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Russell Kucz
Eric Kucz





Photos of Сanadian businessman Greg Phillips



62, Man, Single
Freienbessingen, Germany
Ethnicities Native American
Looks for:
38 – 60 years
Long-term dating INBOX:



 Nice to meet you here, your photo really look nice and lovely to me

 I am from United state in San Diego, California, but now i live in Germany for some years now , have you ever been here in Germany?

   i travel during my vacations to see more things and take pictures in beautiful places around the world, I will really love to know more about you, you really seem so nice to me, your photo is really very nice and charming and you have a gentle and a lovely smile, you must be so young I guess… How old are you?

   I am sorry for telling you this again, but I want you to know that I was touched by your charming and lovely look, I thought you where just 31_40, I must tell you every woman with such a lovely and charming look you have is every man’s desire and dream and deserve to be worship, your husband must be so proud of you


Massages on a mailbox:

Message N 1:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: True Love

Hello my friend, how are you doing today, i am also sorry for late reply,


Message N 2:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: Re:

Good Morning (name removed), i really love your name, it’s really suit you. plus you are beautiful, thank you very much for your message, i am so sorry for late reply i have been very busy since this week….

it will be very nice if get to know each other better, like i said before, i’m from the United State of America, I live in Germany for many years now. due to my Kind of job

I’m a Business man.


Message N 3:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: Re:

I supply all kind of hospital equipment, both in and outside the country that is my job, so I travel a lot, what is your occupation?


Message N 4:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: Re:

You’re probably sleeping like a cute little baby right now. I just wanted to say good morning beautiful. I hope you have a smile on your face right now. In case you don’t, you better have one by now. Because your smile is just so damn pretty, and I can’t get it out of my head. I hope you have an amazing day today cutie.


Message N 5:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: Re:

Thank you very much  for you message (name removed)…i was wondering and thinking where you could be…. I just saw your message now… You can call me Eric….Kucz is my father’s name….i will dont you think you need a phone…at least a tablet….so that you can install hangout on it…it will be more easy for us to communicate….i told my son about you….. I just got back from work….yesterday I was too busy… I thought of you before I went for dinner…today my son is coming home today…. I already to home about you…and he is happy…..i really want us to communicate all the time… I can even send you a phone if that is the case dear (name removed)….i hope to hear from you again my dear….do have you lovely weekend

God bless


Message N 6:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: Re:

what is your like and dislike (name removed)

For me i enjoy the simplest  things in life. I love the outdoors and feel fortunate to be able to experience all four seasons. I like to go camping, gaze at the stars on a clear night, take walks just to enjoy nature and scenic drives to nowhere.I dislike dishonesty with passion.I go far from any one i found telling lies.I believe honesty is the best policy


Message N 7:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: Re:

Good Evening (name removed)
Welcome back !!!
Thank you very much your message
I am really pleased and happy to hear from you
you are right that we do not know each other very much
but with time lily, we will get to know each other better
I am from United state in California
i live in Germany, Berlin
i was born on Sunday 17th of July 1960
i am 57 years old

I work at Heavy Duty Equipment supplying all kind of hospital equipment, both in and outside the country that is my job, so I travel a lot.

I lost my wife to Car accident 5 years ago, it was a very sad year for me, ever since I have been so concern with my Job and taking care of my son,(17 years old) who live and study in the boarding school but comes home every weekend

It is not really a strict type of boarding school but there is proper care for the children when they chose not to return home in the evening, My son can choose whenever they wants to come home and also they gets to call me anytime

my parents are still alive, they live in California

talking about hobbies, cooking is one of Major thing i like and have been told I’m good at it…Italian, Thai, Cajun/Creole…from grilling to gourmet, including pies, cakes and bread from scratch ..I like singing,and dancing and

I am very responsible man and i enjoy helping others. Nothing makes me happier than to help someone out and make them smile! I am sincere in actions and words. I love to learn new things. I enjoy spending time with people and I don’t really care what I am doing as long as I am having fun with people. I enjoy laughing and having fun and I think I am pretty funny! Guess you will have to find out

please tell me your favorite season?

My favorite season, is spring! I love spring because in the spring all is comes to life, the nature wakes up after winter, the cheerful rivers flow, trees become covered by green foliage. I think it is fine! In the spring all receives  a new life. Also I like summer because it is very warm in the summer, it is possible to bathe, visit a beach, to sunbathe.

I hope for your reply (name removed)






Message N 8:

From: Russell kucz
Date: XX June 2018
Subject: Re:

God has changed the umbrella from dark to light and full of light. Get up, brush your teeth, take a bath and get ready to hit the world with a new happy zeal. Good Morning and have a wonderful day ahead.




Fake Profiles with photos of Greg Phillips:

Gregory Cullen Smith



From Colorado Springs, Colorado


Profile of the same scammer from the above:

Gregory Cullen Smith



Drilling engineer and self contractor at Trans Ocean Deep-water Drilling Company Long Beach CA.
Long Beach, CA
Joined July 2016


Some fake Profiles with stolen pictures of Greg Phillips

@cortezsmalls (Cortez Smalls)



Cortez smalls
Nashville, TN
Joined: June 2020

Anderson Mars


Google Hangout

Johnson27 (Johnson Smaith)



Gender: Male
Birthday: 04-04-81
Working at Chapping
Living in United States
Located in Florida
Lovely, interface, soical, friendly, interventions ,


Google Hangout (


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