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Romance Scam
Parcel Delivery Scam
Fake Military

Eric Gagnon

The scammer has used:

the e-mail addresses:

the names:
Alexis Gagnon
Clint Gagnon
Ethan Gagnon
Frank Seth Gagnon
Jack Gagnon
James Gagnon
Johnson Gagnon
Lewis Gagnon
Micheal Gagnon
Pete Gagnon
Steward Gagnon
Siegfried Wolf

the phone number:

Gagnon Eric



Gender: Male
Born on: September 16th, 2017, 0 years (*:-? thinking*:D big grin)
Country: United States
Native languages: English
Learning languages:Spanish, Japanese, Polish
Interests: traveling
About: when we meet. INBOX:


Gagnon Eric:

How re you ? I read through your profile and I deemed it fit to write you this message. It would be a pleasure to practice with you. Send me email via > In reply I will tell you more about me. Hope to read from you soon.


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Gagnon Eric
Date: XX July 2018 
Subject: Re: 

Thank you (name removed) for the reply..My name is Eric,I’m from Oakland in the state of California,USA. i am 47 years old and am a widowed,I work with US defense as a soldier.I have been in the army for about 20 years and in the course of my job been to some countries.I Have been to Pakistan, Kuwait, Israel,Japan,Palestine, Iraq and Libya. Now I’m here in Afghanistan on peace keeping mission. Do you know Afghanistan? i would let to get to know you better. tell me about yourself.

Its my pleasure writing to you and would be my most desire pleasure to read messages from you and have you as my friend.

Get back to me soon,



Message N 2:

From: Gagnon Eric
Date: XX July 2018 
Subject: Re: 

Thank (name removed) for the reply. Let me use this medium to tell you some things about me and my hobbies. I’m an adventurous person,I take advantage of opportunities to learning and improvement,I like traveling and meeting new people,during my free time in USA I like going to the beach to feel the breeze when the weather is good.I like swimming as part of exercise

I’m a single parent,i have a daughter 9 years old. Do you often drive your car for fun ? well we are here for peace keeping mission to make sure that there is love and understanding to stop the killing and let them know how it feel to love one another and also to make the world a better place for you and i.

Please feel free to tell me about yourself and also ask me anything you would like to know about me. I heard your country is a beautiful country and i have plans to visit after my mission here, send me your pictures below are mine. Its my pleasure writing to you and would be my most desire pleasure to read messages from you,

I hope to read from you soon.



Message N 3:

From: Gagnon Eric
Date: XX July 2018 
Subject: Re: 

Hello (name removed) how are you doing and how was your weekend i hope all is well and good with you? No mail or reply from you i have waited and i came to the computer room to check if you are online on hangout but you not online.are you back ? Please let me know you are fine and safe and if you don’t want to chat with me any more your let me know you are good and i will stop thinking and know that you are alright i might be disturbing but am sorry just want to let you know i care and want you to be fine and safe, Get back to me soon.


Message N 4:

From: Gagnon Eric
Date: XX July 2018 
Subject: Re: 

Thank you (name removed) for the reply. How was your night and hope you have a wonderful rest?Actually we met on language exchange site.

I Have to tell you the truth,am searching for a true love,am looking for a woman who would compliment me in my life, who would accept me as I am, with whom I can build serious and decent relationship based on love, trust, mutual understanding and love for each other. I dream of a true family, beloved woman beside me, whom I will be just a beloved man for.

I’m not interested in a pen-pal,or writing mate.But to meet a very nice woman for lasting relationship.I want a woman who will love me and I will love her too.And with her I will spend the rest of my life.

This become so necessary for me after the death of my wife.I have been a lonely soul without any love in the past years.For me age, ethnic,language ,religion and cultural,differences does not matter.What matter is true love.

I am a very positive minded, social  and romantic person.I dislike insincerity, cheat and unfaithfulness They are certainly not good for love and for every human relationship.

I want to tell you some things about myself so that you could have some understanding of what kind of person that I am. I am a friendly and hospitable man with quiet and well-balanced character. I am a sincere and fair person.I think that each person has the individuality and a private world. I can be a good friend, I can listen to and help, and I can give warm advice from my heart. Most of all I value honesty and understanding. I think that these qualities are the basis of happy home life.

I was born 16 of September 1971.I was born the only child of my family. Like i said,I have a daughter her name is Kelly she is  9  years old. Just more about me Hoping to read from you and you tell me more things about you. Please what time would you be home so we can chat at Night i can’t always send you mail because the only free time i have is my break time and i might only use it to say hello or hi to you just to check on you, So is better we chat at night maybe 8pm your  time if it Okay with you reply me so i would be online by that time and don’t forget to send me your pictures.Take care of yourself for me and be blessed please no stress at work.Get back to me soon.



Message N 5:

From: Gagnon Eric
Date: XX July 2018 
Subject: Re: 

Thank you (name removed) for your reply on hangout. It nice reading from you and i would like to get to know you better? To be honest i wish i would Skype with you but you know right here in the base we are not allowed to make calls or video calls for security reasons the computer is hacked from the main military Camp in United state and what ever we do here is monitored and the only privacy we have is the the hangout for to chat with our family and friends and i don’t come online all the time but ever since we started writing to each other i have dedicated my free time to come here and check on you how you doing and how your day was but i don’t know why you don’t want to give me the chance to get to know me better. I know you are a busy woman i know your time is just for you and for your job,Again I know i am nobody for you to give your time but i beg you to make out time for us to chat even it takes your 20 minutes every two days i will appreciate we don’t know what the future hold for us things might not turn the way we want but we can still be good friends and meet after my mission here. I just need someone to give me hope and reason of leaving here alive is not easy.Think about my words and get back to me. Thanks and be blessed.



Message N 6:

From: Gagnon Eric
Date: XX August 2018 

I’m glad  to read your mail,Thanks for telling me somethings about you, You sound so nice and lovely,reading through your mail I find  you to be such an honest and open-minded woman I like your honesty and  sincerity,with this few correspondence I’m beginning to feel that we will  get along so well And that’s my greatest hope.  I’m an honorable and responsible person,a man of noble character I’m a no nonsense person,I hate lies and cheat I hate when a person tries to play games under the guise  of love In my whole life I want things to be upright and with sincerity My last  relationship was all nice and adorable I love my late wife so much and she loved me too But I’m learning to forget about that and go ahead with the rest of my life.I understand you and it a normal mistake that every one can make at any time so don’t worry nobody is perfect we are here to support each other.

I am active, energetic, responsive, principled, caring and romantic man. My friends say that everybody respects and values me as a person. It is because of my kind and truthful attitude to them. I am a very intelligent and positive man I know how to treat a woman and I am sure I will make you happy. Distance can never be a barrier when true love exist

True love don’t know boundaries or distance True love is what i seek When is time for souls to meet There is nothing on earth that can stop them from meeting No matter where each maybe located on planet earth. I’m an open minded, caring, loving man Looking for a woman to love and care for Someone to share personal moments with and i don’t think that age matters, Age is just a number and those not matter what matters is what we have in mind for each other and understanding what do you think or do you agree with me?Enjoy life and to firmly hold the blessings of a lasting and undying happiness. I’m a strong/gallant man.I love to have fun and need a real woman by my side to hold it down with,Get back to me soon.



Google Hangout (with



Google Hangout (

Gagnon Eric:

Hello are you there

Over here we don’t make use of social media and phone we are only allowed to chat on hangout with our friends and family so that why I am free to use hangout

Do you understand

I was reading your mail and am about leaving before your message on hangout


Some fake profiles of the same scammer:

1. Military Collection (Eric Gagnon)




2. Gagnon Johnson


3. Lewis Gagnon

ericgagnon1234 (Eric Gagnon)

1. Jack Gagnon



Intro: Single


2. Eric Gagnon



Seargant at 1st Cavalry Division
Went to New York Military Academy
Lives in Grovetown, Georgia
From Baltimore, Maryland


3. Jack Gagnon



Works at U.S. Army
Studied at West Point – The U.S. Military Academy
Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan
From New York, New York


4. Pete Gagnon




Sergeant First Class (SFC) at U.S. Army
Studied Information Technology Management at West Point – The U.S. Military Academy
Went to Huffman High School – Magnet
From Birmingham, Alabama


5. Alexis Gagnon



Works at U.S. Army
Studied at Virginia Military Institute
Went to Columbus State Community College
Lives in Ohio City, Ohio
From Columbus, Ohio


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