new machine and the company doesn’t care about this because I have to fixed this with my own money

I seriously need a little financial support from you so that I can fixed it because the cost of fixing it is about $10,500 and all I have left in my save on here is just $6,500 so I  need you to lend me just $4000 to complete the money I have so I can fix it please baby

The workers didn’t work today because of the machine my love

The guess house manager called his brother in uk and explain things to him and his brother give him his wife name and housemaid names you can split the money in western union depending on the wu limit in two names and same address. Maybe tomorrow morning you can go or do the balance in moneygram to one of the names

First name: emma
Middle name: jane
Last name: Hallam
Address: 36 Huggins place upper tulse hill London SW23U *(!)

First name: isabelle
Middle: eberechukwu anna
Last: nlewedim
Address: 36 Huggins place upper tulse hill London SW23UQ *(!)



*(!) In African and some other countries you can get money transferred with having only the MTCN. Name and address doesn’t matter, for example:  if the money was sent to “Mr. Bryan Daniel” to UK, the money can be given to any person in Nigeria/Ghana/ Senegal who has the MTCN for the transfer …


 +1 (845) 731-5067
(Nicholas Deinne):

Sweetie please instruct them not to make any mistakes on the names my love

Thank you so much my sweetheart God bless you baby

I have missed you so much my love

You are the love of my life and the air that I breathe sweetie

A desire that everyone wants to reach and take hold of, but I reached you and we realized we were meant for each other. Thank God I didn’t choose otherwise. You are just so amazing and I appreciate you

My love please I promise to pay you back back your money double my love

I am still contacting the company in Philippines I just hopeing to have  update from them so that I can claim my money. I promise to assist you in anything you choose to become and do in our life together my love. We will have a good business and we will have good time together my love

I promise to take good care of you my beautiful wife

I want to marry you I love you with all my heart body and soul. I know that everything is going to be fine I still believe God will never let me down

You are the love of my life and I am ready to do anything to take good care of you as the love of my life my love. When I come to you we will start a new life together and live happily. I we will open our personal company. I promise you one thing just one thing I am promising you. We will have the best of life together Heaven signed our togetherness. The best is yet to come sweetie

My beautiful Love I see me in your eyes and feel you deep in my heart. Please remain there my dearest girlfriend because you are the only one who fits in perfectly. If loving you mean being in prison. I will prefer to serve a life sentence. Not just to show you how much you mean to me but to let you know that a free life without you is pointless. If only you will love me today, I’m surwill last forever. We will have a future as brve a future as brs bright as the sun and as tender as a flower. I love you, my sweetheart.

I will pay and everything once I finish here

If not for the accident honey I would have done so mAny things for you materially not only love cus I know am going to spend the rest of my life with you together happily I will take care of you and give you all you deserve

The mechanic is ordering the parts from China that is why I need to make the payment for him to get it done and it’s still going to take up to days for the parts to be here after my make the payment

I have contact the company and there couldn’t come for help

And the company hold me with many laws if am not able to finish this job I will be locked up for a life time once I can fixed this machine I will be done with this job and the company will come to inspect it and pay me the balance

The company said they aren’t going to pay any money until the end of the job

The company has only pay 70% of the job. If not for the accident then that made me spend so much and also sold my property cus I know am going to finish this work successfully

I will always pray for that moment that I’ll be the last person you will kiss goodnight, hug at midnight when It’s cold and wake up to a good morning Hug. I want to exist for you love because life has a different meaning with you in my life. I can’t wait to officially have you as my wife.

My queen and heartbeat, I don’t want to be seen as the one who got your love, but I want to be seen as that one person who wouldn’t play with your heart no matter the situation. I want to give you something beyond love. I want to show you what life is hiding from us. A state of pure bliss.

A lone tree is easily blown away by the storms and the wind has a high power on a tree that stands alone. Now I understand that I shouldn’t be alone ’cause I’ll be prone to so much hurts. I’m glad you showed up in my life and together we will overcome every storm.

I love you my partner and my all.

Trapped in fear of being hurt again. I recall all that had happened to me before, I was scared of loving deeply but you came and kissed my fears away. You showed a better part of love and renewed my heart to learn to love again.

How can I ever put you away? I love you dearly.

You are the air I breathe to have life my love

I wish you were here with me so we can have shower together my love

I will massage your body very well and touch your body very romantically

After massaging your body I will take out your gently and massage your (name removed) and lick 👅 the (name removed) slowly gently gently licking it baby

You are very sexy baby



Your charm sure did a lot of magic in my mind towards you. I love you my smiling Princess.

I wish I can join you now in the (name removed) my love

I am going to take my shower now I feel heat baby

We can take together my baby

I want to grab you ,,, **(!)



**(!)                              etc over sex…
Scammers usually “press this button” in their game with single women. They also often use such psychological methods as asking victims about private and intimate moments, like: ”bath-shower”, meal, dream, underwear, etc… to be closer as much as possible to the victim.
  They may send scabrous letters to the victims, but it could be an introduction to getting the victim to submit intimate or nude photographs, or indulge in virtual sex and then taking a video that they can use in a blackmail scam later.


 +1 (845) 731-5067
(Nicholas Deinne):

Your love laying in the deepest grounds of my heart, making naked hopes clad, not leaving me to my plight or leaving me to crash. Your kind of woman is rare and I just want to scream for everyone to know that I love you more than words could describe.

Sometimes I feel like I’m imprisoned by your love. Your voice in my head, singing the same song on repeat and I am here humming to the music in my head. Everything about you just hold me back. All I can say is “I love you and I really do.




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